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Mark Hamill to Appear at Star Wars Weekends for First Time Ever

Gary Buchanan | March 20, 2014


His most famous film character has destroyed the Death Star, received the Medal of Bravery following The Battle of Yavin, and resisted a turn to the dark side — so what is he going to do next?

He’s going to Tosche Station to pick up some power converters!

No wait, wrong answer. He’s going to Disney World!


Why Waiting for Star Wars Is a Good Thing

Darren Hayes | March 13, 2014

Return of the Jedi 30th anniversary screening at the Egyptian Theatre

I had a Star Wars epiphany last year while standing in line for the 30th anniversary screening of Return of the Jedi in Los Angeles. As many fans know, this particular screening of the film featured a surprise cameo by Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill — who casually strolled up to the podium to partake in the post screening Q&A. The atmosphere in the room was electric as you can imagine. The mood shifted quickly from stunned silence to an eruption of hysteria as Mark took to the stage.

Mark is the quintessential amazing nice guy and super-talented actor we all know and love. Where any other celebrity might shy away from the intense enthusiasm directed at them, he was incredibly gracious and, let’s face it, wonderfully patient with all the fanboys and girls who attended. It was a room of fans from every generation. From those in their 40’s like me, those older and many new fans; children who stared in silent awe that their hero was in the same room as them.

But as amazing as it was, this was not the highlight for me.


Win an Amazing Star Wars Experience and Help Make-A-Wish

Jessi Langsen | February 13, 2014

The Skywalker Ranch Main House - win a visit and meet George Lucas in Omaze's new contest

This is the house that Star Wars built. Technically it’s the house, soundstage, vineyard, observatory, and Lake Ewok that Star Wars built, but you get the idea.

This is the place where every bit of legend George Lucas has and continues to produce comes to life. Not many people have walked through the gates at Skywalker Ranch and those people include mere mortals like Oprah, Steven Spielberg, and James Cameron.

You’re on the verge of joining their ranks.


Your Time on the Celebration Stage from Wherever You Are

Mary Franklin | July 23, 2013

Celebrity host, actor Warwick Davis, will bring a really big show to the stage in the Grugahalle every day of Star Wars Celebration Europe, and we have created some ways for you to be a part of the action. From tweeting questions to special #Ask hashtags to providing photographs for the Celebration Closing Ceremonies, you can be part of what makes Celebration Europe memorable for all.


Mark Hamill Reflects on Star Wars at the Egyptian Theatre

Dan Brooks | May 6, 2013


In his portrayal of Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill encapsulated everything that Star Wars was meant to be and is. He brought an adventurous energy, a good spirit, and a sense of emotional growth to the role — traits that were essential to conveying the story’s themes and to making Luke an iconic hero.

At Saturday’s thirtieth anniversary celebration of Return of the Jedi at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood — part of Entertainment Weekly‘s CapeTown Film Fest — Hamill made a surprise appearance after the 6:00 p.m. screening of the film. When EW writer and host Anthony Breznican asked if anyone could do a good Luke Skywalker impression, Hamill emerged, making a dramatic entrance that could rival Luke’s own “I’m with you, too!” moment from Jedi. He took part in two Q&As, discussing some specifics on Return of the Jedi and the exciting future of Star Wars.

Between Q&As, Hamill spoke to about what the entire saga was like for him as an actor, and the different challenges he faced in making a space fantasy believable. As it turns out, Hamill’s prior experience helped prepare him.


SWCVI: Mark Hamill

Jennifer Landa | August 24, 2012

Mark Hamill 1

Some fans waited in line for 6 hours.  And even though the theater reached capacity an hour before the panel, hordes of people waited outside with one hope:  to see Mark Hamill.  I’ve never seen Mark Hamill in person.  I’ve watched him hundreds of times in the Star Wars films, I’ve hung his photos on my wall, and as a kid I hoped to one day marry him.  So after years of wishing and daydreaming, I rushed into the theater, plopped down into a seat, and prepared myself to see Luke Skywalker in person.


Early Mark Hamill Interview Surfaces

Pete Vilmur | November 16, 2011

A rare 30-minute interview with Mark Hamill, which appears to have been taped in late 1977 just before the release of Star Wars in Britain that December, has surfaced on YouTube by poster “mhsayers.”

The interview, which is described as having been conducted at Imperial College London, seems to have been broadcast on British television in October, 1978 — although Hamill at one point mentions the film hadn’t yet released in England, likely placing the original session sometime in late 1977.

It’s very rare to find such an extended one-on-one interview with one of the key cast members from this period, which had Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford whisked from one interview to another, often spending only a few minutes with any single interviewer.

Some interesting insights are revealed here that to our knowledge have never been officially publicized — definitely worth the watch if you’ve got a half-hour to spare (and can tolerate choppy editing on black-and-white videotape!)

UPDATE: According to our favorite Star Wars bibliographer/historian Bob Miller, this session was taped December 14, 1977, based on Hamill’s mention of “Blue Peter” being taped the following day (which occurred on December 15). Miller was also able to cross-reference the host’s mention of Hamill’s percentage reported in the Evening News, which was published on December 12.

Mark Hamill to Attend Return of the Jedi Screening for State Parks Team | October 13, 2010

The California State Parks Foundation is hosting their second annual Film Series the first weekend in November and will include a screening of Return of the Jedi and post-screening audience Q&A with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and David Barclay, Yoda puppeteer.

Held at Paramount Studios, the Jedi screening is just one of several attractions being staged for the “California State Parks Starring in Hollywood Films” event, which will also include a public hike at nearby Malibu Creek State Park (the historic site where TV’s “M*A*S*H” was shot).

For a full list of screenings, related events, and tickets, check out the official site here.

Vote for Mark Hamill as Best Voice in the 2009 VGAs Team | December 10, 2009

There have been a lot of great Jokers over the long history of the Batman franchise, but our favorite is Mark Hamill for admittedly biased reasons (sorry, Cesar Romero).  Hamill first took up the Joker mantle in the glory days of the ’90s Batman animated series, and though others have played the role in more recent incarnations, the makers of Arkham Asylum rightly tapped Mark to reprise his high-energy performance as the quintessential Batman villain.


The Video Game Awards are looking for votes for the best voice performance in a 2009 video game, and Mark Hamill is one of the nominees. Head over there and make your voice heard by voting for him as your fave. The VGAs air live on Spike on December 12, at 8pm.

Day 1: Mark Hamill at Celebration Japan Team | July 18, 2008

In 1978, Star Wars opened in Japan a year after it had made its debut Stateside, continuing its journey around the globe to become a worldwide phenomenon. That movie introduced Mark Hamill to Japan, but Japan had already been introduced to Hamill, as he explained to huge crowd assembled at the digital stage at Celebration Japan today.

“I went to high school in Yokosuka,” said Hamill. ”My father was in the Navy, so we moved around every few years. But we never stayed longer than about three years in any place. And we were living in Virginia, and he was working in Washington D.C. and he got transferred to Yokosuka. Where is Yokosuka? Well, it’s in Japan. Japan? Do they have the Beatles in Japan? That was one of my first questions.”