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Star Wars Celebration Questions I Love to Ask

Mary Franklin | February 12, 2014

A few weeks ago I was in Anaheim meeting with members of the Reed Expo team, reps from the Anaheim Convention Center, and a few audio/visual companies. We are more than a year out from what will likely be the biggest Celebration we’ve ever done, but planning is well underway.

Now is when we get to ask questions that I’m frankly quite passionate about answering: “Where are the best places for parties?” “How large a screen can we fit in this room?” “Where will the fans naturally gather and meet up?” “Where do we queue up the overnight line folks?”

It’s all about making sure we do the absolute best for the show, and it starts now — before we sign all the guests, before we create and schedule entertainment, and before we sell a single pavilion to a licensee, or create the first exclusive merchandise.

I LOVE this stage of planning. I might be alone in this affectionate obsession, but hopefully some of my site photographs and questions get you wondering too, and looking forward to April 16-19, 2015, in Anaheim. We’ll start the announcements soon at


Celebrating Celebration Europe

Arnd Riedel & Oliver Steeples | September 18, 2013

Star Wars Celebration Europe 2013

Attending a Star Wars Celebration is always a memorable occasion and Essen didn’t disappoint. Builders gathered from all over Europe and created a new European record of 50 astromech droids, only bested worldwide by the 66 droids at C6.


The “Joyous Familiarity” That Was Essen

John "Dak" Morton | September 4, 2013

Some weeks after returning to Tierfon from Essen and Celebration Europe in Germany, I found myself one Sunday morning surfing onto the YouTube post of the “Words with Warwick” interview with Anthony Daniels. After a couple of minutes of requisite entertainment banter, Warwick Davis draws some excellent and thoughtful insights from Anthony on Star Wars as popular culture which I plan to reference in a future post or two. C-3PO expresses to his talented and ever-engaging host excited surprise over the number of Russian fans he encountered at CE to reinforce his point on how Star Wars has become a part of worldwide popular culture where fans and entertainers share a “joyous familiarity.”


Caravan of the Force Day 11: Return of the Jedi (News)

James Burns & Mark Newbold | August 12, 2013


Star Wars Celebration Europe was over before it began and Sunday at 5:00 p.m. came far too quickly. We said our goodbyes to all the friends we only see at Celebrations around the world, knowing that the next fan gathering would take place in Anaheim in April 2015. We loaded Slave-2 and squeezed the vehicle out from the stand, made arrangements to pick up Maureen and Jeremy at 09:30 the following morning, and headed back to our hotel to rest our weary heads before the next day’s long drive back to the UK.

(more…) Weekly Roundup: August 2, 2013 Team | August 2, 2013

Wondering what’s been happening at Here’s a quick roundup of what you might have missed this week! (Spoiler warning: There’s LOTS from Star Wars Celebration Europe.)


Meet Daniel Fritzel: The Celebration Europe Attendee With The Fastest Clicking-Finger On The Planet

Star Wars Celebration Team | February 15, 2013

Not Daniel, but one of the many colorful interpretations of his favorite character at Celebration VI.

Since going on sale January 17, Star Wars Celebration Europe tickets have been selling like pfannkuchen, and, today, we’d like to shine a spotlight on one very special fan.

Our first-day ticket numbers were awesome, our first-hour ticket numbers were astounding, our first-minute ticket numbers were downright nutty, and Daniel Fritzel — purchasing his ticket mere seconds after Celebration Europe tickets went live — was the very first fan to claim his pass to the biggest Star Wars party Europe has ever seen, and we caught up with Daniel to find out a little more about him…