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Smuggler’s Gambit Full Audio

Kyle Newman | November 28, 2012


Set your speakers to hyperspace and buckle up for a rip-roaring, all-new Star Wars adventure – Smuggler’s Gambit — starring everyone’s favorite scoundrels, Han Solo and Chewbacca! Performed in the spirit of the classic Star Wars NPR radio dramas and set in the original trilogy era, Smuggler’s Gambit tests Han and Chewie’s commitment to the cause as they venture off to reclaim their glory days, only to realize that their decision to help the Rebellion take down the Death Star was not without consequence…


SWCVI: Smuggler’s Gambit

Jennifer Landa | August 25, 2012

Smugglers Gambit

There was a lot of speculation as to what Smuggler’s Gambit would be about.  As one fan told me, “all I know is it’s a radio show written by Kyle Newman so you know it’s gonna be awesome.”  And indeed it was!  Kyle Newman began the evening by telling us a little bit about how Smuggler’s Gambit came about.  Newman said that what we were about to see was a, “Han Solo (original trilogy era) radio drama for all ages.”


SWCVI: Smuggler’s Gambit – A LIVE Audio Adventure

| August 22, 2012


It was the late 80’s and Star Wars was officially dead.  Bantha Tracks had vanished in the sand and Star Wars quickly turning into a fading franchise.  During those dark days of fandom I was desperate to get my hands on anything Star Wars to keep the magic alive.  Thankfully I discovered the Star Wars NPR Radio Dramas by Brian Daley!