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Report from Wonder-Con: Lucasfilm Presentation (Part 2)

Pablo Hidalgo | February 23, 2008

After Brett Rector left the stage. Steve Sansweet turned to the subject of The Man with the Hat– Indiana Jones and his return to adventure this year. First, Sansweet reminded audiences about the final installment of The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones coming to DVD on April 29th. He then screened the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (in theaters May 22) as well as the trailer for the LEGO Indiana Jones video game before turning the subject back to Star Wars… From a certain point of view.



Report from Wonder-Con: Lucasfilm Presentation (Part 1) Team | February 23, 2008

Despite the winter rains and gusty February winds, fans of comics, sci-fi and fantasy crowded into the Moscone Center in San Francisco for Wonder-Con. The spacious and drafty Hall A was the setting for Steve Sansweet to present some of what’s coming in the world of Star Wars. What follows is a partial transcript of the hour-long presentation, divided into three parts. The first deals with The Force Unleashed.



Star Wars Fan Guide to WonderCon 2008 Team | February 21, 2008

So many panels and events at Wondercon, so little time. But we’re here to help! The team will be at Wondercon reporting about the latest news, toys, comics, celeb sightings and more. Be sure to check back here on the Official Blog and the Official Flickr Photo Blog for ongoing WonderCon 2008 coverage!

Check out this handy link for the full list of WonderCon programs and panels. But to get you started, here’s a listing of our picks of things not to be missed!