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Star Wars as Airwolf

Bonnie Burton | April 16, 2009

Can’t get enough Star Wars TV intro mashups? Good! Because here’s a couple more gems from the same fan who made Star Wars as Macgyver and Star Wars as Dallas.

This time around it’s Star Wars reimagined as the ’80s hit Airwolf. There’s two to choose from — one for Rebels and one for the Imperials. I have to say the theme song plus ship blueprints are spot on. Most impressive. We want more!

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars/Airwolf Imperial

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars/Airwolf Rebels

Star Wars as Macgyver Team | April 16, 2009

From the same fan who brought us Star Wars as Dallas comes another excellent TV intro mashup. This time it’s Macgyver! Will Luke blow up the Death Star using chewing gum and a drinking straw? We may never know.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars/Macgyver Opening

The Empire Strikes LOST Team | April 16, 2009


Fans of the show Lost got an earful of Star Wars references last night, courtesy of the character Hurley, whose trek back in time to 1977 has inspired him to write The Empire Strikes Back for George Lucas. The episode, called “Some Like it Hoth”, included at least two exchanges between characters on the subject of Empire.

Here’s some of the dialog exchanged between Hurley and Miles, who has snatched Hurley’s journal from him:

HURLEY: Give it back!

MILES: “Exterior–Hoth. A little spy robot thingy zips through the atmosphere and crashes into the snowy planet below. That’s when Chewbacca shows up and blasts it away with his crossbow laser. He shakes his fury fist in the sky in triumph. Chewbacca–Raaar.”

HURLEY: It’s “furry.” “Furry fist.” I need to spell-check it.

MILES: What the hell is this?

HURLEY: I’m writing Empire Strikes Back.

MILES: Uh… I’m sorry. What?

HURLEY: It’s 1977, right? So Star Wars just came out. And pretty soon, George Lucas is gonna be looking for a sequel. I’ve seen Empire, like, 200 times, so I figured I’d make life easier and send him the script… with a couple improvements.

MILES: That has gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

HURLEY: Oh, yeah? Well, at least I’m not scared to talk to my own dad.

And later, Empire comes up again, with Hurley describing the film’s father-son relationship to Miles:


The Big Bang Theory – “It’s a Trap!”

Bonnie Burton | March 31, 2009

If you watched this week’s episode of the geektastic comedy The Big Bang Theory, then you witnessed socially-challenged character Sheldon doing his impression of Admiral Ackbar saying “It’s a trap!” over and over and over again.

WATCH VIDEO: The Big Bang Theory – “It’s a Trap!”

Star Wars as Dallas

Bonnie Burton | March 30, 2009

After watching this fan-made Dallas-style intro of Star Wars, I’m beginning to wonder if J.R. and Darth Vader were one in the same.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars/Dallas Opening

SOURCE: Grant Gould LJ Blog

Star Wars Paso Doble?

Bonnie Burton | March 30, 2009

International dance show “Let’s Dance” featured this rather unusual rendition of the Paso Doble dance done with Star Wars music. The dancers are dressed like Princess Leia and Anakin?

WATCH VIDEO: Let’s Dance: 2009-03-06 – Pasodoble


The Truthiness of Chewbacca Team | March 28, 2009

Everything we need to know about today’s important news headlines we get from truthiness expert Stephen Colbert, so it was only a matter of time before Mr. Colbert had us rethink all that we know about our favorite Star Wars characters.

Here’s what the Colbert Wikiality site has to say about Chewbacca:

Chewbacca is a heroic mutant bear from Canada. Even though he is a mindless killing machine, he mindlessly kills liberals, making him a good guy. Chewbacca was concieved by an American woman and a Canadian grizzly bear in 1865. Even though his father was a bear, it seemed that he got his mother’s patriotism, and broke free from the clan of killer bears, joining the righteous crusade of Abraham Lincoln against the sleazy, corrupt hillbilly liberals of the C.S.A.

Later, after traveling to Star Wars and meeting Obi-Wan Kenobi, Chewbacca fended off a bear attack on Coruscant, driving them back to Earth. In a climactic battle, he defeated the combined bear forces of Karl Marx, Nancy Pelosi, Josef Stalin, Donald Duck, Stanley Kubrick and Winnie the Pooh in Italy, the most recent addition to the Axis of Evil, thereby defeating the Communist threat of that country. He continues to work for the CIA, protecting the President from bears, waiting until the Galaxy needs his help again…

Read more here:
Wikiality: Chewbacca

Princess Leia Jury Duty on 30 Rock

Bonnie Burton | March 13, 2009

Ever get called for jury duty hoping to find a handy way out of it? Whatever you do, don’t dress up as Princess Leia, talk in a low voice and call officers of the court Imperial Guards.

On this week’s episode of 30 Rock — “The Funcooker”, Liz Lemon played by Tina Fey dresses up like Princess Leia to do just that, with hilarious results.

Here’s some dialog from the episode:

“And I don’t really think it’s fair for me to be on a jury because I’m a hologram.”

“Excuse me Imperial Guard, how long do these arson trials typically last?”
“Couple weeks proabably, and you can drop the voice.”
“This used to get me out of jury duty in Chicago all the time.”
“This ain’t Chicago, honey. Look at these people.”

Jedi Workout on Today Show

Bonnie Burton | February 25, 2009

Nothing starts the day off better than seeing Today Show hosts Matt Lauer, Al Roker and the rest of the gang dress up like Jedi and wave around lightsabers.

“Master Flynn” and his fellow New York Jedi showed the hosts how to stay in shape and have fun with his Jedi workout routine.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars Jedi Workout On Today Show

Read all about it here and be sure to check out the video of Master Flynn teaching Today’s Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford how to do the Star Wars-inspired Jedi workout as well:

Jedi workout: Fight fat with the Force (via MSN/Today Show)


Vote for Homer Star Wars Poster

Bonnie Burton | February 17, 2009

In this week’s episode of The Simpsons, Homer gets a glimpse of what his life would have been like if he had been elected class president. Of course, we would have voted for him just on his convincing election poster alone.

Watch the full episode on
VIDEO: The Simpsons – Take My Life Please