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Olivia’s​ Picks:​ The​ Rockabilly​ Rebel Team | September 21, 2009

If you’ve submitted your awesome Star Wars Fan Movie pitches to G4 host Olivia Munn for Operation Olivia, you might be eager to hear that she’s now narrowed down her favorite ideas down to six!

First​ on​ the​ list?​ User​ Tony Castalucci’s​ Operation​ Olivia​ Pitch​: Pulp Yavin.

To​ny​ is​ an​ experienced​ film​maker,​ guitar-gun​ slinger,​ and​ mentalist.​ I​ like​ him,​ he​ has​ experience​ in​ 3D​ and​ so​ do​ I​ (I’ve​ been​ in​ 3D​ my​ whole​ life!). And​ anyone​ with​ the​ balls​ to​ cast​ Olivia​ Munn​ as​ a​ relative​ of Porkins​ is​ a​ guy​ I’d​ like​ to​ meet.

Olivia​ was​ excited​ by​ the​ physical​ nature​ of​ Tony’s​ pitch​ saying,​ ​”I​ like​ that​ this​ is​ all​ action.​ I’ve​ never​ done​ an​ intense​ action-packed​ skit​ before.”

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Operation Olivia Deadline Approaching! Team | September 1, 2009

dl_olivia_img.jpgTime’s running out, and Olivia Munn is counting on you to pitch a Star Wars fan movie by 12 noon PST on September 3!  Some who have entered already are strong  with  the  Force. Others… well, not so much. Now is the time for the rest of you to enter, or enter again (you can submit up to three pitch videos). So show Olivia your Jedi filmmaking skills! Here’s how:

Step 1: Make a pitch video. Tell Olivia about your idea for a short, funny Star Wars fan movie, and why you’re the right person to make it. Get creative and keep it under 5 minutes.

Step 2: Enter the contest by sharing your video on the Operation Olivia site. If you don’t want to pitch, at least post comments about which pitches suck, and which don’t.

Step 3: Olivia will greenlight one idea she finds hilarious, and appropriately geeky. Winner gets a $5,000 production budget, and Olivia as one of the stars of the film. So start pitching! Launches Operation Olivia Team | July 28, 2009

From the community site comes this recap of Saturday’s Star Wars Fan Movie panel with host Olivia Munn, including details and links for further information regarding Operation Olivia, a new way to get involved with the annual Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge:

Olivia Munn joined Lucasfilm’s Bill Gannon and past Star Wars Fan Movie Challenge winners Trey Stokes (Pink Five), Robert Reeves (Padme), and Chris Crawford (Star Wars Gangsta Rap) on Atom’s fan film panel Saturday night at Comic-Con. And the audience followed, with nearly 500 fans packing the room, many of them “OMFG” members from Munn’s fan club, eager to get a close-up look at their idol, discuss Munn’s well-known love of pie, and find out what the Playboy cover girl is looking for in an Operation Olivia contest pitch.

One of the OMFG members in attendance was fellow panelist Reeves, who won last year’s “George Lucas Selects” award for his fan film “Padme.” Reeves presented Munn a pie before the panel, but (sorry Robert) Munn’s pregnant producer, Kristen Rutherford, was overheard saying she was going to eat it before the panel was finished.


As expected, Munn dominated the panel with tales of her love of Star Wars, and pie. The multitalented actress-sex symbol even indulged in a little beat-boxing for the audience, displaying some highly impressive skillz, before Gangsta Rap’s Crawford one-upped her with a brief but professional-caliber burst of his own.

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Report from the Star Wars Spectacular 2009 Team | July 24, 2009

This Star Wars Spectacular report may be quite different from others because the Star Wars Spectacular is quite different this year. Joining Lucasfilm’s Head of Fan Relations Steve Sansweet on the stage to showcase some of the most exciting upcoming developments this year holds for Star Wars are G4’s Kevin Periera and Olivia Munn from “Attack of the Show.” This Hall H presentation will be broadcast on G4 tomorrow (Saturday, July 24, at 2pm), so those who want as thorough a recap as possible had best catch that show. Still, we want to keep you up to speed on the big beats, so here goes…

Star Wars: In Concert


The panel presentation started “cold” — with no preamble, no vocal introduction. Just the lights going down, and the massive screen coming to life with a video introduction of Star Wars: In Concert (see the video here).

A surprise presence then took the stage — Anthony Daniels, known to legions of Star Wars fans as C-3PO. “Star Wars [music] has always been one of the key characters in the Star Wars Saga,” said Daniels. “As key as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. We’ve all loved John Williams music as an integral part of the movies. And so I was thrilled to be asked to host what I thought would be a concert, with film clips.”

Daniels described the premiere at the O2 Arena in London, where Star Wars: In Concert first took shape. “I stood on the empty stage looking at the thousands of seats that would soon be filled by fans and music lovers. It felt magical. It felt like home. I felt good.”

Continued Daniels, “This thing was not ‘a concert with clips.’ It was indescribable. It was massive. Not only was I going to retell one of the greatest stories ever. My words would cue all this overwhelming technology.  And all live… no retakes.  Of course being on stage I sort of missed the whole thing. It wasn’t until later, when I saw a recording of the show that I realized just how good it is. I knew it was different but not that it was so extravagantly spectacular and thrilling.”

Star Wars: In Concert begins its Worldwide Tour in Anaheim on October 1. Daniels pointed audience members to for more information and ticketing.

Welcome Your Hosts

Steve Sansweet next took the stage, a familiar fixture to the Star Wars fan community and the Comic-Con experience. Welcoming the fans, Sansweet quickly described how this Spectacular was different this time round.  “This is the first time ever that a San Diego Comic-Con panel will be televised, but we like being first—just as Lucasfilm was the first film company to bring its story directly to fans with details and photos of a little space fantasy—way back in 1976!” Sansweet teased that next year is the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, and that it’s the perfect opportunity for a Star Wars Celebration. “We don’t have yet have an exact date or place, but we are in the planning stage of Star Wars Celebration V, coming to your galaxy next summer.”


He invited his co-hosts on to the stage, handing the baton to Kevin and Olivia (who had their hands filled with lightsabers as they dueled their way into stage). To show their devotion to Star Wars fandom, both showed up in costume. Olivia was decked out as sexy (but not Jabba’s slave) Princess Leia. “Now, nothing shows commitment more than strapping yourself into a metal bikini,” quipped Olivia. “But that outfit is – let’s call it: drafty. So I went in a different direction – what do you think?”