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Now I Am the Math-ter

Pete Vilmur | August 24, 2009


Ah, the pre-501st days of Star Wars costuming. Back in the ’70s and ’80s, fans with a bent for donning the duds of their favorite Star Wars denizen often scrounged the local Army surplus and thrift stores to cobble together a complete costume. This guy, captured in a ’70s-era photo we recently found on eBay, gets our vote for coolest Star Wars costume to incorporate an electrical appliance — yep, that’s a ’70s-era 10-key calculator strapped around his chest, along with some strangely metallic shinguards and one “massive jock” (in the words of Lucas Online’s Craig Drake) codpiece.

Dark Lord of the galaxy? Not so much. But if you need to figure out how long it will take a TIE fighter and asteroid travelling toward eachother at 565 and 2,655 miles per hour respectively from a starting distance of 26,254 miles to collide, this Sith’s your man.

20th Century Faux Team | August 10, 2009

xwing.jpg recently posted a nifty set of crafted photos that depict an imaginary 20th century filled with various examples of Star Wars hardware — astromechs in World War I bi-planes, scout walkers storming a World War II beachhead, TIE bombers bombarding a seaborne destroyer and more. Here’s the description from io9:

Part-Star Wars homage, part-alternate history, If Star Wars Was Real retells the history of the 20th century with some added players, offering up a Photoshopped-fantasia of nerditry and “What If”s.

Check out the images at

Conan O’Brien Jokes About Vader Toaster Team | July 14, 2009

Fans everywhere have already known about the epic Darth Vader Toaster for awhile now, but we’re still pretty thrilled that Star Wars fan and The Tonight Show host — Conan O’Brien — joked about it on his show Friday night.

O’Brien also did a weird nerd impression which seems rather ironic since it wasn’t that long ago O’Brien himself geeked out while visiting Lucasfilm and ILM. We’re on to you, O’Brien! We know you’re a fellow Star Wars geek, so don’t bother hiding it.

“Not making this up, the creators of Star Wars have invented the Darth Vader toaster that burns an image of into each piece of toast it makes. That’s true! The instructions say once it’s made users should spread the toast with their self-hate and shame.”

WATCH VIDEO: Conan O’Brien Talks Vader Toaster (via

Darth Vader Toaster: Dark Side of Breakfast: Recipes and more! (via

Chipmunk the Co-Pilot? Team | July 1, 2009

(Photo and Chipmunk Wrangling by Chris McVeigh)

Here’s a new photo from our favorite chipmunk wrangler and photographer Chris McVeigh! This time we see his live chipmunk model Molly hanging out with Han Solo on video as well! This must have been way before Han crossed paths with Chewbacca.

McVeigh writes:

Molly — like any other chipmunks I’ve worked with — is highly motivated. Once she knows that there are almonds available, she will make trip after to trip until either she gets tired or I run out of almonds.

This video shows you just how fast this process can be. I have only eight seconds (or so) to take pictures while she collects the almonds and stores them in her cheeks. Getting the focus and depth of field just right is always a challenge, and to make sure I get the shot I want I will usually shoot multiple times with different F-stops and ISOs.

Originally, I wanted to have her emerging from the Millennium Falcon, but as robust as the new toy is, the ramp is still too small to accommodate a fat little chipmunk.

WATCH VIDEO: Molly Chipmunk is Worst Co-pilot Ever

Read more about his whimsical photos here:
Chewie Meets Chipmunk (via Star Wars Blog)
Chipmunk Trooper Whisperer (via Star Wars Blog)

Check out more of Chris McVeigh’s creative photography here.

Yub Jub Means “Devour the Weak”

Bonnie Burton | June 12, 2009

For all of you fans who think Ewok are cuddly, cute teddy bears you might want to remember that when the Ewoks first met Han Solo on Endor he was considered more like dinner course than a dinner guest.

Thank goodness naturalists have decided to take a closer look at the habits and habitats of Ewoks so you don’t have to risk becoming part of their diet. The naturalists take notes on Ewok Celebratory Rituals and Honorific Terminology, Societal Structure and Dispute Arbitration, Adolescent Transition Rites, and Breeding Practices and Mate Selection.

Here’s an excerpt that best features their bloodlust:

Our first exposure to unvarnished Ewok behavior occurred at the victory celebration following the Battle of Endor. We were surprised to discover that the gathering was not just simply a boisterous feast-activity fostering communal bonds and egalitarian resource distribution, but also a ritualistic devouring of 34 captured Imperial stormtroopers, who were spit-roasted alive in their armor for seli beli (“to seal in the flavor”) and tanga tiru (“divine tang of mortal fear”) — a delicacy to the Ewok palate.

Read the full article here:
Yub Jub Means “Devour the Weak”: An Authoritative Study of Ewoks, From the Field Notes of Davi Atten-Boru and Pladdo Cardigan, Exo-naturalists (via McSweeney’s)


Remodel Darth Vader’s Kitchen

Bonnie Burton | June 10, 2009

Constructing a Death Star is no easy feat, but imagine how hard it is to remodel a kitchen after the Rebel Alliance trashed it! Now imagine what that work order request would look like. Darth Vader isn’t the easiest client to please, so he’s posted some requirements on for contractors who dare to take on the task.

And to those contractors who want something a little extra for their work, you’re in luck. Destruction of the Rebel planet of your choice for the manager who comes in under budget and ahead of schedule. Plus Ewoks for your kids!

Here’s a few of the tasks we liked best:

Force-proof dishwasher and blender. Hardware must be solidly secured in case of use of Force. If the Boss gets mad, staff would prefer nothing can be ripped off the walls by his temper tantrum.

Non-droid self cleaning sinks. Since they’re getting sarcastic as the war against the Rebels progresses.

Refrigerators that double as hibernation units. Freezer combos to be installed on farthest wall from entry way. Bonuses to be granted to any contractor who can find units that double as hibernation units.

Read the full work order here:
Darth Vader Kitchen Remodel (via

VC Jawa Figure Makes Comic Appearance

Pete Vilmur | June 8, 2009

fuzzy.jpg updated yesterday with a few panels from their “Get Fuzzy” strip that should make every vintage Star Wars collector cringe a little — especially those familiar with the ever-elusive vinyl cape Jawa action figure from 1978. Check out the full comic here (thanks to Bill Cable for the heads-up!).

Chad Vader vs. Keyboard Cat

Bonnie Burton | June 4, 2009

Our favorite grocery store Sith Lord Chad Vader and the awesome Internet sensation Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat finally have a duet!

WATCH VIDEO: Play Him Off, Keyboard Chad (via YouTube)

Read more about Keyboard Cat here.

Vader Boogies in Star Wars Weekends Vids and Photos

Pete Vilmur | May 26, 2009

vader.jpg recently updated with a bunch of great video and photo coverage of the first 2009 Star Wars Weekend at Walt Disney World. Some really good coverage of the various events, parades, and celebrities in attendance, so if you’ve got a few minutes to spend in the Disney/Star Wars galaxy, head on over and take a look!

Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars and Hyperspace Hoopla video and pictures (Check out those dark side dance moves!)

Parade/celebrity motorcade

More photos from Star Wars Weekends

My Favorite Movie is Star Trek Wars

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

If you’ve already seen the new Star Trek film by J.J. Abrams, you might have noticed a few homages to Star Wars.

But if you don’t have time to watch both movies and draw your own conclusions, this fan already did it for you. Check out this side-by-side comparison of the new Star Trek and the old Star Wars. And yes, it’s chock full of spoilers, so go see the movie already.

WATCH VIDEO: My Favorite Movie (Star Trek vs. Star Wars)