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The Official Star Wars Hashtag Holocron Team | June 28, 2013

There’s a lot going on with Star Wars these days, from Episode VII to Celebration, and it can be hard to keep of track of relevant conversations — especially on Twitter. But fear not: We have created this post to be your one stop shop for all official Star Wars hashtags!


#JediMindMeld: Anatomy of a Meme

Eric Geller | March 4, 2013

The worlds of Star Wars and politics intersected on Friday, when President Obama, during a statement to the press about the sequester, said this:


Virtual Twitter Podrace Recap

Bonnie Burton | January 23, 2012

To celebrate the release of The Phantom Menace in 3D (out in theaters Feb. 10, 2012), we asked some of our favorite Star Wars fan groups, celebs and Clone Wars actors to rev their engines for our first ever Virtual Podrace on Twitter!

On Jan. 14, 2012, fans gathered together to watch and have fun participating in our virtual podrace. While some tweeted at their favorite racers, other fans went a step further and joined the virtual pit droid crew!

The Podracers included:
Cyborgturkey AKA Robot Chicken,, Darth Vader, Ben Quadinaros, Deathstar PR, 501st Legion, Fanboys director Kyle Newman, Boba Fett actor Daniel Logan, The Clone Wars actor James Arnold Taylor, and Team Unicorn members: Clare Grant, Michele Boyd, and Milynn Sarley. Plus special guest sniper, bounty hunter Aurra Sing voice actor from The Clone WarsJaime King!

Podracers tweeted as themselves, or as the characters they play in The Clone Wars. The @StarWars Twitter served as the commentator who called out play by play action by rolling dice to determine who went forward, who had engine problems, who got shot at by a bounty hunter, who sped ahead and who got sideswiped.

As the @StarWars Twitter tweeted play by play actions, the Podracers tweeted what was happening to them and the racers around them.

Everyone used the hashtag #Podrace at the end of their tweets so the Podrace could be followed by fans on Twitter who wanted to see the action.

There were a lot of explosions on the racetrack, surprise sniping from none other than Jaime King as Aurra Sing, a surprising romance with Darth Vader and plenty of hilarious comments from the racers!

And in the end, none other than The 501st Legion won the Podrace!

Our Virtual race was so popular that we even got the hashtag #Podrace to trend on Twitter! Yay us!

For those of you who missed all the action, here’s the play by play for you below. READ THE TWEETS FROM BOTTOM TO TOP to follow the race in its entirety.


Star Wars Halloween Costumes 2011

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2011

(Ewok girls photo by Rick Kolesar)

Halloween may be full of zombies, vampires, werewolves, ninjas, pirates and superheroes, but thanks to crafty Star Wars fans, younglings and adults alike trick or treat as Ewoks, droids, Jedi, Sith Lords and even as an AT-ST!

We asked ya to tweet your Halloween costumes on StarWars Twitter, here’s the best of the best!

(Find out how to make this costume here!)

(Pink Princess Vader photo by Jon Swope)

(Boba Fett photo by Alan Danielson)

(Jawa family photo by SJgeek)

(Pulp Fiction Troopers photo by Tom Pigott)


Star Wars Jack ‘O Lanterns!

Bonnie Burton | October 28, 2011

Darth Maul by Rob D

We asked our fans on Twitter to tweet pics of their Star Wars Pumpkins and you all impressed us with your carving skills! And you didn’t even need a lightsaber!

Here’s some of our faves:

Yoda pumpkin photo by Tory LaPrath

AT-AT pumpkins photo by Jedi Zaugg

Star Wars pumpkins by Ashley Lynn

Boba Fett pumpkin photo by Travis Thomas

Darth Vader pumpkin photo by Teresa

Droids pumpkin photo by Jordan

Star Wars Fail Whale Team | May 10, 2011

When Twitter goes down for maintenance or unexpected outages, many a social media addict frantically tries to refresh their screen to see something other than the dreaded Fail Whale.

But artist and Star Wars fan Le Kemp did a different take on the Fail Whale which makes the whole wait more tolerable. Nothing beats TIE fighters on Twitter! tweet tweet!

Be sure to follow Star Wars on Twitter.

Best of #SXStarWars Twitter Meme Team | March 15, 2011

If you were hanging out on Twitter for the last few days you might have noticed a merging of Austin’s most popular digital, film and music fest South By Southwest (SXSW) mixed with your favorite Star Wars characters thanks to the #SXStarwars hashtag meme.

Interactive storytelling consultant Jay Bushman has brought back the #SXStarwars social experiment, as he does every year during SXSW since his first attempt of the Twitter Trench Run was such a geektastic success!

This time fans tweeted about attending #SXStarwars as panelists, party-goers and more.

Below are some of our favorite tweets!

Just met a Pit Droid who CLAIMS to have worked for Anakin. Now he works at a BBQ. That’s right, he’s a BBQ Pit Droid. – @novysan

The Core Conversation “How to Motivate Droids, not Punish Them” was taken over by Jabba justifying his hot iron technique. – @tara

A lot of flirting going on in line for “Astromech Romance: How to Find the Droid You’re Looking For” panel. – @bonniegrrl

Trying out that Alderaanian flatbread deli — smells delicious, but there’s no way that roast gorak is still fresh. – @GMSarli

There’s that guy with the blue telephone booth again. He’s at the front of every line! HOW IS HE DOING THAT!? – @novysan

Passed a homeless Power Droid on 6th St., panhandling for electricity. Heartbreaking. – @jaybushman

Just walked by two battle droids making out. I can’t believe I missed the Droid Pride Parade! – @bonniegrrl

Note to all Con attenders who are in the food court: DON’T order the Tauntaun Tacos. – @LadyVader66

There’s a Bothan Spy advocacy group here pushing for workplace safety reforms. Mon Mothma will be happy. – @erier2003

Wow. There sure are a lot of hipsters at the Jawas’ Fixed Gear Bikes Demo. Just saw @hipsterstarwars rolling his eyes. – @bonniegrrl

Oddly colored foam on this latte. I thought it might be some rebel scum, but Ackbar yelled, “It’s a Frap!” so I drank it. – @novysan

Modal Nodes reunion concert is sold out. Guess I’ll check out Lobot’s DJ set instead. *sigh* – @starwars

Does anyone know how to get a Hutt out of an elevator? They need to know on three different floors, actually. – @jjmfaraway

At Dex’s Diner. Booth full of Ewoks are looking at me hungrily. That “Ewoks Eat People” is a rumor, right? – @bonniegrrl

Worst. Panel. Ever: “Mating Habits of the Rancor,” presented by Jawa Tteel Kkak. – @scott_walker

Everyone seems really excited to see a giant cloud of Mynocks come shooting out of a bridge or something tonight on Congress. – @novysan

Protocol #droid just stormed away when I asked the odds of the guest speaker being on time. – @DonBuley

First featured panel of the day: Multi-Species Interface Design, or How Can a Wookiee pilot that thing? – @sxstarwars

The Modal Nodes are playing at this party and everyone keeps asking for “The Cantina song.” They look annoyed. – @erier2003

Only 10 min til big Keynote by Admiral Ackbar: “It’s A Trap” is just another way of saying “It’s An Opportunity.” – @sxstarwars

This creep in black keeps trying to buy me a drink at the Fourdroids party, but he is a heavy breather and needs a breath mint. – @tara

Got stuck in elevator with Uncle Owen. Tried pitching me his Desert Farmville FB game again. Give it up, dude! – @jasonhall

Drama Droid Alert! Someone just mistook Gonk for a trash can at the Power Droid Tweetup. Awkward! – @bonniegrrl

5 credits for a tauntaun milk latte!?? Really??? They’re 3.5 credits outside the convention center. Galactic gouging! – @vpisteve

Anyone who can give me a lift to coruscant? My YT-1300 just broke down. – @Inspirementt

Max Rebo Band record release party tonight at Stubbs. Sy Snootles returning on vox. Should be good. – @bsharbaugh

Excited for keynote from TK-421 entitled “The Business Value of Staying at Your Post.” – @bsharbaugh

I hate it when a Hutt can’t keep his monkey lizard quiet throughout a conference. That crazy laughter is very distracting! – @PatrixCjous

Left the “I don’t like you. My friend doesn’t like you either” personal actualization workshop. They didn’t like me. – @Maestroboombatz

Read more here SXStarwars Tumblr.

Star Wars Horror Films Meme Team | October 29, 2010

Art by Katie Cook

What if Ewoks were infected with a zombie virus? What if Chewbacca was a werewolf? What if Yoda wanted to suck your blood? In the “spirit” of Halloween, here’s some of our favorite fan suggested titles for Star Wars horror films from the #StarWarsHorrorFilms hashtag meme on Twitter!


Best of Hipster Star Wars Twitter Meme Team | October 4, 2010

image from:

This weekend Star Wars fan @davidhoang started the #HipsterStarWars hashtag on Twitter for the fun of it. Soon celebs and fans alike were getting in on the fun.

Here’s a list of some of our faves!

“I liked Admiral Ackbar before he knew there was a trap.” – @davidhoang

“Meh the Force Be With You… Or whatever.” – @bonniegrrl

“I’m into an obscure form of the Force. You’ve probably never heard of it.” – @dresdenblack

“You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, and the fixed-gear.” – @markhoppus

“Mos Eisley Records. You will never find a more incredible hive of rare and used vinyl.” – @rob_sheridan

“Yeah, i used to go to Toshi Station for power converters, now everyone goes there for power converters.” – @israelxsoriano

“I can’t sleep in this Tauntaun. I’m a strict vegan.” – @hipsterstarwars

“I find your lack of faith totes disturbing.” – @Colin_Hanks

“I liked sarlaccs when they were underground.” – @chrispeligro

“Alderaan? Please. I wouldn’t be caught dead there.” – @mdsteele47

Leia: “I love your scarf.” Han: “I know.” – @TheSlush

“I’d just as soon kiss a Wilco.” – @bonniegrrl

“The Jawas obviously got their hoodies at Alderaan Apparel.” – @aboynamedart

“Join me & together I guess we can rule the Galaxy and stuff… or whatever.” – Vader – @DeathStarPR

“The Mos Eisley Cantina Band sounds better on vinyl.” – @TheSlush

“Beru helped me set up a moisture vaporator on H street in DC.” – @josephjohnston

“Can’t believe princess leia wore white after Labor Day.” – @geekgirls

“I’d participate in #hipsterstarwars, but everyone is doing it now.” – @LordPalpatine

“I only listen to white-label witch-house/grime remixes of the Max Rebo Band.” – @SFXmagazine

“Who puts a glove on a robot hand? Honestly?” – @theatomicgeeks

“I only drink blue soy milk.” – @MontyPrime

“Can I get that speederbike as a fixie?” – @asuter

“Do or do not. Who cares?” – @ellingson

“I joined the Rebel Alliance ironically.” – @erier2003

Join in on the fun with the Hipster Star Wars on Twitter and Facebook.

Be sure to follow us on the Star Wars Twitter for more fun memes like this!

Kanye Wookiee?! Team | September 15, 2010

Recently, New York Magazine decided to illustrate what they thought the singer/rapper superstar Kanye West would tweet about next in an article called “Kanye West Tweets the Fall.”

There were quite a few amusing ideas, but we like the idea of Chanel making a Wookiee suit for Kanye best.

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