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#JediMindMeld: Anatomy of a Meme

Eric Geller | March 4, 2013

The worlds of Star Wars and politics intersected on Friday, when President Obama, during a statement to the press about the sequester, said this:


Make Star Trek More Like Star Wars Team | October 12, 2008 Blogger Graeme McMillan pontificates what it means when Star Trek scriptwriters Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman revealed that the new movie would be influenced by Star Wars. Read on to see what io9′s Graeme thinks the new Star Trek movie should borrow from Star Wars.


Have At Least One Sequence That Will Make A Good Video Game.
You know what I’m talking about; there’s one in every Star Wars movie, whether it be pod-racing, speeder-biking through the forests of Endor or cutting Anakin Skywalker’s legs off while lava bubbles all around you. At its best, the Star Wars series doesn’t just put you in the center of the action, it makes you want to literally be the one doing all the action. There’s no better way to hit the nerd g-spot than appeal to our wish-fulfillment fantasies so blatantly, after all. And what does Star Trek have to compare? Nothing… yet. JJ, you know what you have to do.

Put Uhura In A Metal Bikini At Some Point.
And talking of nerd wish-fulfillment fantasies… As much as you may sigh and pretend that you’re all appalled at such pandering, you know you want to see it. Especially if she’s chained up next to one of those green Orion slave girls.

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5 Ways To Make Star Trek More Like Star Wars (