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Now I Am the Math-ter

Pete Vilmur | August 24, 2009


Ah, the pre-501st days of Star Wars costuming. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, fans with a bent for donning the duds of their favorite Star Wars denizen often scrounged the local Army surplus and thrift stores to cobble together a complete costume. This guy, captured in a ’70s-era photo we recently found on eBay, gets our vote for coolest Star Wars costume to incorporate an electrical appliance — yep, that’s a ’70s-era 10-key calculator strapped around his chest, along with some strangely metallic shinguards and one “massive jock” (in the words of Lucas Online’s Craig Drake) codpiece.

Dark Lord of the galaxy? Not so much. But if you need to figure out how long it will take a TIE fighter and asteroid travelling toward eachother at 565 and 2,655 miles per hour respectively from a starting distance of 26,254 miles to collide, this Sith’s your man.

Starlog‘s Final Entry

Pete Vilmur | April 13, 2009


The magazine that many of us old-school fans grew up with and geeked out over since the early days of Star Wars fandom has sadly folded, but will continue exclusively as an online publication. Here’s the report from

Long before Entertainment Weekly, or, or podcasts, Twitter feeds, blogs or THE INTERNET ITSELF, Starlog Magazine was in the business of covering all things geek. Spurred on by the popularity of the Star Trek conventions that cropped up in the wake of the classic series’ cancellation, editor Kerry O’Quinn and publisher Norman Jacobs launched Starlog in August of 1976. And after 33 years and 374 issues, Starlog is officially calling it quits, continuing for the time being as an online-only publication.

So long, Starlog — it’s been quite a ride. Check out the full story here.

Faux Retro Howard the Duck Poster Team | March 19, 2009

In honor of the DVD release of Howard the Duck, here’s an awesome fan-made poster by artist Mark Leggett depicting our fine-feathered cigar-smoking hero in a ’60s poster design.

“Revenge of the Sith”: 1986?

Pete Vilmur | February 27, 2009


Who woulda thunk the fans would be on to the title of the third chapter in the Star Wars saga nearly 20 years before it was released? Well, a recent eBay find reveals that at least one savvy fan — an Ellen Randolph of California — published an unsanctioned 194-page fanzine novel entitled “Revenge of the Sith” all the way back in 1986, when Return of the Jedi had left theaters but its original title — Revenge of the Jedi — was still likely fresh in many a fan’s mind.

We’ve admittedly not invested ourselves into this hefty chuck-o-fan-fic, but we can glean a bit of the story’s plot from the introduction, which reveals the storyline comes nowhere near prequel territory:

“Nearly twenty years have passed since the Alliance learned the truth kept hidden by Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia: they are the twin offspring of the Jedi Knight who became the Dark Lord of the Sith. Condemned as traitors and criminals along with the entire Jedi Order, Luke and Leia fled to the desert world of Tatooine. At the secret Jedi Sanctuary there, training has continued as they prepare for a future in which the Jedi Knights will again take their rightful places in the galaxy…”

History of Star Wars Video Games Doc Team | March 31, 2008

vidgame.jpg has posted the first two parts of a fantastic three-part series showcasing the history of Star Wars video games. From the first Empire Strikes Back cartridge made for Atari’s old 2600 in 1982 to the LEGO Star Wars series and beyond, these short docs walk us through the history of Star Wars video gaming with extensive gameplay footage and the classic old 8-bit soundtracks — no quarters required.

Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

Missing in Action: Rusty Miller

Pete Vilmur | February 19, 2008


A fan named Payton emailed us this weekend with a link to a blog entry he’d just made asking after the whereabouts of one Mr. Rusty Miller, the 12-year-old author of 1982’s Jedi Master’s Quizbook (making him about 37 years old this year).

Truth be told, we here at have had an open MIA file on Mr. Miller for some time, hoping to track down the fan prodigy for a chance to catch up on his adult life, career, and whether or not Star Wars still fits into it.


Star Wars Pinball at MAD Offices

Bonnie Burton | November 6, 2007

When MAD magazine’s “Maddest Writer” Dick Debartolo gave Part 5 of his multi-part video tour of the MAD offices in New York, we could help but notice their vintage Star Wars pinball machine. Here’s what Dick had to say about the artifact in the MAD magazine conference room:

Another piece of very important office equipment is the pinball machine. We come in here and we do lunch. What we do is actually gamble to see who’s going to eat. Each day only one employee is allowed to leave the building for lunch. So you have to win that game in order to leave the building.

Watch the video here:
VIDEO: Mad Office Tour — Part 5
(Watch ALL the tour video clips here.)

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