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DIY Jabba the Hutt Shoes

Jennifer Landa | August 7, 2012

Jabba Shoes 1

It’s no secret that I have a crush on Jabba the Hutt. What can I say? I find his laugh irresistible. So what better way to show my love for the coolest gangster in the galaxy than by wearing him on my feet!

Recently crafters have been hand-painting TOMS shoes with their favorite Star Wars characters. There have been shoes inspired by R2-D2, C-3PO, and even Boba Fett. For my Jabba-inspired footwear, I snagged an olive green pair and set out to make my sluggy slip-ons!


Project Cosplay: Millennium Falcon Skirt!

Jennifer Landa | July 14, 2012

Opening Image

The Millennium Falcon holds a special place in my heart. It’s an underdog of a ship with a lot of wear and tear, but for me that always made it more fun to root for. And even though Luke Skywalker called it a “piece of junk,” she is surprisingly powerful and fast! Plus, saving Lando Calrissian’s life a few times is pretty awesome.  So at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con – as a tribute to my favorite ship in the Star Wars universe – I cosplayed as the Millennium Falcon!


Death Star Cosplay Dress!

Bonnie Burton | July 29, 2011

When I first came across vlogger and craftster Jennifer Landa and her awesome Star Wars videos on Youtube I knew eventually she’d create an amazing cosplay Star Wars costume, and sure enough she did!

At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International, she debuted her fancy Death Star dress complete with galaxy tights and a TIE Interceptor hair accessory! chats with Jennifer about her Imperial couture that would make even Darth Vader smitten.

Why did you decide to make a cute dress of the Death Star?

For months I couldn’t decide what I wanted to cosplay as! I just knew I wanted to do a quirky take on someone or something from the Star Wars universe. I had seen a Death Star costume before and loved the idea of cosplaying as a thing instead of a person. I love personifying objects! So when I saw Robin E. Kaplan’s adorable print of a girl dressed as a Death Star, I freaked out. Her Death Star character was so cute and feminine and anything but a scary super weapon! After that, I knew I had to go as Miss Death Star.

How did you come up with the design?

I wanted the costume to have a space-age yet retro feel! So I decided to make the Death Star more like an exaggerated bubble skirt. I cut the skirt so it was a shorter length and chose a form-fitting bodice. For me, it was important to keep the whole look feminine and flattering. When I was designing the costume, I came up with the character “Miss Death Star.” I imagined her to be a cross between Ethel Merman and Judy Garland. I know, it’s a little strange but the fun part about cosplaying is really getting into character!


Meet Star Wars Vlogger Jennifer Landa Team | May 23, 2011

Star Wars fan and vlogger Jennifer Landa entertains the Youtube masses with her witty, adorkable videos showing off her collectibles, interviewing young geek girls, and more. chats with Jennifer Landa about why she loves to make videos about why she’s proud to be a Star Wars fan!

Why did you decide to vlog about Star Wars?

Star Wars has inspired me ever since I was a kid and first watched A New Hope. I always dreamed of living in a world where I could have a Wookiee as my best friend and a lightsaber on my belt. To this day, every time I hear the Star Wars main theme song, I get chills. The original trilogy has had the biggest impact on me but I love all the new things that are happening in the Expanded Universe!

I first realized that I wanted to start vlogging when I went to the Savage Opress screening in LA last year. I left the theater feeling ecstatic about the new storyline and I really wanted to share my experience with other fans that weren’t able to attend. Unfortunately, I forgot my video camera!

After that, I realized that maybe I should give vlogging a try since it’s logistically easier to shoot and can be done after an event has already happened. Once I decided to start vlogging, the only things I wanted to talk about were always related to Star Wars.

I have to say, it’s been incredibly fun to connect with other fans and share my Star Wars adventures with them! For years people used to laugh at my obsession with Tauntauns and the Battle of Hoth. Now at least people are laughing with me!