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MacFarlane’s Family Guy: Star Wars Party Team | December 14, 2009

If you were on Twitter this weekend, you might have noticed a few of your favorite celebrities tweeting about Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s holiday party complete with a Darth Stewie ice sculpture, Chewbacca Claus, a full orchestra playing show tunes — ya know, the typical holiday party at a friend’s house.

Actors Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff, Alyssa Milano, Wil Wheaton, among others were in attendance at MacFarlane’s holiday party which also doubled as the DVD release party for the latest Star Wars homage — Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side.

To celebrate the DVD’s December 22 release, MacFarlane hosted a star (wars) studded Christmas party at his estate in the upper reaches of Beverly Hills.

Reporters were rounded up, blind-folded and transported via unmarked black helicopters to MacFarlane’s home to talk to the DVD’s cast and to rub elbow’s with Mos Eisley Cantina’s worth of celebrities.

MacFarlane was the first to greet press row as he exited his home dressed like a 1960s James Bond in a white tuxedo coat. He said his entire cast and crew love taking on Star Wars.

“As long as there are Star Wars movies left, we’ll keep doing these episodes,” MacFarlane said. “In fact, we have a Return of the Jedi episode scheduled to come out next year.”

The barrel-chested, Barry White-voiced Kevin Michael Richardson (a Family Guy voice cast regular and star of countless animated shows including The Cleveland Show and The Clone Wars) said he’d love to take part in Family Guy‘s takedown of the George Lucas empire.

“I’d love to be Jabba The Hutt in the Return of the Jedi episode,” Richardson added. “I play him on The Clone Wars, so I’d like to see him on Family Guy — only with an Afro.”

Seth Green (Robot Chicken co-creator, Family Guy regular and Dark Side’s heroic lead) said it was a special treat to utter the lines of Luke Skywalker — even while making fun of them.

“For a geek like me, it’s really cool to be Luke, to say those lines and to see them on screen,” Green said. “It’s a no-pressure gig because I’m not involved in conceiving the show. I’m a contract player. I just show up and have fun.”

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