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Clone Wars Screening Recap: Seattle, NYC, Philly, Dallas & Chicago Team | December 9, 2010

Young fan at Chicago screening.

This week fans flocked to digital theaters for a very exclusive screening on the big screen of an all-new Clone Wars villain –- the monstrous Savage Opress!

The Clone Wars screenings began in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre with the voice actors, director Dave Filoni and writer Katie Lucas in attendance, along with celeb Clone Wars fans.

Screenings continued this week in Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Phoenix, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Francisco, among others.

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite fan-submitted photos from the Seattle, New York, Dallas, Philadelphia and Chicago screenings!

If you have photos and blog reviews of your own, please feel free to link to them in our comments section!

Savage Opress posters at the NYC screening.

Katie Star Wars Girl with Yoda voice actor Tom Kane & more new friends at Chicago screening!

Woodsy from MTV Geek at the New York screening!

Fans gather in “Force” in Seattle


Recap: Clone Wars Zeum Event Team | September 14, 2010

Photos: Courtesy of Neil Baker & Zeum

Our friend of Star Wars Blog and fellow geek crafter Neil Baker headed to the The Clone Wars Weekend at Zeum this weekend in San Francisco.

Here’s his awesome report!

On the weekend of September 11 and 12, kids of all ages were able to immerse themselves in the world of Star Wars animation like never before at The Clone Wars Weekend which took place at Zeum, a branch of San Francisco’s Children’s Museum, which specializes in introducing children to the wonders of animation through multi-media arts and technology. It was the perfect breeding ground for the Star Wars animators of the future!

Once inside the building, which was festooned with our favorite Clone Wars characters, visitors were greeted by the fine folks of the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion.


Rebel Legion & 501st Invade Uptown Charlotte Team | August 2, 2010

Members of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion took over Uptown in Charlotte, N.C. to promote the 2nd Annual Wilkes Library Con in North Wilkesboro, N.C. and Star Wars Celebration in Orlando.

FOX News reports:
WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars Flash Mob Takes Over Uptown

Comic-Con 2010 Recap: Best Star Wars Costumes Team | July 29, 2010

It seems you can’t go five steps without running into a stormtrooper at San Diego Comic-Con, and that’s fine by us. While Comic-Con has it’s share of the always-impressive fans in the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, as well as the ever-stunning Slave Leias, we also wanted to feature our favorite Star Wars costumes that made us smile.

May the Force Be With Your Cosplay.


Ahsoka “Snips” Tano!

Tusken Raider

Darth Maul

Han Solo probably wouldn’t resist THIS Boba Fett!

Imperial BFF?


mc chris Tours in Star Wars Style Team | June 25, 2010

photos by mc chris

It’s no secret that rapper mc chris is a big fan of Star Wars. In fact, as a youngling he used to nap with R2-D2!

So when mc chris goes on tour, there’s bound to be stormtroopers close by. If you can’t see him sing in person, you can pretend to be a part of his Imperial entourage as he posts updates on Twitter.

He also posts photos of the 501st Legion stormtroopers, fellow Star Wars fans wearing Force fashions, Star Wars collectibles and comics!

Check out some of our favorite photos from mc chris’ tour!

Best photo booth photo ever!


RECAP: Super Shogun Stormtrooper Launch Party Team | June 17, 2010

This weekend the Super Shogun Stormtrooper launch party at the Super7 store in San Francisco, fans and collectors were there in full “Force.”

Stormtroopers of the 501st Legion kept the crowd entertained as they waited in line to get a stormtrooper token figure for the raffle to win a Super Shogun Stormtrooper.

The Super7 store was decked out with multiple Shogun Stormtrooper boxes, prototypes of the Shogun Stormtrooper and vintage Star Wars toys.

WATCH VIDEO: Stormtroopers guard Super7 Store

WATCH VIDEO: Super Shogun Stormtrooper

Super Shogun Stormtrooper Boxes

Super Shogun Stormtrooper Prototypes

Super Shogun Stormtrooper Prototypes


Ryder Windham Empire Presentation for Rhode Islanders

Pete Vilmur | May 13, 2010

Rhode Island fans may want to drop by Rochambeau Library of Providence on Saturday, May 15 to check out author Ryder Windham’s presentation of rare Empire imagery, an event which also includes a visit from the 501st Legion. Here’s some details from

Ryder Windham, author of over sixty Star Wars and Indiana Jones books, will make a presentation of rare photographs and illustrations related to Empire, and also reveal how vintage Star Wars toys, comic books, and comic strips helped shape our memories of the movie.

If you own books by Ryder Windham, bring them along and he will be happy to sign them for you. We will also be giving away signed souvenirs.

Get details at

James Marsters & His Intergalactic Fans Team | April 23, 2010

Actor James Marsters, best known as Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, as well as his work on Torchwood, Smallville, and Caprica, also played the short-lived character Captain Argyus on The Clone Wars.

We’ve reported before about his appreciation for stormtrooper armor, so seeing him posing with members from The 501st Legion and The Rebel Legion, warms our Imperial hearts!

Read our interview with Marsters here:
James Marsters Talks Clone Wars

SOURCE: James Marsters Official Facebook

WonderCon Day 1: Ackbar, Troopers & Dr. Jones Team | April 3, 2010

(Go-Go’s Jane Wiedlin gets a hug from Admiral Ackbar)

Admiral Ackbar cereal Robot Chicken Cosplay? Rebel cheerleaders? Stormtroopers galore? Yup, it’s that time of year for WonderCon in San Francisco. Three full days of comics, movies, TV shows, costumes, celebrities, artists, droid builders and more!

Here’s a selection of some of the awesome things we spotted on the first day:

The 501st Legion booth at WonderCon is well-guarded.

2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate? Rebels! Rebels! Go Rebels!

Rotta the Hutt gets a lift from a fan.

Dr. Jones, I presume?

This is the droid you’re looking for!


Star Wars Roller Derby Night! Team | March 4, 2010

Roller derby and Star Wars go together like peanut butter and chocolate on wheels! If the bout is as cool as the poster, this might end up being our favorite Sithy sport!

Naptown Roller Girls reports:

Another long wait between home bouts but we have a good one for you as we return the favor and host The Sioux Falls Roller Dollz for one bout only back in the old Toyota Blue Ribbon Pavilion. Sioux Falls beat us in October but this time we are on our own turf! Join us along with your favorite characters from Star Wars for a trip down memory lane in the first venue we ever bouted in. Don’t forget: Just one bout tonight at 7:30pm.

SPECIAL APPEARANCE BY: The 501st Legion and Rebel Legion! Including: X-wing pilots, Rebel Fleet Troopers, stormtroopers, Tusken raiders, clone troopers, TIE pilots, snow troopers, Darth Vader, and many more! Loads of fun Star Wars themed goodness for the kiddos! Remember: 6 and under always free!

Read more about the event here:
Scar Wars – Tornado Sirens vs Sioux Falls Roller Dollz