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Star Wars Celebration Europe: Your Favorite Memory Photo Book

Mary Franklin | September 25, 2013

Not long ago on Twitter I asked for your favorite Star Wars Celebration Europe memories and photographs for Bantha Tracks, the Star Wars fan newsletter. You sent some beauties, and we thank you for that!

This “photo book” is a great teaser for what will appear in the December edition of Bantha Tracks in Star Wars Insider. If you have read Bantha Tracks for more than five minutes you know that Star Wars Celebrations are my very favorite event to work on in my job at Lucasfilm. I started working on the Celebrations for Attack of the Clones (CII in 2002). Each has been exciting and memorable in different ways, but honestly, after we shut off the lights on Celebration III for Revenge of the Sith in 2005, I believed I would never produce another Celebration for a new Star Wars movie.

I love being wrong.


Lightsabre UK Interviews Mary Franklin Team | February 11, 2008

(Artist Tom Hodges gives Mary Franklin a hug -
note the MFIFC – Mary Franklin International Fan Club shirt!)

Our pals at Lightsabre UK have profiled Lucasfilm’s very own Events Manager Goddess and Editor of Bantha Tracks Mary Franklin. If you’ve ever attended Celebration, Comic-Con, E3, Celebration Europe, DragonCon, WonderCon and any other con you’ve probably seen Mary in a blur of activity. Her love of the fans is equal to her love of Bossk — and that’s saying plenty!

Here’s an excerpt from her interview:

Which of the myriad Star Wars characters do you feel the most affinity for?
Bossk. I love Bossk. Most of the bounty hunters try to be subtle and cool and aloof, but Bossk doesn’t bother with that. He just looks like he’d rather rip your throat out now than be coy. I also love the character of Han Solo. Conflicted heroes, like Solo, and Aragorn in the LOTR movies, are the ones I find most compelling.

(Mary Franklin in uniform at 2007 Rose Parade)

Read the full interview here:
Lightsabre Interview: Mary Franklin