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Never Cross Jedi Cat! Team | November 25, 2009

Beware mouse droids and feline-hating Sith — there’s a new Jedi master in town and he’s not interested in joining the dark side.

Here’s a Force-tastic fan-made video of a cat who has some rather impressive lightsaber skills. We’re especially delighted with the adorkable roll over lightsaber throw at the end.


Why X-wings don’t have cup holders

Bonnie Burton | November 4, 2009

There’s a reason why you shouldn’t eat while flying an X-wing into battle, and this is it. Check out this fan-made tribute video honoring everyone’s favorite ill-fated Rebel pilot, Jek Porkins.

This is an instructional video on what not to while driving a starfighter capable of Mach 65. Ergo — don’t eat cheeseburgers at the wheel, people.

Maybe those folks who built that real X-wing in Plaster or wherever it was, could learn a lesson from the master of nose-dives!

WATCH VIDEO: Porkins Video Tribute

Let’s Go “Skywalking”

Bonnie Burton | November 3, 2009

Check out this awesome fan-made music video depicting a lovesick Luke Skywalker pining away for a certain sassy princess before he discovered they were actually siblings.

If Ackbar ran KTEL, this is the kind of record we’d be slow skating to on Hoth. Just sayin…

WATCH VIDEO: L.B. Rayne’s Skywalking: A Star Wars Love Ballad

Yoga and Star Wars Team | October 29, 2009

If you ever wanted the Force explained to you by a Yoga instructor who wears her hair like Princess Leia, you’re in luck.

VIDEO: Yoga and the Force (via Yoga Today)

More on Star Wars & Yoga here.

How to Roar Like Chewbacca Team | October 16, 2009

Some crucial skills in life never seem to be taught in schools. Case it point — the Wookiee roar. Now thanks to these step-by-step instructions by this lovely Star Wars fan, you too can chitchat like Chewbacca in no time.

WATCH VIDEO: How to Make the Chewbacca Noise

Tokyo Trooper – Mint Royale Team | October 16, 2009

Danny Choo, AKA Tokyo Dance Trooper, gives us yet another awesome video of him showing his ever-impressive dance moves to music by Mint Royale.

WATCH VIDEO: Tokyo Trooper: Mint Royale – Practice 1

World’s Smallest R2-D2? Team | October 14, 2009

Crafty Star Wars fan Rob Meyer built this very small (1/18th scale) R2-D2 with three of Solarbotics GM15 pager gearmotors. It uses two of the motors in the drive train and one to rotate the mech’s dome. It measures a whopping 2.36″/6cm tall!

WATCH VIDEO: Tiny R2-D2 in Action!


Gatsby Trooper Dances in Harajuku Team | October 11, 2009

Danny Choo, AKA Tokyo Dance Trooper, strikes again — this time popping and locking in Harajuku to music by Gatsby.

WATCH VIDEO: Gatsby Trooper

Stormtroopers Recall Death Star Destruction Team | September 14, 2009

Where were you when the Rebels blew up the Death Star? Here’s a great video from featuring stormtroopers as they remember and honor the anniversary of destruction of the Death Star, with a few theories of their own.

WATCH VIDEO: Stormtroopers’ 9/11

Han Solo, P.I.

Bonnie Burton | June 3, 2009

We just can’t get enough of these fan-made Star Wars TV intro mashups! Here’s a side by side comparison of a fan-made intro of Star Wars re-imagined as the hit show Magnum, P.I.

Han Solo as Thomas Magnum is a no-brainer, but Old Ben Kenobi as Jonathan Quayle Higgins III is a completely brilliant match-up. Personally, I was hoping R2-D2 and C-3PO would be represented by Higgins’ dobermans.


WATCH VIDEO: Magnum vs. Solo: sequence comparison

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