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Tina Fey Voting for Leia in ’08 Team | September 14, 2008


If you happened to catch Tina Fey’s highly publicized cameo as Sarah Palin in Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere last night, you may have caught her flashing a bit of Star Wars fandom in the show’s closer — yep, Fey’s donning one of the Zazzle’s Star Wars Election ’08 t-shirts, available exclusively at Zazzle’s site and at!


Thanks to for the heads up!

Wired Previews Clone Wars TV Show Team | September 8, 2008

The Underwire from Wired magazine takes a look at the upcoming Clone Wars TV show.


In the Star Wars multiverse, there are few narratives as familiar as the one that plays out in The Clone Wars, the animated TV series that debuts, at last, Oct. 3 on Cartoon Network.

Originality is defined by what you do with the familiar. Taking a peek at the following pictures and trailer from Cartoon Network’s newest, coolest retread, Clone Wars is looking new to you in a big way.

Check out the full review here:
Clone Wars TV Show Touches Down, Looks Killer (Wired magazine)

Han Solo Speech on “Grey’s Anatomy”

Bonnie Burton | June 3, 2008

We already know plenty of Star Wars fans love reading Expanded Universe books and comics, but when we see a major TV character show off her knowledge of the Star Wars galaxy — including mention Jaina and Jacen in passing — we can’t help but smile.

The season finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” had a nice shout out to Han Solo and why he’s not a loser for getting himself encased in carbonite. Chief resident Bailey gives a rather inspiring speech to a panicking patient who’s beating himself up for getting his leg stuck in quick-dry cement to try and impress a girl.

Check out the video on
VIDEO: Han Solo Is Not a Loser

Empire’s Got New Clone Wars Images Team | April 21, 2008

assaj1.jpg just posted three new exclusive images that will be published in the upcoming issue of Empire Magazine. In addition to new Clone Wars imagery, Empire interviews Supervising Director Dave Filoni and the Maker himself, George Lucas.

Look for the latest issue of Empire on newsstands this Friday, and head over to their site for a sneak peek at some cool Clone Wars pics.

Antiques Roadshow Star Wars Appraisal

Pete Vilmur | April 15, 2008


If you happen to catch Antiques Roadshow last night, you may have seen collector Matt Gibson get an early Star Wars printing block appraised at $300-400!

An extremely rare piece, this particular block was used to print ads for Dolby’s new six-track stereo system, a breakthrough in theatrical sound presentation that Star Wars helped to make popular. Ads printed from this block appeared as early as December, 1976, in industry trade magazines such as Boxoffice.

Click here to check out a video edit of the appraisal.

“Deal or No Deal” Goes to the Dark Side

Bonnie Burton | April 4, 2008

The Banker is about to meet his match. NBC’s hit game show “Deal or No Deal” transforms itself for a special Star Wars themed “winner take all” episode on Monday, April 28 (8-10 pm ET) surprising two diehard fans of the popular movie franchise with the experience of a lifetime. Guest supporters cheering on the contestants include actress Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Chewbacca and R2-D2, and in a surprise twist, Darth Vader fills in as the villainous Banker.


Star Wars Saga Begins Tonight on SPIKE Team | April 4, 2008

In case you somehow missed all the rather cool ads reminding you to tune in, tonight is the night that the Star Wars saga debuts on Spike TV. Everyone can catch the six movies that span generations and bring guys (and gals) together all in one place. Starting today, April 4th, at 8PM/7C, Spike will begin airing the saga in chronological order, starting off with Episode I. On Saturday comes Episode II, and on Sunday is the World Broadcast Premiere of Episode III. Then, next weekend starting on April 11, the original trilogy kicks off with Episode IV, Episode V on Saturday the 12th, and Episode VI on Sunday. And throughout these airings, don’t miss sneak peeks into The Force Unleashed (Check out that schedule here).

For more info visit Spike’s Star Wars site here.


Star Wars Hologram on “Torchwood” Team | March 26, 2008

Star Wars fans who have been watching Season 2 of the “Doctor Who” spinoff TV series “Torchwood” may have noticed a special reference to an old Jedi Master slip by. In the first episode of the new seasn — “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” — James Marsters joins the “Torchwood” cast as Capt. John Hart. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” fans will recognize Marsters from his role as the snarky Brit vampire Spike.

In this clip, Capt. Hart challenges “Torchwood” leader Capt. Jack Harkness in a Star Wars-like hologram message and adds a humorous “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope!” impression at the end.

VIDEO: Watch the clip here.

Learn more about the show on the official “Torchwood” BBC site here.

“Colbert Report” Star Wars Pop-up Book Cameo

Bonnie Burton | October 4, 2007

In the Oct. 3 epsiode of “The Colbert Report,” host Stephen Colbert dared ask the question who would be brave enough to release their book the same day (Oct. 9) as his new soon-to-be bestseller —
I Am America (And So Can You!)

Author Paul Krugman may have recently changed the publication date for his new book The Conscience of a Liberal to Oct. 15, but one of our favorite authors Matthew Reinhart is still prepared for the challenge with his book — Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy.


Bay Area TV Show Tours Lucasfilm at Presidio

Pete Vilmur | September 23, 2007


The local TV show “Bay Area Backroads” recently took a tour of the Lucasfilm digs at the Presidio, and even got a peek at our very own servers!