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Best of #StarWarsThanksgiving Twitter Meme Team | November 27, 2009

This Thanksgiving holiday, Star Wars fans on Twitter decided to celebrate by posting their favorite movie quotes with a festive food twist in the #StarWarsThanksgiving meme.

Here’s some of our favorites:

What is thy basting, my Master? – via @dracoboy

Let the turkey win. – via @gskull

Laugh it up, Butterball. – via @goodhands

May the fork be with you. – via @adventureran

I’d just as soon kiss a turkey. – @adventureran

Stuffing leads to Mashed Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes leads to Gravy. Gravy leads to Turkey. – via @H_Factor73

It’s as if millions of green beans cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. – via @cstephens2

I can’t see him! I can’t Shake ‘n Bake him! – via @ellingson

Flying through hyperspace ain’t like stuffing turkeys, kid. – via @TJ_Will

I recognized your fowl stench when I was brought in board. – via @chadhunter

Uncle Bob doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either. – via @CatRey

Away put your congealed cranberry sauce shaped like a can, I mean you no harm. – via @apelad

Many turkeys died to bring us this meal. – via @rachel_renegade

These aren’t the mashed potaoes you’re looking for. – via @jennsaysmeow

Great pie, kid! That was one in a million! – via @weaselbacon

Judge this turkey by its size, would you? – via @weaselbacon

I find your lack of faith in cranberry sauce disturbing. – via @ohbjuan

If you only knew the power of the Dark Meat! – via ObiWanKenoclue

These are not the yams you are looking for. – @rockandrollgary

I find your lack of pie disturbing. – via @welshmnky

Han Solo: “Great, always thinking with your stomach!” – via @StJoeFreePress

Nice turkey. Either I’m beginning to like it, or I’m going to kill it! – via @TheHalcyon

Hmpf. Turkey. Heh. Stuffing. A Jedi craves not these things. – via @Liinuh

Myself, the boy, 2 droids and do you want us to bring anything? Some wine, maybe? – via @odin42

I am altering the meal. Pray I don’t alter it further. – via darthvader

Adrianne Curry at Trooper Fest Team | November 16, 2009

Model, actress and reality TV star Adrianne Curry shows off her Star Wars pride with a costume worthy of the 501st Legion at this year’s Trooper Fest in Las Vegas.


Jaime King Picks Up Clone Wars DVD Box Set Team | November 13, 2009

Actress Jaime King — known for her work in almost every genre of film from horror (My Bloody Valentine 3-D) to comedy (Fanboys) to action (Pearl Harbor) to cult classics (Sin City) — shows off the DVD box set of one of her favorite acting gigs as the voice for bounty hunter Aurra Sing in The Clone Wars animated TV series.

Jaime said last year about The Clone Wars:

I kept harassing him [Supervising Director Dave Filoni] to let me do some voices. I love the new TV show. The imagery is so beautiful! The last time I was up at Skywalker Ranch I spent a lot of time with the animators and Dave, and watched the whole process of how they make The Clone Wars. I love how they’re exploring sub-characters. Each episode visually looks better and better. I think it’s also exciting to open up more of the Star Wars universe to younger children to see.

Read her full interview on
Jaime King Catches the Fan Spirit

Star Wars Meets Shakespeare Team | November 9, 2009

This week on Twitter, Star Wars fans are trying their hand at re-imagining a galaxy far, far again from the Bard’s perspective. By using the hashtag #ShakespeareStarWars fans have been quoting famous Shakespeare plays with Star Wars characters.

Here’s a listing of some of our favorites:

RT @TroyBeast: A plague on both your droids!

RT @RHicks: Tis a trap!

RT @gaikokujin: TK-421, TK-421, wherefore art thou TK-421?

RT @TopherPolack: Doeth or don’t doeth, thou thall not try.

RT @inter_zone: What lightsaber through yonder window breaks?

RT @inter_zone: A bantha, a bantha, my empire for a bantha!

RT @Grippin_It: Double, double toil and trouble; Mustafar burn, and Gungan bubble.

RT @ficklampa: The Force looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

RT @darthpiper: The first thing we do, let’s kill all the Jedi.

RT @Tlieso: Taming of the Sarlacc

RT @pixelmatt: Hath not a Jedi eyes? Hath not a Jedi midi-chlorians?

RT @IndieEwok: AT-ST You Like It

RT @IndieEwok: Something Wookiee This Way Comes


Clone Wars DVD Box Set Out Now! Team | November 3, 2009

(MythBusters‘ Grant Imahara shows off his Clone Wars DVD box set.)

Today Star Wars: The Clone Wars The Complete Season One comes out on DVD and Blu-ray, giving you a chance to revisit the first 22 episodes of the series in unparalleled depth and clarity!

Take a look inside The Clone Wars: Season 1 DVD Box Set:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Read more about The Clone Wars on

Rancor monster finds The Clone Wars DVD Box Set very tasty.
Nom nom nom!

Director Richard Kelly Visits Skywalker Team | October 29, 2009

The week director Richard Kelly visited Skywalker, as well as the Lucasfilm-ILM San Francisco campus, to screen his latest film The Box, as well as indulge staff as they asked uber-geeky questions about his new movie, his breakout hit Donnie Darko and about filmmaking in general.

Richard blogged about his visit on the MTV Movies Blog:

The good people of Skywalker Sound and Industrial Light & Magic hosted a screening of The Box an invited me to stay at the legendary Lucas ranch for the night and tour the facilities.

The property itself is everything a fanboy could dream and more – as an alumni of USC and an acolyte in the church of Lucas – I was speechless when I was granted access to the Sergei Eisenstein apartment, a spacious lodge with a vaulted ceiling and fireplace.

It was then on to visit the wonderful folks at ILM in San Francisco. We did a post-screening discussion on The Box (opening November 6th!) which was moderated by Kate Shaw – Director of Training and Education – who asked a series of insightful and thoughtful questions about the film.

It was an honor to be among fellow artists and technicians who appreciate the art of science-fiction and open to exploring the themes of the film. I have to say it was probably my favorite Q+A that I have ever done.

Read the full blog entry here:
Richard Kelly’s Latest Guest Blog Takes Us To Skywalker Ranch! (via MTV Movie Blog)

Be sure to follow Richard Kelly on Twitter.

Celebs Tweet Star Wars Team | October 27, 2009

If you haven’t gotten sucked into Twitter yet to micro-blog in 140 characters or less about your hopes, dreams, fears and favorite Youtube links, then you should at least check out what fellow fans — especially celebs are saying about Star Wars.

Here’s a selection of recent Twitter comments from celebrities Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko & The Box director), Peter Serafinowicz (Darth Maul voice actor), Mark Hoppus (Blink-182) and Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction).

Richard Kelly:


Pete Wentz Ponders Darth Vader Team | October 11, 2009

Fans already know that the Force is strong with Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz, and these tweets about his thoughts regarding Darth Vader just add to the rock star’s geek cred.

You can follow Pete Wentz on Twitter here.

Star Wars in Concert: San Jose

Bonnie Burton | October 11, 2009

(Photo by Matt Martin)

Now that Star Wars in Concert is in full swing, touring around the United States, we’re excited to see what fans are saying about the spectacular show.

During the Star Wars in Concert performance in San Jose, Lucasfilm’s own Matt Martin showed fans images during the performance as well as of the Star Wars props and costumes on display.

(Photo by Matt Martin)
“Across the Stars at Star Wars in Concert!”

(Photo by Matt Martin)
“Imperial March at Star Wars in Concert!”

(Photo by Matt Martin)
“Leia’s theme at Star Wars in Concert!”


Star Wars in Concert: Los Angeles

Bonnie Burton | October 11, 2009

(Photo by Rob Sheridan)

As the Star Wars in Concert tours around the United States, it’s always fun for us to see what fans are saying about the spectacular show.

During the Star Wars in Concert performance in Los Angeles, George Lucas and a few other celebs came to be wowed by the show.

Below are some of the comments and photos from director/photographer Rob Sheridan, director Kyle Newman and C-3PO himself Anthony Daniels.