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Olivia’s​ Picks:​ The​ Rockabilly​ Rebel Team | September 21, 2009

If you’ve submitted your awesome Star Wars Fan Movie pitches to G4 host Olivia Munn for Operation Olivia, you might be eager to hear that she’s now narrowed down her favorite ideas down to six!

First​ on​ the​ list?​ User​ Tony Castalucci’s​ Operation​ Olivia​ Pitch​: Pulp Yavin.

To​ny​ is​ an​ experienced​ film​maker,​ guitar-gun​ slinger,​ and​ mentalist.​ I​ like​ him,​ he​ has​ experience​ in​ 3D​ and​ so​ do​ I​ (I’ve​ been​ in​ 3D​ my​ whole​ life!). And​ anyone​ with​ the​ balls​ to​ cast​ Olivia​ Munn​ as​ a​ relative​ of Porkins​ is​ a​ guy​ I’d​ like​ to​ meet.

Olivia​ was​ excited​ by​ the​ physical​ nature​ of​ Tony’s​ pitch​ saying,​ ​”I​ like​ that​ this​ is​ all​ action.​ I’ve​ never​ done​ an​ intense​ action-packed​ skit​ before.”

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Olivia’s​ Picks:​ The​ Rockabilly​ Rebel (via

Capt. Reynolds Says: Vote for Fan Films! Team | July 9, 2009

Actor Nathan Fillion is one of those actors who makes everything he touches awesome. He gave us the heebie jeebies as the evil preacher Caleb in the last epic season of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He gave Han Solo a (parsec) run for his money as one of the hottest, most sarcastic heartthrobs in the galaxy as Captain Malcolm Reynolds on Firefly and Serenity. He made us laugh as the egostical and dubious superhero Captain Hammer in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

So when Fillion tells you to do something, you better listen up. This week, on Twitter, Fillion reminded his followers to head over to Atom to vote for their favorite Star Wars fan film:

Be sure to vote for your favorite flick to win the Audience Choice Award, which will be presented in a lavish ceremony at Comic-Con on July 24! Voting closes on July 10, noon PST!

Watch and vote for your favorites here:
Star Wars Fan Film Finalists (via Atom)

The Force is Strong with Pete Wentz

Bonnie Burton | June 23, 2009

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has been Force sensitive for some time. He’s tweeted about Star Wars Day, his recent trip to Skywalker Ranch, pondered about R2-D2 while on tour, and then bragged that R2-D2 was his new housemate. You can spot Pete’s beloved astromech here.

This year for his birthday, the rocker celebrated in Star Wars style. Pete Wentz dressed up as Han Solo, while his wife — singer Ashlee Simpson — went as Princess Leia (or is it Amidala?)

This isn’t the first time he’s celebrated his birthday with a Star Wars theme. In 2007, Ashlee bought Pete a Revenge of the Jedi poster as a birthday present.

SOURCE: Pete Wentz Twitter

Fans Twitter Phantom Menace Line Memories Team | May 19, 2009

Where did you stand in line 10 years ago today when The Phantom Menace hit theaters? Were you dressed as Yoda? Did you bring lightsabers to the show? Did you spend the night in line while proudly showing off your Star Wars pride with other loyal fans?

We asked fans on our Twitter where they were in line, and here’s what they had to say:

What are your memories of waiting in line for The Phantom Menace?

Rotta the Hutt on Twitter Cam

Bonnie Burton | May 19, 2009

By now you probably either know about Twitter, or are twittering right this second. This weekend Digital Studio placed a big bluebird Twitter mascot over a cam on Hollywood Blvd., and asked people to reveal what they would be twittering at that moment.

Amongst the Twitter fans we were happy to spot The Clone Wars Rotta Back Buddy who made an appearance on the cam with Hot Topic model and Star Wars fan Amanda Jean, as well as Lucas Online’s very own Matt Martin!

WATCH VIDEO: Twittcam from Digital Studio Final (via Youtube)

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Celebs Twitter About #Starwarsday Team | May 4, 2009

To celebrate Star Wars Day, fans on Twitter are using the hashtag #Starwarsday at the end of their “May the Fourth Be With You Greetings.”

Of course, celebrity Star Wars fans are in on the act as well. Here’s a selection of some of our faves from Rainn Wilson (The Office actor), Stephen Fry (British actor and author), Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Nar Williams (Host of Science of the Movies).

Rainn Wilson (The Office actor) tweets:


Celebs Tweet About Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | April 14, 2009

If you haven’t gotten sucked into Twitter yet to micro-blog in 140 characters or less about your hopes, dreams, fears and favorite Youtube links, then you should at least check out what fellow fans — especially celebs are saying about Star Wars.

Here’s a selection of recent Twitter comments from celebrities Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Joe Trohman (Fall Out Boy), Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim creator) and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails frontman).


Celebs Twitter With the Force Team | April 2, 2009

If you haven’t gotten sucked into Twitter yet to micro-blog in 140 characters or less about your hopes, dreams, fears and breakfast items, then you should at least check out what people — especially celebs — are saying about Star Wars.

Here’s a selection of recent Twitter comments from celebrities Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Russell Brand (Brit actor/comedian/Goth pirate), Mark Hoppus (Blink 182), James Gunn (Slither director), and Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes actor/Jedi Master).

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) tweets:

Milo Ventimiglia (Heroes actor/Jedi Master) tweets:

Mark Hoppus (Blink 182) tweets:


Twitter Trench Run Team | March 18, 2009

If you happened to be hanging out on Twitter over the weekend, and follow prominent bloggers like Sean Bonner, Rudy Jahchan, Tara Brown and Veronica Belmont, you may have witnessed a virtual trench run on the Death Star.

The Twitter trench run is the idea of interactive storytelling consultant Jay Bushman who decided to do a social experiment online to see who indeed is strong with the Force. chats with Bushman about #Sxstarwars.

For non-Twitterers, what the heck is SXStarWars all about?

It was like a guerilla improv theater performance, but instead of being done by actors speaking lines in a theater, it was done by people writing lines over a live updating chat room. It was performed during the SXSW Interactive festival; playing on that, all the Twitter posts have the tag #SXStarWars, so you could filter those entries out of the main stream of everything posted

Why did you decided to do SXStarWars on Twitter?

One of my ongoing projects is producing adaptations of classic literature, reconfigured and re-imagined for different forms of web media. I’ve done a sci-fi version of a Melville short story using Twitter,, a contemporary Spoon River Anthology as a group blog and I’m working on a modernized Pride & Prejudice using Facebook. So I’m always thinking of ways to retell familiar stories in new ways, using wide-reaching interactive media tools. I was also involved with a Halloween retelling of War of the Worlds which used Twitter, Google Maps and other web services to allow hundreds of people to recount a Martian invasion, and that got me thinking of how Twitter could be used for live story events.

The specific idea for doing a Star Wars story came from a tweet by Wil Wheaton. One day he wrote, “This is Red 5 standing by,” and was deluged with replies of Star Wars quotes from his followers. In a follow-up, he said that we could mount a serious attack on the Death Star just from people on Twitter, and I instantly thought “Why don’t we go ahead and do just that?”

I offered Wil the role of Han Solo, but unfortunately he had a previous commitment. Actually, I believe what I wrote to him was: “I have a question for you that every man of our generation wishes he’d get asked: How’d you like to be Han Solo?”


Baby’s First Wookiee Word Team | March 18, 2009

Award-winning author Cory Doctorow can now say he’s a proud father to a budding Star Wars fan. The author of the critically-acclaimed young adult novel Little Brother was surprised by his daughter’s first word, inspired by everyone’s favorite Wookiee.

Doctorow tweets:

The baby just said her first word: Chewbacca. SRSLY! She was having her bath with her Star Wars bath toy and staring intently at Chewy. I said, ‘That’s Chewbacca’ and she said ‘Joo-bak-ba!’ Lots!

Check out Cory Doctorow’s Twitter here.