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Star Wars Mysteries: Let’s Give Luke a Hand

Pablo Hidalgo | April 1, 2013


In the spring of 2009, Lucasfilm got the following email (without any sort of visual attachment) from a recent visitor to the Star Wars: Where Science Meets the Imagination museum tour.

One of the items on display which was of great interested to me was “Luke’s prosthetic Hand”. It was a prosthetic of Luke’s hand showing damage to the palm area. The display card with the item states:

“Luke’s Prosthetic Hand. Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.”

My question is: Was this prop actually used in any of the Star Wars films? I have no memory of seeing it in The Empire Strikes Back (or Return of the Jedi). In Empire, we see Luke’s hand showing damage in the wrist area. In Jedi, we see Luke’s hand with damage to the back of the hand. In none of the movies do we see damage to the palm (if my memory is correct).

So, was the prop on display ever actually seen onscreen in Empire (or Jedi)? Was the prop perhaps built and never used?

Geeky, inquiring minds, need to know! :-) Thanks for any help you can provide.

That question ping-ponged through several inboxes across Lucasfilm, looking for an answer. It landed in my lap, which triggered a few memories. Again, this inquiry came in with no visuals attached, but some very distinctive images popped into my mind.