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Hasbro Discusses New Vintage Line Action Figures Team | August 30, 2010

IGN Comics ran an in-depth interview today with Hasbro’s Vice President of Marketing, Derryl Depriest, about Hasbro’s new vintage line figures, which will include prequel characters packaged on the classic-style cardbacks familiar to collectors of the ‘70s and ‘80s line. Here’s an excerpt:

Depriest: “What makes the new series different is that this time, it is not limited. The series is open-ended and is planned to run for at least two years, pending fan acceptance. In addition, rather than staying true to updates of the original Kenner series, we are introducing figures from the Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I-III) just as if the original Kenner line had never stopped. Once folks see characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous and Commander Cody they will truly understand the nostalgic power that this black and silver line really has; it’s as if Kenner has been making Star Wars figures continuously for the past 32 years!”

Check out the full interview at IGN Comics!

Walter Cronkite Visits ILM in Early 1980s Video

Pete Vilmur | June 28, 2010 recently posted a heads-up for a rare video gem from the ‘80s offering a glimpse inside the Industrial Light & Magic facility during the classic trilogy era.

Legendary newsman Walter Cronkite, who hosted a news science magazine show called “Universe” between 1979 and ’82, took cameras inside the cloistered environs of Industrial Light & Magic where it appears at least one “making of” Empire set-up was re-enacted for the benefit of Cronkite and his audience. Some great chatter between Cronkite and George Lucas, too, who personally hosted the tour.

Check it out — the audio/video quality is pretty sketchy, but the rare look inside the ILM studio during the company’s early days is worth the watch!

Stumbling Upon Empire Strikes Back at Elstree Studios Team | June 25, 2010

With The Empire Strikes Back celebrating its 30th Anniversary, many of our Star Wars fans have been sharing their childhood memories of one of their favorite films of the saga.

Star Wars artist David Rabbitte sent us this awesome story of how as a kid he stumbled upon Elstree Studios when Empire was being made!


Star Wars X Japanese Robots Exhibition & Launch Party

Pete Vilmur | June 11, 2010


Super7 celebrates their first collaboration with Lucasfilm with a special release party for the STAR WARS: STORMTROOPER SUPER SHOGUN!

When: Saturday June 12th , doors open at 6:00 PM
Where: Super7 Store
1628 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Available at retail for the first time ever, the SUPER SHOGUN is a Limited Edition of only 1200 pieces, with many of that quantity already presold to consumers and overseas distributors. This is a one-time production with each STORMTROOPER hand numbered on the base of the foot with a unique serial number. Be sure to arrive early, as the first 100 people through the door will be given a unique Star Wars themed collectible, which will act as your raffle ticket. A random drawing later in the evening will award a prize package including one of the SUPER SHOGUN figures — a $299 value! Come on out to either buy one, or try your luck at winning one!


Lobot Speaks in the Soundboards Team | May 19, 2010

In case you missed it last Friday, the Soundboards updated with an entry for Lobot, the mute Cloud City operative who works behind the scenes for the scheming Lando Calrissian. Think Lobot’s a strange fit for the Soundboards? Perhaps, but we’ve asked’s senior designer Craig Drake, a vintage synth musician when he’s not designing cool Empire Strikes Back landing pages, a few questions about his Lobot “speak”:

So, why give Lobot a voice?
“Let’s face it, Lobot is the man!… er… man-droid… er cyborg. He’s the unsung Cloud City hero. I’m sure most Lobot fans have been curious about his silent yet effective methods over the years. This was a chance to bring them to light without unmasking too much of his mystery.”


Canned Star Wars Meat? Team | February 1, 2010

Recently, this retro (1978) Japanese commercial for canned tuna — or at least we’re guessing as much — has been making the rounds, so we couldn’t resist blogging about it.

It’s not every day you see C-3PO breaking up an epic duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker by offering them a snack of canned meat instead. Plus the cameos of stormtroopers, Han Solo, Chewbacca, a rather disco-fied Princess Leia and an odd assortment of Cantina aliens make this commercial even cooler.

May the Force be with Hagoromo Foods!


Below are some of our favorite screen grabs from the commercial:


Mon Dieu! Star Wars Made in France Team | January 13, 2010

From a country that loves its mimes and Jerry Lewis, it shouldn’t be surprising that this vintage video from 1977 features a gaggle of dancing Darth Vaders and C-3POs.

If droids dream, this is probably it.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars Made in France

Here’s some of our favorite screen grabs:

’70s Space Toys Spawned by Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | November 16, 2009


Thumbing through the pages of the November, 1978 issue of Ebony magazine recently posted by Google Books, we found a great period article on some of the space toys spawned by Star Wars mania in the late ’70s. Gotta love that Vader wannabe mask!

Finding Vader in the Strangest Places

Pete Vilmur | November 16, 2009

vader projector

While on eBay recently, I came across a 1950’s stereo 3D projector that features an uncanny resemblance to a certain Sith Lord who wouldn’t appear in our galaxy for another 20-some years (so tempted to pick this up, but it weighs almost 40 pounds!). This find led me to search for other Vader look-alikes that were just happy coincidences (hint — search “darth vader” – [minus] “star wars”). This led me to a ‘40s Zenith console radio with a very Vader-like speaker grill (I think radio collectors even refer to this model as the “Darth Vader”) and a UK motorcycle helmet.


Rare Star Wars PSA Behind the Scenes Video

Pete Vilmur | October 19, 2009

psa readers may remember our interview with Peter Shillingford, who directed the 1977 childhood immunization public service announcement ad that aired shortly after the release of A New Hope. As it seems a lot of archival home-made movies have been making their way online lately (see the 1976 ILM home movie here), we thought we’d share another recent discovery reportedly posted by the grandson or granddaughter of the Star Wars PSA’s producer. From poster “sowtime444”:

This was shot by my grandparents in England. There is no sound. My grandfather worked for the Kennedy Foundation and produced the Star Wars commercials. He was a talented writer, among other things. He is the one with the orange-red vest on.

The footage reveals over five minutes of the goings-on behind the scenes on the commercial shoot, which starred both Anthony Daniels as C-3PO and Kenny Baker as R2-D2. Director Peter Shillingford is the chap in the blue sweater.

Watch Video: 1977 Star Wars PSA Behind the Scenes

Also, check out the original commercial here.