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Century-Old Rescue Masks from a Galaxy Far, Far Away?

Pete Vilmur | December 15, 2010

Recently, Collectors Weekly posted a pair of striking century-old “rescue masks” that share a passing resemblance to our favorite Sith Lord and protocol droid. Undoubtedly a coincidence — concept designer Ralph McQuarrie’s designs and inspirations for the pair have been well documented – their Star Wars steampunk look is amusingly effective.

From the article:

This pair of early rescue masks, shown above, dates from between the mid-1800s and World War I. They look a bit familiar, right? Almost 100 years before Darth Vader and C-3PO hit the big screen in “Star Wars” in 1977, these two smoke helmets were worn by firefighters carrying out rescues in smoke-logged buildings. The buzz among collectors is that George Lucas’s designers must have found inspiration in these smoke helmets and others like them. In fact, one well-known 19th-century manufacturer was named Vajen-Bader—you could easily get the name Vader from that.

For a measure of symmetry, we’re sharing an image from Steve Sansweet’s Star Wars: 1,000 Collectibles book of two post-Star Wars knock-off water game heads from a New Jersey Shore arcade. Looks like Star Wars-inspired faces can be found on both sides of 1977 if you look hard enough.

Vader Wants To Be Facebook Frenemies! Team | December 14, 2010

The Facebook friends icon just got a lot creepier.

SOURCE: Eject blog

Star Wars Crossover Poster Designs

Pete Vilmur | November 29, 2010 updated over the weekend with a cool set of four fan-designed Star Wars crossover posters — that is, “Star Wars-ified” versions of classic movie posters. Artist Matthew Ranzetta creates Star Wars send-ups for Empire of the Sun, The Princess Bride, and, most appropriately, Cool Hand Luke. The artist’s style is minimalistic but compelling. Head on over and check them out.

Dogs That Look Like Chewbacca Team | November 9, 2010

Everyone who’s ever owned a scruffy-looking shaggy brown dog has claimed one time or another that their lovable mutt looks like Chewbacca (or Wicket for the smaller lap dogs).

Here’s a collection of photos featuring 18 dogs that could double as everyone’s favorite co-pilot!

Check out more dog photos here:
18 Dogs That Look Like Chewbacca (via Buzzfeed)

Star Wars Horror Films Meme Team | October 29, 2010

Art by Katie Cook

What if Ewoks were infected with a zombie virus? What if Chewbacca was a werewolf? What if Yoda wanted to suck your blood? In the “spirit” of Halloween, here’s some of our favorite fan suggested titles for Star Wars horror films from the #StarWarsHorrorFilms hashtag meme on Twitter!


Give Up Your Bus Seat to Yoda! Team | October 19, 2010

While riding the bus you should always give up your seat to pregnant women, moms with babies, the elderly and Yoda.

Thanks for the tip, Brian Huberd!

SOURCE: Failblog

Restraining Bolts at ALL TIMES! Team | October 5, 2010

Most of us here at are suckers for the propaganda poster aesthetic, and this pro-restraining-bolt piece we spotted over at Superpunch really captures the style beautifully. By artist Tim Fischer, who also recently composed “Do Your Duty, Trooper”.

Check out the original Superpunch post here.

Best of Hipster Star Wars Twitter Meme Team | October 4, 2010

image from:

This weekend Star Wars fan @davidhoang started the #HipsterStarWars hashtag on Twitter for the fun of it. Soon celebs and fans alike were getting in on the fun.

Here’s a list of some of our faves!

“I liked Admiral Ackbar before he knew there was a trap.” – @davidhoang

“Meh the Force Be With You… Or whatever.” – @bonniegrrl

“I’m into an obscure form of the Force. You’ve probably never heard of it.” – @dresdenblack

“You must feel the Force around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, and the fixed-gear.” – @markhoppus

“Mos Eisley Records. You will never find a more incredible hive of rare and used vinyl.” – @rob_sheridan

“Yeah, i used to go to Toshi Station for power converters, now everyone goes there for power converters.” – @israelxsoriano

“I can’t sleep in this Tauntaun. I’m a strict vegan.” – @hipsterstarwars

“I find your lack of faith totes disturbing.” – @Colin_Hanks

“I liked sarlaccs when they were underground.” – @chrispeligro

“Alderaan? Please. I wouldn’t be caught dead there.” – @mdsteele47

Leia: “I love your scarf.” Han: “I know.” – @TheSlush

“I’d just as soon kiss a Wilco.” – @bonniegrrl

“The Jawas obviously got their hoodies at Alderaan Apparel.” – @aboynamedart

“Join me & together I guess we can rule the Galaxy and stuff… or whatever.” – Vader – @DeathStarPR

“The Mos Eisley Cantina Band sounds better on vinyl.” – @TheSlush

“Beru helped me set up a moisture vaporator on H street in DC.” – @josephjohnston

“Can’t believe princess leia wore white after Labor Day.” – @geekgirls

“I’d participate in #hipsterstarwars, but everyone is doing it now.” – @LordPalpatine

“I only listen to white-label witch-house/grime remixes of the Max Rebo Band.” – @SFXmagazine

“Who puts a glove on a robot hand? Honestly?” – @theatomicgeeks

“I only drink blue soy milk.” – @MontyPrime

“Can I get that speederbike as a fixie?” – @asuter

“Do or do not. Who cares?” – @ellingson

“I joined the Rebel Alliance ironically.” – @erier2003

Join in on the fun with the Hipster Star Wars on Twitter and Facebook.

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Kanye Wookiee?! Team | September 15, 2010

Recently, New York Magazine decided to illustrate what they thought the singer/rapper superstar Kanye West would tweet about next in an article called “Kanye West Tweets the Fall.”

There were quite a few amusing ideas, but we like the idea of Chanel making a Wookiee suit for Kanye best.

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Now Available in Chewbacca Pink

Pablo Hidalgo | August 24, 2010

We are extremely impressed by Buzzfeed’s Star Wars-cred worthy headline over here (though we have to dock them a few nerd points for not spelling “Wookiee” correct. Two ‘e’s, people.)

Still, that’s besides the point. The point is JC Penny’s is making this lovely Worthington Cowl Neck w/ Snap Top available in “Chewbacca Pink.”

I’m sure it’s on Mallatobuck’s wish list.