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LEGO Minis for Midi-chlorians?

Pete Vilmur | February 5, 2008

slave1 updates today with an incredible gallery of mini LEGO Star Wars ships custom built by Tim Goddard, who says he’s constructed about 200 of the thumb-sized props for expansive dogfight dioramas.

Here’s a bit of the interview:

JD: How do you reach to these super-simplified constructions? Do you do some planning first or you go straight for it?

TG: Just go for it! Well, mostly. Loads of reference pictures are essential and I often use an architect’s ruler in the scale I’m working in; making the dimensions as accurate as possible is key to getting the look (but you can’t help a bit of chunkiness, this is LEGO after all!) It can take ages to get the smallest model to look just right, endlessly taking it apart and putting it back together again.

JD: Yeah, I can imagine… how long have you been doing LEGO?

TG: Pretty much all my life. Space Lego was my favorite as a kid, and when they released Star Wars LEGO it was a match made in heaven! I’ve been making my own custom Star Wars stuff for maybe 5 years but I’ve always enjoyed building.

Check out the gallery and interview here, and while you’re in a LEGO Star Wars state of mind, check out the Millennium Falcon “pirate ship” just posted over at

LEGO Previews at UK Toy Fair

Pablo Hidalgo | February 1, 2008

The UK fan site Jedi News is the first out the gate with some tantalizing high resolution images from the UK Toy Fair that is happening right now. The LEGO display is filled with preview items from this year’s TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, including some familiar Star Wars vehicles — the AT-TE, the V-19 Torrent, and the P-38 fighter — as well as some brand new faces.


The side of the AT-TE packaging indeed includes the recently revealed Padawan Ahsoka, alongside Clone Captain Rex of the 501st and little bitty Rotta the Hutt.

Visit Jedi News for more high-res pics, including more imagery of the Indiana Jones line of LEGOS.

LEGO Turns 50

Pete Vilmur | January 28, 2008


With all the LEGO steampunk we’ve posted this week, we should have known there was some LEGO mojo floating about. Turns out today is LEGO’s official 50th anniversary, and has devised a cool timeline and list of LEGO curiosities. Here’s an excerpt:

It all first started in 1947, when LEGO bought their first plastic injection machine. The brick was not invented then but took final form in 1958, when the shape of the stud-and-tube brick was patented. Since then, LEGO sets have been going through dozens of iterations, from the younger version, DUPLO, to the most sophisticated LEGO TECHNIC and LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT sets, going through all the different themes of LEGOLAND and, of course, the most successful line of all times according to LEGO, LEGO Star Wars.

UPDATE: just posted a time-lapse video of the largest LEGO set ever offered, the 5000-piece Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon, being constructed by their own Boingboing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson. And if you haven’t visited lately, check out the latest submissions over at the fbtb forums in the ongoing Steam Wars contest.

LEGO Steampunk AT-AT

Pete Vilmur | January 25, 2008


The coal fires driving the LEGO “Steam Wars” contest get stoked again with this fantastic new submission discovered via The mammoth tusks and top-deck cannons were inspired additions to this entry. Check out the full Flickr gallery here.

More LEGO Steam Wars

Pete Vilmur | January 25, 2008

shuttle continues their coverage of the LEGO steampunk Star Wars contest, recently updating with several new entries, including “Steam Speeder”, Pod Racer, “Imperial London Shuttle”, and TIE Fighter. Click on over to check them out!

Invisible Hand Gets LEGO’d Team | January 23, 2008

In other LEGO Star Wars news, recently posted some jaw-dropping images of LEGO master Mark Kelso’s 30-pound Invisible Hand starship, as seen during the opening shots of Episode III.

The LEGO structure is so massive (over six feet long!) that the photos actually look like a screen-ready special effects model, much less a sculpture made from snap-together bricks.

For more images, head on over to the original blog posting over at

LEGO Steampunk Naboo Starfighter Team | January 23, 2008

If you frequent our blog, you’re probably aware that we’re big fans of steampunk, especially when it’s got a Star Wars twist. As reported here a couple weeks ago, there’s a LEGO Star Wars steampunk contest afoot, and just posted a heads-up on one of the cooler entries – the “Royal Naboo Airforce One”, or R.N.A.F.1, created by Mark Stafford. We think it’s rather, well, fetching, actually.

Check boingboing’s original post here, or follow this link to see more angles of this cool entry.

Star Wars LEGO Contest Picks Up Steam

Pete Vilmur | January 8, 2008

Star Wars steampunk aficionados, crack out those old LEGO sets with helicopter propellers, domed canopies, harpoons, gears and other Victorian accoutrements – the From Bricks to Bothans Forums has announced a “Steam-Wars Contest” and is giving away some great LEGO Star Wars sets for prizes.

To get an idea of what Star Wars steampunk might look like, check out some of the photos posted at the WIRED Blog Network.

Better hurry – contest ends January 31st!

Thanks to for the heads up!

Giant LEGO R2-D2

Bonnie Burton | January 1, 2008

If you had enough giant LEGO bricks what would you build? One fan decided to make an 8-foot tall R2-D2 complete with blinking lights and sound effects sampled from the films.

According to

Built by official LEGO Master Model Builder Dan Steinenger with the assistance of a bunch of visiting kids, the giant R2 unit was assembled as part of the recent Festival of the Masters event at the LEGO Store at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida.

Watch the video of the Giant LEGO R2-D2 in action.


5,000-piece LEGO Falcon Built in Under 3 Hours

Pete Vilmur | September 28, 2007


For those who plan to pick up the new 5000-piece Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon LEGO set (which includes a 4-pound instruction manual!), check out the short time-lapse video posted by some German fans who were able to cobble the Corellian freighter together in just 2 hours and 53 minutes!