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The Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty: Sasquatch Hunting…with Lightsabers

Rictor Riolo | January 10, 2014

Rictor Riolo and Dax Rushlow of The Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty

My name is Rictor Riolo, and my friend Dax Rushlow and I are two lifelong Star Wars fans that work as a team on Spike TV’s new reality show, The Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty beginning today. Dax is 43, an avid outdoorsman from Massachusetts and has experienced two Bigfoot encounters before he became a full-time Bigfoot researcher. I have made a name for myself in the Bigfoot community with my Bigfoot webcast called After Hours with Rictor. I’m 41, from Las Vegas and have never been out in the woods before — EVER — and was taught the ways of the forest by Dax. With cameras on, there is no time for mistakes — it’s get out there and get evidence of Bigfoot — or be sent home. In doing so, new and creative ideas are needed, and being that Dax and I are the biggest Star Wars fans, we brought our FX lightsabers out on the hunt! Do or do not, there is no try!


Pop Candy Digs Vader’s Lightsaber Team | September 5, 2007

USA Today’s Pop Candy blogger and one of our favorite Star Wars fans — Whitney Matheson — blogs about her favorite movie props. Along with David Bowie’s crystal ball in Labyrinth and Indiana Jones’ fedora, Darth Vader’s trusty lightsaber tops the list.

1. Darth Vader’s lightsaber, the Star Wars franchise.
Maybe I should’ve picked Luke’s saber, but let’s face it: Vader’s is red, it’s rebellious, and it’s way cooler. Of all props, to me, this might be tops.

Read the full list here on Pop Candy:
Talk back: What are the most awesome movie props?

Wired‘s DIY Star Wars Tips Team | July 25, 2007

In Wired magazine‘s second annual How-To issue (Aug. 2007), readers can learn a variety of tips and tricks on everything from outsmarting a mechanic to making old-timey photos. We especially liked the tips for action figure arranging and adding lightsaber effects to movies.

Wannabe Steve Sansweets will get a kick out of pointers on “How to Arrange Your Action Figures” from “Robot Chicken” head writers Tom Root and Douglas Goldstein. A couple of the ideas hit home for more than a few of us: “If you work in HR, don’t put Darth anything on your desk” as well as leaving precious toy accessories at home so they don’t get lost. “Take it from a guy who’s still mourning the loss of his Bespin Luke’s yellow lightsaber,” Root says.

But most notably is the magazine’s handy guide to “Adding a Lightsaber to Your Movie.”