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Bounty Hunter Sitcoms Twitter Meme Team | August 30, 2010

(by TB5918)Last week on Twitter, Star Wars fans joined in on the #BountyHunterSitcoms hashtag to come up with some of the coolest comedies we wish really existed on the small screen.

Here’s a listing of some of our favorites:

Who’s the Bossk? – @TB5918 & @alexpardee
Boba Knows Best – @Kalethan
The Mighty Boushh – @chrisjallan
IG-88 is Enough – @DarkLordSidious
My Life as Boba – @TheLizAlliance
Slave(One)’d by the Bell – @electrikyle
Boba Meets World – @HVAdvertising
Seinfett – @MitchyD
How IG-88 Met Your Mother – @jhawver
The Fetts of Life – @jrsydevils
The Fresh Bossk of Bel Aire – @MuggyDelFreskoe
Dengar & Greg – @nerdrage42
Mandalorian in the Middle – @sengaeriel
The Golden Greedos – @astheniafreak
The Fettsons – @astheniafreak
Growing Up Greedo – @thatCSAguy
Everybody Loves Zuckuss – @BobWulff
The Big Bossk Theory – @BobWulff
Sanford & Slave-1 – @HVAdvertising
4-Lom, a girl and a pizza place – @LordPalpatine
4-Lom-y Ties – @Greg_Uebele
The IG-88 Crowd – @Barnfee

Have more to add? Post them in the comments below!

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(by Alex Pardee)

Director Zack Snyder Tweets Yoda Unicorn Cake

Bonnie Burton | July 29, 2010

Filmmaker Zack Snyder recently started tweeting, which is exciting if you can’t wait to learn more about his upcoming action-fantasy film Sucker Punch.

We’ve already seen Snyder show off his Star Wars pride in a Watchmen Web doc, so it was only a matter of time before he tweeted about something Star Wars-related.

Sure enough, his fifth tweet was about his daughter’s birthday cake from Violet’s Cakes which so happened to be Yoda riding a unicorn. Bravo, Zack Snyder. Bravo.

Nathan Fillion Tweets His New AT-AT Team | July 9, 2010

As a special thanks to actor Nathan Fillion for being so vocal about his awesome lightsaber duel with his neighbor and his Jedi mind trick skills on his hit show Castle, not to mention his Force-tastic Christmas tree, we asked Hasbro to send him a new addition to his home — the new, gigantic AT-AT.

According to his tweets, it looks like he got it!

Remember to give him lots of love and take him on plenty of walks, Nathan!

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Yoda & Hal Sparks = BFF!

Bonnie Burton | December 22, 2009

Comedian and actor Hal Sparks is already known to be a Star Wars fan, so it’s no surprise that Hal would tweet a photo of him having a tender moment with Yoda.

“I love the scene where Yoda eats his food stick and for a moment you are wondering what exactly he’s eating,” Sparks says in our interview with him on “Because of that I thought in the future all we’d eat would be candy bars. And so I’m a firm believer that while Star Trek is probably responsible for cell phones, Star Wars is most certainly responsible for Power Bars.”

You can read our full interview with Hal here:
Hal Sparks: Vader’s a Jerk

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Nathan Fillion’s Jedi Christmas Tree Team | December 18, 2009

Actor Nathan Fillion decorated his tree for the holidays with a little help from none other than Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Be sure to follow Nathan on Twitter here.

Darth Stewie Invades FOX Lot Team | December 14, 2009

Creator of TV series Bones, Hart Hanson tweets today that his co-worker Dean Lopata just spotted none other than a gigantic Darth Stewie on the FOX Lot.

Silent Night, Hutt Night Team | December 7, 2009

(photo courtesy W.H Steels)
If you’re hanging out on Twitter, and do a search using the hashtag #StarWarsXmas, you find out quickly how many fans are decorating during the holidays using Star Wars as a muse.

We’ll be posting throughout the month, some of our favorite Star Wars Christmas trees, festive cookies, nativity sets, outdoor lights, snowmen and more.

Here’s one of our faves:

Star Wars fan W.H Steels shows off his love for Jabba by making him a lucky stand-in for Joseph in this holiday nativity scene.

Years ago I bought a Nativity Set From a discount club! But it never came with a Joseph, so every year I have to go through my toys to find a stand in!

Star Wars Twitter Avatars by Apelad

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2009

(Art by Adam Koford)

Artist and illustrator Adam Koford (aka Apelad) is known for his comic The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats as well as his adorkable Greedo he created for the Empire Muggs Back charity art project.

So we were thrilled to see his Twitter avatar art of his favorite sci-fi characters including Boba Fett, Yoda and Chewbacca, among others. Up close they’re fun Star Wars portraits, but in smaller form they look like the little Twitter bird avatar.

Check out his full set here:
Apelad’s Twitter Avatars

California Hall of Fame Inducts George Lucas Team | December 2, 2009

Filmmaker George Lucas, gay-rights advocate Harvey Milk, comedian Carol Burnett, football legend John Madden, best-selling romance author Danielle Steel and other icons were among 13 individuals inducted into the California Hall of Fame on Tuesday.

Tweeting live from the event, California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger snapped candid photos of the inductees — including the one above of him shaking hands with George Lucas.

All of the inductees were chosen for being “remarkable individuals who embody the innovative spirit of the Golden State and who have changed the world by pursuing their dreams.”

The California Museum, located in downtown Sacramento, will display 13 exhibits showcasing the accomplishments of the inductees through October. George Lucas’ exhibit includes models of R2-D2 and C-3PO, as well as Indiana Jones’ jacket, whip and hat from the 1989 film Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Read the full article here:
Milk, Lucas among 13 inducted in Hall of Fame
(via San Francisco Chronicle)

Read more about the California Hall of Fame Exhibits here:
California Hall of Fame official site

The Best of #StarWarsBandNames Team | December 1, 2009

Last week on Twitter, Star Wars fans participated in a fun meme — #StarWarsBandNames — that mashed up their favorite band names with Star Wars characters and themes!

Here’s some of our favorites and Twitter fans who submitted them:

Elvis PresLeia — via @trentvanegas
Chewie Lewis and the News — via @wk_marshall
Mös Eisley Crüe — via @ellingson
Tom Petty and The Hothbreakers — via @OneDeadPixel
The Doormés — via @lostmindgrapes
Foo TIE Fighters — via @Kalethan
AT/ST — via @AxeFaktor
Leia in Chains — via @AxeFaktor
30 seconds to Yavin 4 — via @AxeFaktor
Nat King Clone — via @darthvader
Modest Mouse Droid — via @TotalHell
Ace of Rebel Base — via @saperle
The Mighty Mighty Hothtones — via @lizperle
Jedi Temple Pilots — via @IanDavidB
They Might Be Banthas — via @IanDavidB
Bespin Doctors — via @HackeMate
Boomtown Womp Rats — via @MBRigney
Bachman Turner Hyperdrive — via @lizperle
Wedge Zepplin — via @thatsmynewband
Alderaan Duran — via @lizperle
The Beta Bantha — via @HackeMate
Chaka Han — via @lostmindgrapes
All Imperial Rejects — via @awesumness16
Panic at the Death — via @awesumness16
Megadeath-star — via @tvjoel
Jar Jar Binks 182 — via @markhoppus
ELO: Ewok Lightsaber Orchestra — via @Aaronstengel
Aerobith — via @IamWritersblock
Aerosith — via @BaconFortress
Pink Droyd — via @12parsecs
Darth Punk — via @desechable
Soft Cell Block 1138 — via @desechable
Massive At-At-Tack — via @Pwosion
Mos Isley Brothers — via @benmalone1908
Gungan Roses — via @pablofigueroa
Greedo Day — via @desechable
The Rancorteurs — via @stockboybrent
ABBA the Hutt — via @JKLMM
My Chemical Rodian — via @rachel_renegade
REO Landspeederwagon — via @marklisanti
The Wampas and the Papas — via @secondperiod
Boba Fett and The Blackhearts — via @kentology
The Clone Roses — via @theRealBeal
Admiral Ozzel Osbourne — via @theRealBeal
IG-88 degrees — via @DarthMater
U2-D2 — via @GirlDetective & @12parsecs
Death Star for Cutie — via @anthonycid1
Nien Inch Nunbs — via @niennunb
Siouxsie and the Banthas — via @DarthMater
X-Pistols — via @DarthMater
They Might Be Ugnaughts — via @TB5918
Wide Spread Panaka — via @Zeblue_Prime
Goo Goo Talz — via @marc7071
Nine Inch Neimoidians — via @bonniegrrl
The Smashing Porkins — via @danielhaymes
Faith No Maul — via @patomarron
Clan of Mynox — via @desechable
Pearl Zam — via @LukesFather
Earth, Windu & Fire — via @stephencooney
Jefferson Star Destroyer — via @BaconFortress
Johnny Kashyyyk — via @lostmindgrapes
X-Winger — via @lostmindgrapes
Bacta Street Boys — via @stockboybrent
Snowtrooper Patrol — via @sean_pierceCEO
Echo Base & The Bunnymen — via @starwars
The Rolling Clones — via @SueEllenGordon
Jar Jar Binks of Clay — via @trentvanegas
The Alan Parsecs Project — via @reinsmapanna11
A Flock of Mynocks — via @adam807

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