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My Pet AT-AT? Team | June 28, 2010

Filmmaker and Star Wars fan Patrick Boivin made this heartwarming and adorable short movie about an AT-AT toy that lives its life like the family dog.

Boivin says: “When I was a kid, there are two things I wanted badly and never got… A real dog and a Kenner AT-AT Walker.”

WATCH VIDEO: AT-AT day afternoon
(via Vimeo)

Never Cross Jedi Cat! Team | November 25, 2009

Beware mouse droids and feline-hating Sith — there’s a new Jedi master in town and he’s not interested in joining the dark side.

Here’s a Force-tastic fan-made video of a cat who has some rather impressive lightsaber skills. We’re especially delighted with the adorkable roll over lightsaber throw at the end.


Adorkable AT-AT Dog Costume!

Bonnie Burton | November 6, 2009

This may just be the happiest little AT-AT ever. A crafty fan made this adorkable costume for his little dog and then shot a video of him wagging his tale to the Imperial theme. Cute overload!

I made this for my Mini-Pinscher for Halloween as he has about the same size and profile as an AT-AT. It is made out of picture backing board, hot glue, a sharpie, pillow stuffing, and my skin — I used a real scalpel to cut it out, plus the hot glue took a chunk of skin off as well.

(via Youtube)

(Thanks for the tip, spladow!)

Who Let the AT-AT Out? Team | March 11, 2009

(Photo by Nick Drummond)

We’ve all played with our Star Wars toys, lost in our own magical world. But when Manchester-based photographer Nick Drummond plays with his AT-AT, it becomes less of an assault vehicle for the Empire and more like a family pet.

His whimsical photos of his pet AT-AT going through the cat door, frolicking in the snow and dancing in front of the fireplace are a hit with fans. chatted with Drummond about his photos and why leaving a water dish out for your AT-AT isn’t as odd as it sounds.

What made you decide to take candid photos of your AT-AT in action?
One of my nephews is 6, and as much into Star Wars as I am, so I decided to give him and his brother my old Star Wars toys so they would be played with again. My collection is over 25 years old but certainly beyond ever being a collector’s item. They were “well loved” by me as a child.

I took a few photos before I handed everything on and noticed that the AT-AT was very photogenic. As it was getting on for Christmas I took a few more shots hoping to make one into a puzzle for a present. I was much happier with the results than I expected and the ideas just haven’t stopped yet. Turns out my nephew already has an AT-AT, so I get to keep ATilla.

(Photo by Nick Drummond)

Why do you think AT-ATs make such great pets?
A few reasons:
- hair-free (unlike a Wookiee)
- very obedient (although they will dig around in wardrobes)
- good guard dog (would you break into a house with an AT-AT in it?)
- very photogenic (much better at keeping still than our cat)

Which is your favorite of all the AT-AT photos you’ve taken?
I think the one where ATilla and Ringo (our cat) are playing on the floor is my favorite so far. I was just so happy that they both got their poses right at the same time. I’d previously tried to get Ringo into the cat flap photo but at that point they still weren’t getting along.

Check out the full set of photos here:
AT-ATs: Not just for Xmas

Chewbacca the Pug Saves the Day

Bonnie Burton | January 5, 2009

Just as Chewbacca showed his bravery throughout the Star Wars, a pet pug with the same name saved his family from a dangerous fire this holiday season.

The fire started in the basement at about 8 a.m. Christmas morning and thanks to Chewbacca, a 10-week old Pug everyone was able to get out of the house unharmed.

Read the full story here:
Puppy a hero in Christmas fire

DIY Star Wars Costumes for Dogs

Bonnie Burton | October 24, 2008

(Photo by Natalie Zee Drieu)

Craft magazine Senior Editor Natalie Zee Drieu is not only a crafting genius, but a bit of a Star Wars fan. Thanks to her, I’ve been able to do Star Wars craft tutorials at the Bay Area Maker Faire for two years in a row, teaching kids how to make Yoda Dolls and Star Wars Marble Magnets. So when she told me about the Star Wars costumes she made for her adorable little dog and her furry friends, I had to know how. Thankfully, she blogs about the costumes and how you can make them easily from felt, cotton fabric, yarn, and ribbon.

Natalie says:

Ever since last Halloween, I’ve wanted to make Lulu an Ewok costume for Halloween. Last year I just didn’t have the time so I knew I had to get this going this year. It turned out her two best friends Gello (Darth Vader) and Lucy (Princess Leia), wanted costumes too for the upcoming neighborhood Halloween pet party this Sunday. Needless to say, these three are inseparable and known around our neighborhood together so we had to bring the Star Wars theme to all three dogs.

Check out how to make awesome dog costumes of an Ewok, Darth Vader and Princess Leia (with hairbuns!) here:
HOW TO – Make Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Dogs (

May the Puppies Be With You…

Bonnie Burton | October 30, 2007

Tech guru and Star Wars fan Chris Pirillo sent us this adorable video of his pups (Pixie and Wicket) dressed up as Princess Leia and Darth Vader for Halloween. We can’t help but wonder what these dogs are thinking…

Watch the video here.

Star Wars Dogs in Good Housekeeping Team | October 1, 2007

Halloween is right around the corner, and that could only mean one thing — cute little kids in Star Wars costumes. You know what’s cuter? Dogs in Star Wars costumes — that’s what.

And now you can vote for which mutts (and a token cat) outfitted as your favorite Star Wars characters are indeed are the cutest in a special contest in Good Housekeeping magazine.

Halloween Pet Costume Contest — Cast Your Vote!