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Star Wars Celebration Japan Recap

Bonnie Burton | July 30, 2008

A few weeks back I went to Star Wars Celebration Japan in Chiba outside of Tokyo. I had never been to Japan before so the elaborate toilets, immaculate train stations and the super-nice hospitality were a bit of a shocker for this jaded American. In a good way! I had some amazing food, met awesome new friends and got to see Japanese Star Wars fans on their own turf. I had a blast!

Here are some of my highlights:


As soon as I took a bunch of photos of this I blog bombed it to everyone I knew from Boing Boing to /Film. Even the celeb-obsessed blog Defamer took notice. This was the thing that got the most press stateside (and still is) from bloggers who wanted to see really weird stuff from CJ. Mission accomplished. I wish we had this thing at Lucasfilm’s offices. We already have Jar Jar in carbonite in the ILM lobby, so I’m thinking this would fit nicely in the LFL lobby. HINT HINT. But maybe that’s just me. Either way, it’s most impressive.

BEST ATTRACTION: Life-size Dewback

Yeah, that’s me on Dewy. This fan-made attraction had the longest lines and the fans loved LOVED loved it. I kinda wish Lucasfilm would buy it for our next Celebration in the States. This thing was AWESOME! I interviewed Goro who made it if you want to find out more: The Dewback Project


She was the belle of Celebration Japan — being asked every few feet to get her photo taken by media, fans and smitten teen boys. Makes you wonder if Ewoks looked like her instead of teddy bears with spears, we might have a few more fans of the Yub Nub song.


Day 1: Celebration Japan: Clone Wars Panel

Pablo Hidalgo | July 18, 2008

Where else but Star Wars Celebration Japan would you possibly expect to see this sight: A real life Ahsoka Tano joined on stage by members of AKB48, an all-female idol group dressed as Japanese school girls?

Early during the run of Celebration Japan, this is how the first Clone Wars panel started out. After the girls left the stage, the screen came to life with a special behind-the-scenes video introducing The Clone Wars. As with all Lucasfilm produced shows, the sound was cranked up to eleven, and the ground shook. No, really it shook, because as this intro video played, an earthquake sent tremors through the floor and made the ceiling lamps sway. The few seasoned San Franciscans in the audience — Lucasfilm employees sent to document the convention — gave each other knowing glances as the quake subsided. No one blinked an eye, though, and as the video wrapped up, Clone Wars director Dave Filoni took the stage. What follows is a transcript of his responses.


Han Looks a Little Frantic

Pablo Hidalgo | March 28, 2008

So, Frantic is on Universal HD right now. Great flick. You know, the one where Harrison Ford’s wife is in danger. No, the other one. No, the other other one.

Anyway, looking at the imdb entry for the film, I noticed the photography of Ford on the back of the DVD package, and noted a striking similarity to a recently profiled Japanese cover on Check it out, it’s Hero’s Trial, from Japan, with a rather frantic looking Han on it.


Rebelscum Japan Launched

Pete Vilmur | January 21, 2008


Our friends over at have just launched an all-new site dedicated to Japanese Star Wars collecting, posting an informative tutorial on the history of the hobby in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here’s a bit of the intro:

In 1978, turmoil from a galaxy far, far away finally reached the big screens in Japan. Tickets were selling by the thousands, and in every big city everyone was talking about the new Star Wars movie. The stage had been set for a new promotional era in Japan. The first company to realize this potential was Coca Cola. They had devised an ingenious marketing plan that not only boosted sales, but also began a race for toy products throughout Japan. They began advertising new bottle caps which would contain a small vinyl picture of characters and scenes from the movie. There would be 50 designs total. There were even 3 color variations which included a gold background, a silver background, and a pink strip design. It seemed the collecting and trading, among the anxious consumers was endless.

Read the entire article here. As big fans of Japanese Star Wars collectibles, this is one we’ll be watching!