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Love…Star Wars Style Team | February 14, 2011

MTV star Liz Lee smooches a Gamorrean Guard

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit with this list of fun Star Wars-related romantic sites.



Clone Trooper Training Room Recreated in LEGO

Bonnie Burton | November 16, 2010

A fan recreated the training room from The Clone Wars episode “Clone Cadets” in LEGO form — complete with downed robots and weapons!

It all begins on the planet Kamino, where the training of clones who have been bred to be perfect soldiers occur. These cadets must first be subjected to intense physical and mental training before heading off to war. Five headstrong clones of Domino squad struggle to complete their training. These cadets — Hevy, Cutup, Droidbait, Fives and Echo — seem to be a “bad batch” and are unable to work as a team. They’re given a final training run to prove their mettle and the clones finally learn to work together…

Check out more photos here:
Domino Squad Final Run

SOURCE: Technabob

The Empire Strikes Chess! Team | September 13, 2010

LEGO builder and Star Wars fan Brandon Griffith built this awesome chess set from Empire Strikes Back LEGO pieces.

MAKE magazine writes:

My favorites are the mini dioramas detailing the bishops: bounty hunters and Han-in-carbonite for the Empire, Chewie w/busted C-3PO and Lando with his Bespin cronies for the Rebel Alliance. The Rebel queen with Han and Leia kissing in the Cloud City was especially well done.

Star Wars Shout Outs in “G33k & G4M3R Girls” Music Video Team | September 10, 2010

Move over fellas, the geek gals & gamer girls are in the house! The ladies of the award-winning Star Wars fan film Saber are back with a few of their friends including actor Seth Green, comics legend Stan Lee and Starbuck herself Katee Sackhoff — in a music video to celebrate geek girls everywhere.

“G33k & G4M3R Girls” — sung to the same tune as the hit song “California Girls” by Katy Perry — features Team Unicorn which includes actresses Michele Boyd (The Guild, How I Met Your Mother, Cold Case, Sons of Anarchy), Clare Grant (Walk the Line, $5 Cover, Black Snake Moan, Saber), Milynn Sarley (EA, TheGamerChick, LTA, Street Fighter High School), Rileah Vanderbilt (Hatchet, Frozen, Saber), and actor Seth Green (Robot Chicken, Family Guy) remind us all why geek girls rule!

There’s plenty of shout outs to Star Wars, Doctor Who, Marvel comics, Halo and more!

WATCH VIDEO: “G33k & G4M3R Girls Song” chats with the ladies of Team Unicorn (they answer as a single unit cause that’s how they roll) about their awesome music tribute to geek goddesses everywhere!

(Milynn Sarley as Psylocke, Clare Grant as Lara Croft, Rileah Vanderbilt as The Baroness and Michele Boyd as Han Solo)Why did you decide to do such an awesome remake of Katy Perry’s song “California Girls” but as “Geeks and Gamers?”

We’d all become friends because of our shared love for geeky stuff and bonded even more cosplaying as Sailor Scouts during Comic-Con this year. Milynn, Rileah and Michele actually all play in the same guild in World of Warcraft!

Milynn and Michele were on the way back from the beach when they started singing along to the Katy Perry song and had the idea for the parody! We all know geekery the best, so it seemed a natural idea for the new version. They started coming up with lyrics in the car and then got Rileah and Clare involved, and it all snowballed from there!


Star Wars LEGO iPhone AT-Dock

Bonnie Burton | March 29, 2010

Check out this cool iPhone dock created by Chris Harrison.
It’s inspired by AT-AT and AT-ST vehicles, and named AT-Dock.

Read more about it here:
Star Wars LEGO iPhone AT-Dock

Star Wars LEGO Taste Test! Team | March 9, 2010

How well do you know your LEGO collection? Could you identify your LEGOs one by one in a blind taste-test? Well this girl can. In fact, she did so on a German game show. Prepare to be impressed.

WATCH VIDEO: Kinderwette Star Wars

The Foos Who Follows Him

Pete Vilmur | March 5, 2010

It’s Rebels vs. stormtroopers in this 100% LEGO Star Wars foosball creation posted by builder Connor Flynn over at While we’d love to see some close-ups of this piece, it is possible to discern Admiral Ackbar, an X-wing pilot and others pitted against an army of stormtroopers. Regardless of how functional this thing may or may not be, the display value is what really kicks on this piece.

Thanks to contributor Jeremy Beckett for the heads up!

Cool LEGO Toy Fair Swag

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2010

While I was dazzled with the great new entries to the LEGO Star Wars line I previewed at their Toy Fair booth today, the biggest take-away for me — literally — was a slick promotional book and exclusive white Boba Fett LEGO mini-fig!

The book, which features a die-cut spot-varnish Vader cover, contains LEGO’s current and coming releases for 2010, presented on heavy gloss cardstock pages. The binding is so tight that to photograph them I had to stick my fingers in the photos (apologies!).

Another exclusive, although I wasn’t clear that it’s limited to Toy Fair, is the white Boba Fett mini fig, appearing as the bounty hunter did before designers decided to give him the bang-up Empire deco we’re familiar with. A great pair of items that is sure to have the LEGO Star Wars collectors calling their Toy Fair contacts!

Check out the rest of the images after the jump!


LEGO Clone Turbo Tank and More at Toy Fair

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2010

The LEGO booth at Toy Fair had some great upcoming releases on display, including the Clone Turbo Tank, Hoth Wampa Set, Plo Koon’s Starfighter and more. Many current releases were also showcased, all of which you can see in our StarWarsShop announcement here. We’ve got a couple press photos and a few snapshots from the LEGO booth, which promises some great additions to the LEGO Star Wars series this year! Look for most of these new sets this August.

Check our full set of LEGO images after the jump (and also see our coverage with new imagery here)!


365 Days of Stormtrooper Photos Team | September 14, 2009

(Photo by Stéfan Le Dû)

Ever wonder what your toys do when you’re not around watching over them? Star Wars fan and photographer Stéfan Le Dû brings to life his stormtrooper action figures in a series of photos he’s taking every day for a year. His stormtroopers are capture on film undergoing dangerous adventures, playing games, hanging out with monkeys and more. chats with Stéfan about what drives him to take photos of his action figures in… action.

What made you want to take a different photo of a stormtrooper toy every day?

I love Star Wars, I’m a big fan of toy photography, and I wanted to try something a bit challenging on Flickr. I saw a few awesome pictures using these stormtroopers toys before like Doctor Beef’s sets. I also stumbled upon a few excellent “365 days” project, like “Year of the Fett” which is using LEGO Star Wars figures. All of this led me to this project of “One Stormtrooper shot, each day, during one year”.

Which photo is your favorite?

There are a few ones I like more than the other ones. The “Theory of Evolution of the Stormtrooper” is one of them. I like it because besides my usual TK455 and TK479 Stormies (yes, they have ID codes), there’s Chewbacca on it (everyone loves Chewbacca), plus some monkeys (everyone loves monkeys), and the concept stormtrooper from Ralph MacQuarrie! All of this arranged in a way that makes sense (or tries to).

(Photo by Stéfan Le Dû)

How do you come up with specific scenarios for your photo sets?

The ideas come from various sources of inspirations. I like using objects in my house, or every day situations, or other toys, and giving them a “Galactic Civil War” touch using the stormtroopers. Other movies or pop culture references are also something I like to use. Some photos are just a “one-shot” idea, other fit into a series inside the series, like the “Imperial Requisitions,” the unavoidable “Not the droid we’re looking for” or the more recent “Movie Stars.”

What I like about these particular stormtroopers action figures is that despite their integral armor, they can be very expressive – there’s a lot of body language in them.

Do you have tips for fans who want to start creating cool Star Wars toy photo series like yours?

It’s not easy to give tips to people because I’m just an amateur who’s trying to give some fun while having fun myself, but here are a few things :
- Do, or do not. There is no try. Sorry, I needed to say that.
- Choose some characters that you like and inspire you. Ideas will come more easily. If the characters are some popular icons, it will be easier to catch some attention from the Internets.
- If you want to run a 365 project, it’s a good thing to always have a few ideas in advance, because there can be some days when you don’t have time or inspiration. Look around you, think about it a little bit everyday, and ideas will come.
- Ideas are the more important thing, but if you can, read one or two articles about basic photography techniques, like composition. There are some very simple things that anyone can do to improve his shots, without the need of a big professional $1000 camera.
- More importantly, have fun! That’s what toys are for!

Check out the full photo set here:
Stormtroopers 365