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Darth Vader vs. Barry Bonds Team | August 3, 2007

They’re easily two of the most polarizing figures to come out of the Bay Area. Sports Illustrated examines the two titans in a side-by-side comparison: Darth Vader and Barry Bonds. Which of these heaviest hitters to come out of a laboratory (er… allegedly that is, of course) comes out on top? Find out here. (Special thanks to Club Jade for the tip).


For extra credit, can someone out there compare the number of differences between a 1977 vs. a 2005 Darth Vader Topps card, and a 1986 Pittsburgh Pirates vs. a 2007 SF Giants Bonds Topps card? We’re just curious.

Listening and Living in These Star Wars

Pete Vilmur | August 3, 2007


You’ve heard of The Star Wars Holiday Special, and maybe Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk, but have you ever heard Living in These Star Wars by The Rebel Force Band? No? Well brace yourself.

This unlicensed 1977 homage to Star Wars is one of those rare gems known mostly to hardcore Star Wars audiophiles, noteworthy for its sincere (although disastrous) attempt to honor the first film in song. now has the full album available for download, which is pretty slow, but definitely worth the wait.

With ditties such as “Don’t Fall in Love with an Android”, “Chewie the Rookie-Wookie”, and “A Respirator for Darth Vader”, this is a can’t-miss. Here’s a taste of lyrics from “Leia”:

“Leia – Oh -Be my lady, tonight
Be my lady, I love you
Over the planets
The places we’ll see
We’ll fly on forever
Then we’ll be free”…

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Dark Side of the Deli

Bonnie Burton | August 1, 2007

While some Star Wars fans dress up as Jedi and duel with lightsabers in live-action fan films, others let hot dogs do the stunt work. Case in point, the 1998 fan-made film Star Wieners.

The latest issue of Geek Monthly magazine tracked down the filmmaker — computer animator Andrew Burke — to chat about what compelled him and his friends to re-imagine A New Hope with hot dogs wearing handcrafted costumes.

“Blame Wal-Mart,” Burke laughs. “When you stock plastic food items next to the action figures you’re just asking for trouble. Mix in a pack of hungry nerds with time to kill and it was the obvious conclusion.”

The most impressive aspect of the film are the tiny costumes for the hot dog characters including droid metal, Princess Leia hair buns, Yoda ears, Jedi robes and mini lightsabers. “I sat down a few evenings and molded the outfits and props out of Fimo,” Burke says. “I used old socks and shirts for the costumes without even sewing, thanks to the magic of Superglue.”

Burke and company (friends Robin Kuniski and Adam Freeman) did such an impressive job on the film props they won an action figure design contest in Toyfare Magazine which published a picture of the cast. “Officially, that makes Star Wieners an award-winning film,” Burke smiles.

Be sure to check out the full interview in Geek Monthly magazine, Issue 5/6.

SOURCE: Geek Monthly magazine

Star Wars Party: It’s Do or Jedi! Team | July 25, 2007

Entertainment Weekly magazine editor-at-large Dalton Ross reports about his 7-year-old son’s birthday which was all about Star Wars. He had games, temporary tattoos and even dressed up as Darth Maul to impress his son and his friends.

But before the game got under way, I had a little surprise for them. While they sat discussing what their team names would be (”Ooh! Ooh! Let’s be the Tusken Raiders!”), I snuck upstairs and slipped on a Darth Maul costume — yes, I own one, and no, you are not allowed to judge. I made my way down the stairs as stealthlike as possible, trying my best not to fall and kill myself, which was a distinct possibility, considering that seeing outside the mask was next to impossible. I felt a bit like Luke Skywalker in Episode 4 with his blast shield down, getting zapped by the lightsaber training droid. Only I was a lot less whiny.


Megatron is His Middle Name

Bonnie Burton | July 23, 2007

For some people a middle name must be more than meets the eye, case in point — Jason Burrows. His middle name of Michael just wasn’t cutting it, so he took legal action and changed his name to something with a bit more power and pizazz — Megatron!

Burrows, who works as the Assistant Imaging Director for 96.5 Jack-FM here at CBS Radio in Seattle, as well as troops as a 501st Legion member in the Titan Garrison under the designation TK-757, decided to change his middle name to Megatron for a variety of reasons, all stemming from a conversation about tomatoes as he explains below.


The Real World: Darth Vader

Bonnie Burton | July 23, 2007

Darth Vader walking through ship corridors, Force-choking co-workers and dueling annoying Jedi with his glowing lightsaber are all typical activities the Dark Lord of the Sith is known for. But Buenos Aires-based graphic designer Esteban Diácono decided to give fans a different glimpse of the every day life of Darth Vader as he is in the “real” world.

“I thought it would be funny to show Vader adapting to his new life,” Diácono explains. “Being stuck in a helmet is not easy, but he wants to carry on with his life — and that includes some adapting and adjustments. Of course, I wanted to do it in a very regular environment — a simple apartment with an ugly kitchen. It’s my place, by the way.”

In this photo series you can see Vader getting ready for his work day in the usual fashion — showering, putting toothpaste on his toothbrush, etc. And Harry Potter fans will be happy to know that even this Sith Lord can’t wait to get to the end of The Deathly Hallows.

“He’s enjoying the book, but finds Lord Voldemort to be a little less evil than expected,” Diácono smiles.

Check out the photo series here:
The Real World: Darth Vader

Club Jade, Flickr

Prairie Dog of the Dark Side

Bonnie Burton | July 5, 2007

“Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father.”

YTMND – Prairie Dog Wars

Han Solo to Star in Western

Pete Vilmur | June 27, 2007


Well, not exactly. Blogger Daniel Messer of Gilbert, Arizona spotted the space pirate donning some western duds on a book cover printed by Linford Western Library. You’d think the artist could have at least lifted an image of Ford from 1979′s The Frisco Kid, the actor’s first — and last — Western comedy.

Thanks to for the link. Read the original blog post here.

Rejected Star Wars Stamps in MAD Magazine Team | June 27, 2007

Princess Leia Ewok-tossing? Palpatine needing Botox? Darth Maul as a Chicago Bulls fan? These and more are rejected Star Wars stamps that have surfaced in the pages of the latest MAD Magazine, courtesy of the Usual Gang of Idiots. Check out issue #479, on newsstands now. For more info, check out MAD’s website here.


Darthmatic Chipmunk

Bonnie Burton | June 27, 2007

As the original “Dramatic Chipmunk” mini-film makes its rounds on the Web, it was only a matter of time before a Star Wars fan gave the acting critter his own lightsaber, making him “Darthmatic Chipmunk.” However, he’s not actually a chipmunk. According to readers on

The star of “Dramatic Chipmunk” appears to be a Prairie Dog (Cynomys sp.) as opposed to a chipmunk (Tamias sp.). Either a great example of cross-species casting or a call to action for Chipmunk-Americans to stand up for their rights.

Now he’s ready for his dramatic close-up before his lightsaber battle. I wonder if he’ll make a cameo on the Star Wars live-action TV series?

Watch the “Darthmatic Chipmunk” video here.

Of course he’s still no match for our Speeder Squirrel!

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