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Barack Obacca

Bonnie Burton | January 20, 2009

(Art by Ryan Case)

We’ve already seen President Barack Obama as a Jedi, a Rebel pilot, and even as Admiral Ackbar; but this is the first time he’s been spotted as a Wookiee.

Check out this unique portrait of President Barack Obama here:
Barack Obacca (via Etsy)

Hologram News Coverage from CNN Team | November 5, 2008

During last night’s election CNN unveiled their hologram technology to beam in correspondents Star Wars-style. Think of Anderson Cooper as R2-D2 and Obama supporter and musician Wil.I.Am as Princess Leia (minus the hair buns) and you get the idea. As Wil.I.Am says, “I’m being beamed to you like it’s Star Wars and stuff.”

Cooper and Wil.I.Am weren’t the only ones using the holograms to chit chat about the election. CNN new correspondent Wolf Blitzer also gave it a go.

Check out Cooper and Wil.I.Am as they geek out on CNN here:
CNN Can’t Stop Pimping Its Election-Night Holographic Toy


Star Wars Political Links

Bonnie Burton | November 4, 2008

In honor of Election Day, here’s some of our favorite Star Wars-related political links from and the Official Blog. Whether you’re Democrat, Republican or Green (we don’t mean Yoda’s party), get out there and vote. May the Force be with your ballot box!

Obama Jedi Art by Suckadelic Team | October 16, 2008

“Brand New Funky President” custom art by Suckadelic

Artist Suckadelic Shows His Obama Support Star Wars-Style

With the presidential campaign heating up, there’s bound to be a few Star Wars fans out there wanting to show their support for their favorite candidate in their own creative way. Artist Suckadelic gives his take on presidential hopeful Obama with this one-of-a-kind art piece for the Jailbreak Toys “Art + Action = Obama ’08″ art show. Star Wars Blog chats with him to get the low-down on this cool piece of Star Wars political art.


Tina Fey Voting for Leia in ’08 Team | September 14, 2008


If you happened to catch Tina Fey’s highly publicized cameo as Sarah Palin in Saturday Night Live‘s season premiere last night, you may have caught her flashing a bit of Star Wars fandom in the show’s closer — yep, Fey’s donning one of the Zazzle’s Star Wars Election ’08 t-shirts, available exclusively at Zazzle’s site and at!


Thanks to for the heads up!

Ackbar = Barack?

Bonnie Burton | August 25, 2008

Ever notice that by switching around the letters Ackbar you get Barack? No word yet on which Star Wars character a McCain jumble translates to.

George Lucas Wants You to Vote

Bonnie Burton | July 1, 2008

Hip hop stars Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J, Ciara, Egypt, Doug E. Fresh, Flo Rida, Russell Simmons, oh and filmmaker George Lucas, think you should register and vote in 2008.

VIDEO: George Lucas in Vote For It ‘08

More on the “Vote For It ‘08″ PSA:

VFI08 is a joint initiative between the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN), and online ad network and marketing company, CPX Interactive. The overarching purpose of the joint initiative is to serve as a call-to-action to America’s youth vote, emphasizing the importance of connectivity to the growing national political spirit and the necessity of empowering one’s self thru the exercise of the most basic responsibility…that is the right to vote.

Get more info here:


Lucas Calls Obama “Hero in the Making”

| June 4, 2008


Yahoo News reports today that George Lucas, speaking from Japan on a promotional tour for Crystal Skull, called Democratic nominee Barack Obama “a hero in the making” following his delegate wins in the presidential primaries yesterday:

“We have a hero in the making back in the United States today because we have a new candidate for president of the United States, Barack Obama,” Lucas said when asked who his childhood heroes were.

Obama, “for all of us that have dreams and hope, is a hero,” Lucas said.

Check out the full story here and our posting about the fun “Empire Strikes Barack” video here.

The Empire Strikes Barack

Bonnie Burton | May 6, 2008

As the campaign trail for the next President of the United States heats up, there’s bound to be quite a few fan films floating around for the candidates. We couldn’t help but take notice of this tribute to Barack Obama reimagined inside the Star Wars universe.

VIDEO: The Empire Strikes Barack

Romney’s Jedi Mind Trick Team | February 5, 2008

You didn’t seriously think we’d get past Super Tuesday without some sort of political headline making its way across this blog, did you? The New York Times reports on Republican Mitt Romney’s campaign, and the final paragraphs illustrates a candidate fishing for the all-important Star Wars fan vote.

Mr. Romney has been making more of an effort to cultivate the news media as part of his refashioned candidacy. When he sauntered back onto a flight on Saturday, he broke the ice with an unusual remark.

“What did they say in ‘Star Wars?’ ” he asked. “What’s that line? ‘There’s nothing happening here. These droids aren’t the droids you’re looking for.’ ”

Eric Fehrnstrom, his traveling press secretary, said it had actually been rendered: “These are not the droids you are looking for.”

“These are not the droids you’re looking for,” Mr. Romney said. “Sorry.”

Actually, it’s “aren’t.” Fanboy points off for inaccuracy.