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Chad Vader After the Dentist Team | February 9, 2009

Chad Vader responds to the viral video of David After Dentist. Here’s hoping Chad Vader does a spoof on the Christian Bale on-set yellfest next.

WATCH VIDEO: Chad Vader After Dentist (via Youtube)


Milo Ventimiglia’s Trooper Assistant Team | January 10, 2009

Getting ready for New York Comic-Con takes a lot of preparation, so it’s a good thing that actor Milo Ventimiglia and the rest of the Divide Pictures crew have a Clone Trooper assistant to deliver scripts, pick up clothes and get toner for the printer.

Watch General Ventimiglia in action here:
VIDEO: Stormtrooper assistant: Part UNO (via Youtube)

Ben Kenobi, Private Jedeye

Bonnie Burton | November 3, 2008

Finally, a Star Wars fan film worthy of Dashiell Hammett. If you like hard-boiled detective movies like the Maltese Falcon, then you’ll appreciate this fan film-noir featuring Ben Kenobi as the Private Ete… er Jedeye actually. Lots of witty fast-talking dialog and one-liners and filmed in black and white, of course.

WATCH VIDEO: Ben Kenobi, Private Jedeye (via


Star Wars A Cappella Tribute

Bonnie Burton | October 29, 2008

Fan Corey Vidal splits his personality into four equal parts fan with this amazing tribute to composer John Williams and his music for Star Wars. He even has a very impressive Wookiee growl.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars – an a cappella tribute to John Williams

I Left My Star Destroyer in San Francisco

Bonnie Burton | August 15, 2008

Many resident of San Francisco may have daydreamed of how cool it would be if a Star Destroyer hovered over the Golden Gate Bridge as I was stuck in traffic. Or if AT-AT’s shared Ocean Beach with joggers and dog walkers.

One fan made it happen — at least in video form. Check out this awesome short film by Michael Horn of Star Wars vehicles and ships as they sneak into various video footage around San Francisco all thanks to some creativity and impressive tracking software. Maybe one day tourist snapshots of Coit Tower and cable cars will have the Death Star in the background! We can dream, can’t we?

VIDEO: Death Star over San Francisco (Current TV)

Here’s a few of our favorite screenshots from the film including our interview with Michael about how he made the film and why:


TIE Fighter Battle in the Office

Bonnie Burton | August 12, 2008

We’ve featured Sweded tributes to Star Wars before on this blog, but this might be the first fan film that looks like it was done completely during a lunch break at the office. My personal favorite touches are the low-rent C-3PO and R2-D2 droids, as well as Chewie’s plastic mask with fur! Bravo!

VIDEO: Star Wars TIE Fighter Battle in the Office

DIY Lightsaber Hilt and Effects

Bonnie Burton | August 11, 2008

The creative folks over at IndyMogul have done it again! This time they show you how to make your own lightsaber hilt prop from simple materials available at any hardware store, and then how to make cool special glowy lightsaber effects for your own fan films!

VIDEO: Build a Real Lightsaber and become a Jedi: BFX

First Look: The Force Unleashed

Bonnie Burton | July 9, 2008

Watch this awesome trailer of some of the hottest action scenes and new characters from the highly-anticipated video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, in stores Sept. 16, 2008.

VIDEO: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

More screenshots from the trailer:


Boba Fett Flashdance Team | July 3, 2008

Sure that dance sequence with actress Jennifer Beals at the end of Flashdance is awesome, but somehow it seems even more inspiring when a Bob Fett toy shows off the same dance moves. Too bad his jetpack gets in the way of his dance scholarship! Check out this fantastic stop-motion video from Patrick Boivin.

VIDEO: Mandalorian Dance


Empire Strikes Back Gets ‘Sweded’

Bonnie Burton | April 16, 2008

Nothing excites me more than seeing crafty fans get out cardboard, socks and foil to make their own DIY Star Wars sets, costumes and props. I can’t get enough of this ‘Sweded’ version of The Empire Strikes Back — complete with a homemade costumes, a comical puppets including one of a comical Wampa, lightsaber effects, ringtone soundtrack and a backyard Dagobah jungle!

VIDEO: Empire Strikes Back in 60 seconds

Be sure to also watch Cardboard Star Wars too!