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Milo Ventimiglia Talks Star Wars in IMDB Fave Film List Team | October 6, 2010

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, is interviewing actors and directors about their favorite movies. This week, IMDB chats with one of our favorite celebrity Star Wars fans — Milo Ventimiglia.

In this video, Milo mentions the entire Star Wars saga as part of his long list of favorite movies, as well as Darth Vader’s reveal to Luke that he is his father being one of his favorite movie dialog moments. Thanks Milo!

WATCH VIDEO: Milo Ventimiglia — IMDB 20th Anniversary Interview

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Ultradome: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones Team | February 1, 2010

Actors Clare Grant and Jaimie Alexander battle it out on Ultradome to see who would win in a fight: Han Solo or Indiana Jones. One of our favorite celeb Star Wars fans, Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia directs!

Some of you might recognize the awesome Clare Grant as a Fan Movie Challenge Winner for her epic lightsaber battle in Saber.

WATCH VIDEO: Ultradome: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones
(via MSN)

Be sure to catch the first episode of Ultradome: Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings.

Jedi vs. Hobbit on Ultradome Team | January 25, 2010

Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia and filmmaker Adam Green go head to head in this Hobbit vs. Jedi battle on the new MSN show Ultradome.

WATCH VIDEO: Ultradome Ep. 1: Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings
(via MSN)

Read more about Ultradome here:
Milo Ventimiglia Gives Fans Geektastic Battles on Ultradome

Milo Ventimiglia Gives Fans Geektastic Battles on Ultradome Team | January 22, 2010

Fans love to debate who would win in a fight — a Jedi versus a Hobbit? Han Solo against Indiana Jones? And now they can see these battles take place in the ultimate arena — Ultradome!

Heroes star and avid Star Wars fan Milo Ventimiglia, with his production company DiViDe Pictures, bring these awesome battle match-ups and more to MSN with their new Web show Ultradome — starting Jan 25! And the first episode pits a Star Wars Jedi vs. a Lord of the Rings Hobbit — to the death!

WATCH VIDEO: Ultradome Trailer

MSN interviews Milo about this new show, how a gift of lightsabers helped spawn the idea for the show and who he’d like to see Boba Fett battle against:

What was the origin of Ultradome? How did you guys come up with this idea?

Milo Ventimiglia: Actually, it came to lightsabers. Russ, my producing partner — we got a couple of lightsabers from Lucasfilm and we made some small videos where Russ and I are battling one another with our lightsabers. I mean, totally low-fi, there’s no effects. Two big kids playing with lightsabers.

And we sat down with Agility and the idea just kind of germinated where it wasn’t just lightsaber battles but what we’re actually taking geek culture and pop culture and we’re kind of mashing that all together in a battle to the death. So once we had the initial idea, then we discussed the potential and possibility of what these battles would be and it grew into what is Ultradome now.


Happy Wookiee Life Day! Team | November 17, 2009

November 17 marks the anniversary of the Star Wars Holiday Special, which some fans like to celebrate as Wookiee Life Day!

More info from

Note that Life Day most likely was originally intended as a stand-in for the American holiday of Thanksgiving, as the Holiday Special was originally aired on November 17, the day after Thanksgiving that year.

However, over time the term “holiday special” has caused most fans to misinterpret Life Day as a stand-in for Christmas instead, leading to games like Star Wars Galaxies and Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron to place Life Day on December 25. This is partly because after the initial US airing in November, the Holiday Special aired in December in other countries, where Thanksgiving is not observed and Christmas is the closest equivalent.

The canonical date for the observance of Life Day has, nevertheless, been established in what sources there are as December 25, or the equivalent thereof in the Wookiee calendar. Whether this means that Life Day actually is intended to be understood as a solstice festival akin to Christmas as opposed to a harvest festival akin to Thanksgiving is unknown.

Neither concept seems to hold much relevance on Kashyyyk, which appears to have temperate weather throughout the year (including on the Life Day we see in the Holiday Special) and where agriculture seems to be little practiced.

In honor of Life Day, here’s some of our favorite photos of celeb fans hanging out with Chewie.

Chewbacca & actor Milo Ventimiglia at the Fanboy premiere.


Milo Ventimiglia Inducted By 501st Legion Team | July 31, 2009

In addition to the 501st Legion uniting Star Wars fans worldwide, it also likes to recognize those people who contribute their time and talents to the Star Wars community in special way. These people who support of the 501st and Star Wars fandom are called “Friends of the 501st Legion.”

During San Diego Comic-Con International 2009, one such person was recognized by the Southern California Garrison for his continual support of the 501st Legion as well as for his undying love for all things Star WarsHeroes actor Milo Ventimiglia.

Already well-known as a hardcore Star Wars fan as well as a fan of the 501st, Milo also supports real-life troops fighting overseas by working with the military veterans organization Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA).

Southern California Garrison XO Lesley Farquhar, who sponsored Milo’s induction, had this to say about their newest Friend of the 501st:

“Milo Ventimiglia has been a great Star Wars fan for years. Not only does he have fun with the lightsaber battles and props, but another similarity we have is our devotion to charity work. The 501st Legion is noted for its charity work for soldiers around the world, and this is something Milo has a passion for as well. Anyone with that kind of passion for charity and love for the genre fits right in! Now we just need to get him in armor!”

Milo was presented a custom plaque, coin and custom name badge commemorating his “Friend of the 501st” relationship with the 501st Legion. Keeping with tradition, the induction was a complete surprise to Milo who was ambushed by the Southern California garrison, and myself, at the end of his Top Cow comics panel at Comic-Con where he was promoting the two new comic titles his production company DiViDe Pictures is supporting — Rest and Berserker.


Chewbacca is Milo Ventimiglia’s Co-pilot Team | February 5, 2009

(Photo credit: Just Jared)

We already knew the Force was strong with Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, but when we spotted photos of him in his personally-designed Yoda T-shirt and hanging out with Chewbacca at the GenArt Beverly Hills screening of Fanboys, that just drove the point home even further. Now if we could just get Milo suited up in stormtrooper armor, we’d be set! (I’m looking at you, 501st Legion! Hint Hint!)

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Milo Ventimiglia Meets Chewbacca (via Just Jared)

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Milo Ventimiglia’s Trooper Assistant