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Vader Project Art from Thunderdog

Bonnie Burton | January 13, 2009

If you’re a fan of the unusual and creative helmet art series The Vader Project, it looks like new pieces are being added for 2009!

Tristan Eaton and AZK ONE’s Thunderdog Studios custom for The Vader Project reinterprets the Dark Lord of the Sith’s iconic helmet by grounding it to the history of earth-bound conflict. The Thunderdog emblazoned piece recalls WWII era gas maks, the visor style eye-pieces key into a more modern aesthetic. It’s the face of battle – past, present and future.

Read more about it here:
Thunderdog Studios for the Vader Project (Vinyl Pulse)

The Vader Project on G4 Team | August 20, 2008

G4′s “Attack of the Show” host Blair Butler interviews The Vader Project co-curator Sarah Jo Marks and artist Wade Lageose about the popularity of the artsy helmets, as well the new additions to the collection as it’s shown at Celebration Japan.

VIDEO: Sweet Darth Vader Helmets

The Vader Project in Japan

Bonnie Burton | July 18, 2008

The Vader Project, an exhibit featuring the reimagined visions of the iconic Darth Vader helmet by some of today’s hottest pop and underground artists, is currently on display July 19-21, 2008 at Star Wars Celebration Japan — at Makuhari-Messe in Chiba just outside Tokyo to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars.

The Vader Project is curated by Dov Kelemer and Sarah Jo Marks of DKE Toys. Kelemer and Marks gathered close to 100 of the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists and toy designers to participate. Each artist was given a 1:1 scale authentic prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in the Star Wars films. Each helmet served as a blank canvas for each artist to paint, design, mash up, and customize.

To kick off Celebration Japan’s display of The Vader Project, I chatted with curator Dov Kelemer about the new additions to the lineup.

Why did you decide to bring The Vader Project to Celebration Japan?
Another Celebration was planned in Japan and based on its past popularity Lucasfilm and the show promoters asked Sarah Jo and I to take the show over to Japan.


More Scenes from Comic-Con Team | July 26, 2007

While many fans can’t make it to San Diego Comic-Con International, the Official Blog is there to put you right where the action is. Whether it’s seeing the behind-the-scenes images of set-up, or sneak peeks at Indiana Jones displays, we’re there.

Today as even more fans filter into the convention center, it’s obvious which droid is getting the most love — R2-KT (named “KT” after Katie Johnson, a very special Star Wars fan who tragically passed away from brain cancer in 2005 at the age of seven).

Other popular displays getting plenty of traffic today include Hasbro’s Star Wars Transformers mashup toys, The Vader Project, the impressive LEGO Death Star display, Wii fun at the LucasArts booth and so much more.

So stay tuned for daily coverage on this blog, as well as exciting Comic-Con snapshots here.

The Vader Project Invades Comic-Con

Bonnie Burton | July 24, 2007

Since The Vader Project debuted at Celebration IV, and with additional UK-based artists on board travelling to Celebration Europe, it only made sense for popular exhibit to show at San Diego Comic-Con International.

“Comic-Con is just such a great venue that it seemed a shame to miss out on the opportunity,” The Vader Project curator Dov Kelemer says. “With the main show on its way back from a very successful show in the UK we just took the opportunity to add a few more to the show.”


Urban Medium in The Vader Project

Bonnie Burton | May 24, 2007

(Photo by Bonnie Burton)

Along with legendary artists such as Shag, Paul Frank Sunich, Tim Biskup, Gary Baseman, Niagara and J. Otto Seibold, the design duo known as Urban Medium made sure to put its special signature look on one of the many Darth Vader helmets showcased in The Vader Project art show debuting at Star Wars: Celebration IV.

Star Wars fans in the know, may already be familiar with Urban Design’s clever mash-up sticker of Che Guevara and a stormtrooper aptly named “CheTrooper.” Artist Derek Fridman gave us the low down on the Urban Medium Darth Vader helmet.

1. Why did you decide to participate in The Vader Project?
There really wasn’t a need to think about whether or not we’d do it. The minute we were asked we said ‘YES’ — if you’ve seen our art, you know just how much of an influence Star Wars has had on what it is we do, there was no doubt in our minds. We are truly honored to participate in what is the absolute ultimate artist platform show.

2. How did you customize the helmet with your own Urban Medium Design style?
The design of the helmet on its own is an amazing work of art, so our goal wasn’t to reinvent or deconstruct it, but create a modern interpretation of it that had something of a royal ‘haute couture’ look. Think Vader on the runway at New York Fashion Week.

Heather and I decided that the best approach for us would be to do what we would traditionally do out in the street, just on a much smaller scale. We decided to go with the theme of good vs. evil — capturing the light vs. dark side struggle Anakin faces throughout his life. One half of the helmet represents the light-side of the Force, pasted with white floral patterns of Rebel Alliance logos and remixed characters DJ-D2 and Chewbacca. The other half represents the dark side, pasted with black floral Imperial logo’s and remixed characters Boba Fett, and B-Boy stormtroopers. And since platinum is so last year, we finished the helmet off with gold splats and details.

3. Would Vader approve?
Absolutely — now if he’d only send us his measurements we’d create the matching suit.

Watch the video tour of The Vader Project exhibit.

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Taking a Tour of The Vader Project

Bonnie Burton | May 24, 2007


(photo by Kristen DelValle)

Walking through The Vader Project exhibit at Celebration IV is like taking a stroll through a Darth Vader tribute done by the coolest lowbrow and urban artists on the planet. Frank Kozik, Paul Frank Sunich, Marc Ecko and Urban Medium (among numerous others) gave Darth Vader’s helmet a hipster makeover. As fans walk through the exhibit they can see the artist’s own unique style featured on each helmet. Whether it’s a Tiki-inspired design from Shag or a girlie 1940′s style pinup from Marc Ecko — it’s apparent each artist took time to pay special tribute to the headwear of the Sith.

Artist Mitch O’Connell
was easily persuaded to participate in the project. “When Dov Kelemer (curator of The Vader Project), sent me the list of everyone else that was involved, and if someone thinks I belong in that group of hot-shots, who am I to disagree? I just made it all happy with beautiful gals. Nothing says “M.O’C” more than that!”

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