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Star Wars Steampunk Art of Bjorn Hurri

Bonnie Burton | February 23, 2011

These amazing steampunk Star Wars character illustrations are created by UK based conceptual artist/illustrator, Bjorn Hurri. Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and others get the brass and bowler hat treatment in a makeover that would impress even Jules Verne.

Check out all the illustrations here:
World of Steampunk and Star Wars Collide! Illustrations by Bjorn Hurri

Century-Old Rescue Masks from a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Pete Vilmur | December 15, 2010

Recently, Collectors Weekly posted a pair of striking century-old “rescue masks” that share a passing resemblance to our favorite Sith Lord and protocol droid. Undoubtedly a coincidence — concept designer Ralph McQuarrie’s designs and inspirations for the pair have been well documented – their Star Wars steampunk look is amusingly effective.

From the article:

This pair of early rescue masks, shown above, dates from between the mid-1800s and World War I. They look a bit familiar, right? Almost 100 years before Darth Vader and C-3PO hit the big screen in “Star Wars” in 1977, these two smoke helmets were worn by firefighters carrying out rescues in smoke-logged buildings. The buzz among collectors is that George Lucas’s designers must have found inspiration in these smoke helmets and others like them. In fact, one well-known 19th-century manufacturer was named Vajen-Bader—you could easily get the name Vader from that.

For a measure of symmetry, we’re sharing an image from Steve Sansweet’s Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles book of two post-Star Wars knock-off water game heads from a New Jersey Shore arcade. Looks like Star Wars-inspired faces can be found on both sides of 1977 if you look hard enough.

Dragon*Con: Steampunk Star Wars Costumes

Bonnie Burton | September 8, 2009

We’re a big fans of the Steampunk Star Wars art by Eric Poulton, as well as the customized action figures by Sillof, so it was only a matter of time before fans created their own Steampunk Star Wars costumes to show off at thie year’s Dragon*Con.

Fans from the costuming group Outland Armour wowed Dragon*Con attendees with their costumes of Queen Amidala, Padme Amidala,
Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade, Princess Leia Organa, Slave Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Aurra Sing!

Laura, the Events Coordinator and Webmistress for Outland Armour, writes:

The Outland Armour crew participated in the steampunk fashion show on Friday, one of many wonderful events presented by the brand new Alternate History Track at Dragon*Con. We modeled our newly created Steampunk Star Wars designs, and they seemed to be a pretty big hit with the crowd. It was a lot of fun! All of the models and designers in the fashion show did a great job and there were some really beautiful designs from everyone involved. Excellent stuff.

Earlier on Friday, Lindsay and I were representatives for Outland Armour on the Steampunk Maker’s Panel, and then Sunday the whole crew presented our Steampunk Costuming with Outland Armour panel. Both panels went well, but we especially had a great time hanging out with the crowd and answering questions at our Sunday panel. Thanks again to everyone who came out to see us, and our apologies to anyone who didn’t get in. Hopefully the con will see fit to give the track a bigger room next year!

Check out more photos here:
Dragon*Con and Steampunk Star Wars!
(via Livejournal)

Read about more Steampunk Star Wars on the Official Star Wars Blog!

(Photo by Cat Staggs)

Star Wars at Maker Faire 2009 Team | June 3, 2009

Any convention that mixes R2-D2, Tesla coils, fire-breathing sculptures, a human-size mousetrap, art cars, unusual inventions and crafts is bound to have something for everyone.

Bay Area Maker Faire — May 30-31, 3009 — brought together craftsters, robot wranglers, science geeks, rocket builders, Burning Man artists, steampunks and more.


Star Wars at Maker Faire

Bonnie Burton | May 5, 2008

Every year mad scientists, robot builders, power tool drag racers, craftsters, and other DIY guys and gals gather together at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds for one of the coolest events in the Bay Area — the Maker Faire!

This year there were plenty of fun things for Star Wars fans to see and do — including crafts, R2-D2 dancing, prop displays, the LEGO Jeep, Steampunk contraptions and more!


Star Wars Steampunk Figures

Bonnie Burton | April 11, 2008

Fan and custom figure creator Sillof has posted some outstanding Star Wars Steampunk figures that make us long for an official line of Victorian EU toys.

For those of you who need a primer on Steampunk the gist is that it’s a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy that mixes steam, gears, and clunky elements with Victorian design elements to make a uniquely cool world of old meets futuristic. Jules Vern meets Blade Runner.

Sillof explains his inspiration for each Star Wars Steampunk custom figure — whether it’s the steam-powered boiler-bot that is R2-D2 or the Prussian spiked helmet and gas-mask elements on Darth Vader.


Steampunk Darth Vader Mask

Bonnie Burton | March 31, 2008

If you dig Steampunk and Star Wars, you might get a kick out of this Steampunk Darth Vader Mask we spotted on eBay this week. Pretty impressive, right down to the gear-saturated chest plate!


Steampunk Star Wars Sketch Cards

Bonnie Burton | February 20, 2008

Check out these uber-cool Steampunk Star Wars Sketch Cards
from one of our favorite artists — Cynthia Cummens.

The sketch cards were created for a special Sketch Card Gallery Exhibit on March 8, 2008, sponsored for Blue Line for the Comics2Games store in Florence, Kentucky. After the show, the cards will be auctioned on eBay with proceeds donated to the American Cancer Society. The show is open to all artists.

Artists interested in participating should email Jeremy Bell here for more info about the event.

Check out more of Cynthia’s amazing Star Wars art here on her official site.

Steampunk Captain Ackbar

Bonnie Burton | January 31, 2008

Artist Eric Poulton continues his Steampunk Star Wars tribute with this rather endearing portrait of Admiral Ackbar as Captain Ackbar complete with a backstory:

A scientific genius with a troubled mind, Captain Ackbar spent much of his life roaming the stars in a ship of his own design. After witnessing his homeworld captured and his people enslaved by the Empire, he gathered a loyal crew and fled into deep space, planning to escape civilization entirely.

Check out more of Eric Poulton’s Steampunk Star Wars tributes here:

Source: Club Jade

LEGO Steampunk AT-AT

Pete Vilmur | January 25, 2008


The coal fires driving the LEGO “Steam Wars” contest get stoked again with this fantastic new submission discovered via The mammoth tusks and top-deck cannons were inspired additions to this entry. Check out the full Flickr gallery here.