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Star Wars in the UK: J.W. Rinzler Hits London

Mark Newbold | October 23, 2013

Image via TK10815

Image via TK10815

As Star Wars fans we like our celebrations. Not only the Celebrations that rock convention centers worldwide every few years, but anniversaries like the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007, Empire in 2010 and Return of the Jedi this year. One of the things that accompanied these 30th anniversary events was the release of the three Making of books by Lucas Books executive editor Jonathan Rinzler and on Saturday, October 5, Star Wars fans here in the UK had the chance to not only celebrate the release of the magnificent Making of Return of the Jedi but also a unique opportunity to look back three decades to the film at the very heart of this years celebrations (and Celebration as well), Return of the Jedi.


10 Interesting Things I Learned from The Making of Return of the Jedi

Eric Geller | October 1, 2013

The Making of Return of the Jedi

Today sees the release of J.W. Rinzler’s The Making of Return of the Jedi, an epic tome chronicling the years of hard work that went into the last film in the original Star Wars trilogy. Rinzler, executive editor at Lucasfilm, had unprecedented access to the source materials, concept art, and handwritten notes in the Lucasfilm Archives, and his extensive research shines through in the pages of this book.


Chronicle Books May the 4th Virtual Chat Team | May 1, 2013

Join Lucasfilm Executive Editor Jonathan Rinzler in conversation with authors Jeffrey Brown (Vader’s Little Princess) and Daniel Wallace (Book of Sith), and be sure to enter Chronicle Books’ May the 4th giveaway!

Save the Date: Chronicle Books Virtual Chat Team | April 17, 2013


Have a question for the authors? Submit it in the comments for a chance to have your question answered live and be entered to win a signed copy of one of the books!

Tron’s “Rinzler” Has Lucasfilm Connection

| December 17, 2010

With Tron: Legacy opening wide today, we thought we’d share a little-known Lucasfilm connection to one of the film’s characters recently revealed by director Joseph Kosinski in a visit to LFL’s Presidio headquarters. Rinzler, a character introduced early on as one of the film’s chief villains, was apparently named after Lucasfilm Executive Editor J.W. Rinzler, author of several books including The Making of Star Wars, The Complete Making of Indiana Jones, and the recent Making of The Empire Strikes Back, among others.

“Friends told me about the fact that there’s this character Rinzler in the new Tron movie,” says Rinzler. “So I went online to see if I could figure out where they got the name. But I couldn’t find anything. There aren’t many Rinzlers in the States and it’s not a name that means anything, as far as I know… Then when Joe Kosinski came as a guest speaker I was actually on my way to the event before I realized this might be a chance to ask him. So I waited till after the q-and-a, went down to the front, and said I had a strange question but had to ask where he got the name, or where the writers got the name. And he said that he was sitting with the two writers working, and there was a book on the table ‘a Making of’ he said… ‘Oh yeah, it was Making of Star Wars by someone named Rinzler.’ So I said ‘that’s me’, thanked him, shook his hand and said I had to go out and buy a few action figures — needless to say, my kids are thrilled.”

Check out the official Tron: Legacy website here.

Making of Empire Author Shares Film Favorites Team | November 3, 2010 just posted a cool list of film and director favorites by Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back author J.W. Rinzler. From Suvudu:

Since Mr. Rinzler has written numerous behind-the-scenes books about film Suvudu thought it would be interesting to find out what movies have inspired him throughout the years. Grab a snack and have your Netflix account ready, this post just might inspire you to watch a movie or two tonight.

Check out the full list of movies and directors, along with several film clips at