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The Empire Strikes Back Uncut: Jedi Pets in Space

Casey Pugh | November 15, 2012

Yoda Cat

Scenes for The Empire Strikes Back Uncut are still rolling in and they are full of vegetables, minerals, and many animals.

One of the best parts of watching each new scene is seeing how fans bring their own personal touches in the creative process. And nothing’s more personal than pets. Man’s best friend(s) pop up in the best places: as a floppy eared Yoda, a downed Tauntaun, or the classic Chewbacca stand-in.

But it’s not just Chewie dogs acting in Empire Uncut — there are many scenes featuring different members of the animal kingdom. Here are some great performances so far.



Alison Haislip | July 9, 2012

Skywalker the Dog

Her name is Skywalker. When people say “But she’s a girl!” I respond, “Leia was a Skywalker.”

You just got learned.

Alison Haislip hosts 4 Points with Alex Albrecht on The Nerdist Channel, and is one of the hosts of this year’s Course of the Force. She is also from New Jersey, and eats too much ice cream.

VIDEO: Wampug Strikes Back!

Bonnie Burton | November 10, 2011

This Halloween, Dr. Andrews dressed her beloved pug Chubbs as a Wampa, creating an adorkable Wampug. But Wampug is even cuter in action! Here’s a video of Wampug right after a photo shoot in costume!

Every year I make a new costume for my girl Chubbs and this year was no exception. This year she became the dreaded Hoth Wampug! Here she coming directly from her photoshoot and looking cute as can be!

WATCH VIDEO: Wampug in action

Wampa + Pug = Wampug!

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2011

We’ve seen Wookiee dogs, AT-AT dogs and Ewok cats, but this is the first Wampa Dog, and he couldn’t be cuter.

Stockton Hill Animal Hospital writes:

Every year Dr. Andrews comes up with a new costume for her dog Chubbs. This year was no exception. Remember the Wampa monster from The Empire Strikes Back, that captures Luke and hangs him upside down in his cave, then Luke uses the force to grab his lightsaber and cut the Wampa’s arm off and escapes? Well, this year Chubbs is the Wampug!

Ewok Cat!

Bonnie Burton | October 27, 2011

We’ve already seen dogs that look like Wookiees, so it was only a matter of time before we started seeing cats dressed as Ewoks. Here’s an especially cute feline that would make Wicket proud.

Megan from Stellar Four Blog made this adorkable costume for her cat:

This year, I opted not to carve a pumpkin. Instead, I channeled my crafty impulses into making something for Lilly. Something awesome. I made her a Wicket costume.

Thank goodness Ewok headdresses are so poorly sewn
(Ewoks may have opposable thumbs but they’re still pretty bad with a needle), it makes my ineptitude look authentic.

See more photos here:
The Cutest Ewok of All

Meet Bones the AT-AT Dog! Team | October 19, 2011

photos: John Nolan

This adorkable AT-AT dog costume made the rounds last week online. As a craftster, I am always curious how fans make their elaborate cosplay costumes, especially for their pets. chats with artist and photographer Katie Mello — who works as a Character Fabricator at LAIKA/house, an animation studio (Coraline) in Portland, Oregon — about how she made the AT-AT costume for her dog named Bones!

What is the back story of these photos? Why dress up your dog as an AT-AT?

I have been a Star Wars fan forever. When I was younger, I wanted to work for Industrial Light & Magic when I grew up. I studied everything I could about “special effects.”

By the time I got into college it was clear that everything would be done with computers and I was more interested in making tangible artwork. Lucky for me I discovered stop-motion animation. Now I build puppets for stop-motion productions, and have developed the skills that I need to make just about anything I want.

From the first time we saw Bones, an Italian Greyhound, my husband and I thought he looked like an AT-AT. He has such an unusual shape. Three years later, I finally made him this costume. I also used this opportunity to improve my patterning and sewing skills.

What did you make the costume out of?

First I made a costuming dummy out of upholstery foam, so I could minimize the amount of fittings that I would have to do on Bones. His comfort is important to me. To make the form, I carved the foam into Bones likeness and made sure it matched his measurements. This made the whole process much easier, and I can make other costumes for him very easily now.

The main body is a super-stretchy cotton/spandex, which I patterned for Bones using a shirt that he wears to keep warm. I also made a stretchy cowl to go over his head. I airbrushed this while it was on the costume dummy using airbrush paint.


A Mew Hope: Princess Leia Kitty!

Bonnie Burton | May 11, 2011

This may be one of the coolest cats in the galaxy.

Crafty Star Wars fan Jennifer Kumpf tweeted to us: “Hey @starwars, Check out my Leia hat I knitted for my friend’s cat!”

We can’t wait to see more! Who knows… ever since artist Katie Cook tweeted: “I’m going to start a Kickstarter project to help me fund re-filming Star Wars scene by scene… With an all kitten cast,” we can’t help but wonder if this isn’t the perfect match for Princess Leia.

Meow the Furs Be With You!

Wookiee or Doggiee? Team | March 30, 2011

(photo by Sof1a)

In honor of Wookiee Week and a younger Chewbacca appearing in the season 3 finale of The Clone Wars, here’s a selection of some of our favorite photos of dogs that could easily be mistaken for everyone’s favorite Wookiee.

(photo by Fabio Casadei)

(photo by happy1butterfly)

(photo by Nabila Verushka)

(photo by Julie Le Venhagen)

(photo by Mary Bell)


Fans Donate Over $6K to Canine Corps

Pete Vilmur | November 9, 2010

On Saturday, October 16th, members of the Pennsylvania Star Wars Collecting Society (PSWCS) presented a donation to the Canine Corps for $6762.00. PSWCS is an organization of over 390 Star Wars fans and collectors throughout Pennsylvania who gather to share their interest in Star Wars. PSWCS conducted a fundraiser to raise this donation, selling a limited-edition medallion featuring Chewbacca under the approval of Lucasfilm Ltd (see our earlier post here). Canine Corps provides a no-charge “home away from home” which includes free veterinary care for pet dogs of Pennsylvania-based military service members who have orders for deployment to the Horn of Africa, Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom. For more information, check out PSWCS and Canine Corps.

Dogs That Look Like Chewbacca Team | November 9, 2010

Everyone who’s ever owned a scruffy-looking shaggy brown dog has claimed one time or another that their lovable mutt looks like Chewbacca (or Wicket for the smaller lap dogs).

Here’s a collection of photos featuring 18 dogs that could double as everyone’s favorite co-pilot!

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