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Taylor Swift the Wookiee? Team | October 28, 2009

While some girls would rather kiss a Wookiee, others would prefer to BE a one. Country-pop singer Taylor Swift says her favorite Halloween costume was dressing up as Chewbacca.

Taylor shared, “I think my most memorable Halloween costume was last year’s Halloween costume. My best friend Abigail and I have always been sort of anti-teeny-tiny, little costumes and so last year, Abigail and I dressed up as twin Chewbaccas, which was an actual Halloween costume.”

Taylor explained her choice in the out-there costume, saying, “It was really, really wonderful. I just am never going to forget it. There was lots of Chewbacca noises being made.

Read the full article here:
Taylor Swift: I Was Chewbacca For Halloween!
(via Just Jared Jr.)

Star Wars: A Musical Journey” Tour Team | April 10, 2009

Our own David Iskra, who’s been reporting to from behind-the-scenes at the “Star Wars: A Musical Journey,” gives BBC News a tour around the exhibit and shows off his Star Wars trivia about Plo Koon, Kit Fisto, Boba Fett, Chewbacca and other characters.

BBC News reports:

Darth Vader is to take to the stage for “Star Wars: A Musical Journey” at the O2 Arena in London. As well as the music, there are original costumes from the Star Wars films that have never been on tour before.

Curator David Iskra gives an exclusive tour of the exhibition.

WATCH VIDEO: Exclusive tour of Star Wars show

Cantina Theme on Harp Team | March 17, 2009

We’ve heard talented Star Wars fans play their favorite songs from the films on banjos, thermins and even Tesla Coils, but this is the first harp rendition of the Cantina Band theme we’ve witnessed and it’s most impressive. Great job, Benjamin!

WATCH VIDEO: Cantina Band from Star Wars on Harp (via Youtube)

SOURCES:, PopWatch

Tesla Coil Plays Imperial March – By Hand Team | March 16, 2009

We’ve already blogged about ArcAttack playing the Star Wars Imperial theme with a band, but here they are with just one guy playing the theme by hand in a special suit. Now that’s Force lightening!

Parsec Iron Clad, AKA Patrick, AKA Parsnips MonkeyClown builds and tests a new Faraday suit to the tune of the Imperial March.

WATCH VIDEO: Arcattack: Faraday Fun – Imperial March

George Lucas Wants You to Rock Team | January 12, 2009

Itching to start up your own awesome band? Maybe buying a brand new Gibson guitar signed by George Lucas will motivate you to become a rock god. Lucky for you, George Lucas joins other icons, artists, and musicians to raise money with a special upcoming Guitar Gala to help keep the legendary Phoenix building stay standing and offering music and art programs to the citizens of Petaluma, Calif.

The Guitar Gala will feature approximately 20 guitars (donated by the Gibson Foundation), each designed and customized by local and nationally recognized visual artists.

In additon to filmmaker George Lucas, other artists committed to the program include Devo, Seth Green of Robot Chicken, Stan Lee of Marvel Comics, Les Claypool of Primus, Jack Haye, Chris Clark (of Motown fame), Michael Garlington, Chris Jehly, Anna Oneglia, Lia May-Bird, Ricky Watts, Jared Powell, Josh Staples of the New Trust, and Jason Jenkins. The event will feature a live Internet auction of the guitars as well as a silent auction.

The entire proceeds from the Guitar Gala will be dedicated to supporting the free-of-charge after-school music, theater and arts programs for at-risk youth of the North Bay — as well as to help preserve the historic Phoenix Theater, which has served as an important performing arts venue for over 100 years — hosting a diverse group of artists ranging from Enrico Caruso to Louis Armstrong, from Carlos Santana, Sublime, and Metallica to Green Day and Hilary Duff.

The gala takes place Feb. 27-28, 2009 at the Petaluma Phoenix Center in Petaluma, Calif.

Learn more about the event and the guitars up for auction here:
The Phoenix Carnaval and Guitar Gala

Star Wars A Cappella Tribute

Bonnie Burton | October 29, 2008

Fan Corey Vidal splits his personality into four equal parts fan with this amazing tribute to composer John Williams and his music for Star Wars. He even has a very impressive Wookiee growl.

WATCH VIDEO: Star Wars – an a cappella tribute to John Williams