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Jabba the Art Critic? Team | August 22, 2007

Brisbane-based artist Alasdair Macintyre shrinks icons down into pop culture mashups with his unusual miniature sculptures. He’s turned the band U2 into 13-centimeter figures, and morphed the art critic Robert Hughes into Jabba the Hutt in his diorama piece called Hands that Built America.

Read more about Macintyre’s work here.

SOURCE: The Sydney Morning Herald

Fan Frozen in Carbonite

Bonnie Burton | August 21, 2007

What’s cooler than daydreaming you’re Han Solo? How about pretending you’re Han frozen in Carbonite? Or even better taken his place by replacing Harrison Ford’s anguished mug with yours!

That’s exactly what this fan did when he got his hands on the Han in Carbonite replica.

This is a full-sized replica of the famous “Han Solo” in Carbonite. It is made from fiberglass, and the short story is that a friend who is a special effects guy owned the piece, which was a direct casting off the original prop. He was moving, (aka getting married and yelled at) and asked me if I wanted it. I screamed a huge lispy “Yes!” and picked it up, but knew I wanted to do something cool with it. So I called my other nerdy special effects pals, and they offered to replace Harrison Ford’s face with mine. I was so tired of hearing this offer in my daily life, but decided to finally consider it, so off it went.

KNB Effects in the Valley took an algae mold of my entire head, then cut off Han Solo’s, and replaced it with mine. They even added the frozen saliva that rushed out when Han got frozen.

Read all about it here.


Jar Jar to be Hip in 20 Years Team | August 17, 2007


According “a council of the nation’s top critics”, 12-year-olds today will deem the pop culture of their youth as the best ever.

“We did an exhaustive study and definitely found that no era before or since produced art with the sublime depth, poignancy and meaning as did the time when you were twelve.”

Hey, it worked for Alf…sort of. Check out the full report in Ruben Bolling’s “News of the Times” cartoon over at

Unemployed Palpatine Team | August 16, 2007


We’ve seen Chad Vader lose his day manager position, but it would seem others in the Imperial executive staff are also between jobs at the moment.

G4 posted “The Emperor Gets a Job” some time ago, but in case you missed it, Palpatine visits a temp agency to find work after the destruction of the second Death Star. Check it out here.

Chad Chimes in on Chocolate Rain Team | August 15, 2007

As Tay Zonday‘s conquering of the Internet continues unhindered with his musical opus, “Chocolate Rain,” it was only a matter of time before the Dark Lord weighed in. Yes, there’s been a previous take on Vader/Chocolate Rain, but that’s the lazy man’s version. This new edition puts Chad Vader behind the mic.


Come on, fans. Give us your Star Wars Chocolate Rain lyrics.

  • “Artoo saves the day again.”
  • “Jabba’s always yanking Oola’s chain.”
  • “Luke grabs a Cloud City weather vane.”
  • “Lumiya comes from Shalyvane.”
  • “Trapped in carbonite with David Blaine.”

…Okay. It’s harder than we thought.

May the Plastic Be With You: Straw Wars

Bonnie Burton | August 15, 2007

Relive (or recycle) all the magical, action-packed moments you love from A New Hope with this fan-made tribute created with drinking straws, pipe cleaners, plastic forks and soda bottles!

From the trash compactor scene to the thrilling Death Star trench run, these filmmakers have thought of every detail. We especially love the X-wing starfighter made from a soda bottle and the fork chairs in the Death Star conference room.

Watch the film here:
Straw Wars

Stormtroopers in Love

Bonnie Burton | August 10, 2007

Red and Jonny are married artists who live in Ontario, Canada — who like to photograph themselves wearing stormtrooper helmets frolicking on the beach, in the countryside and in the grocery store.

Check out the photos on Flickr here.

Club Jade, BoingBoing

Brewing Bender Bot

Bonnie Burton | August 9, 2007

“Futurama” fans may recall the episode “The Route of All Evil,” where the gang decides to brew beer inside the cantankerous robot Bender. One fan decided to make it a reality by constructing his own real-life working version made from wood, fiberglass, circuit boards and a whole lot of ingenuity.

Check out the step-by-step process here:
Building Beer Brewing Bender

No word yet on fans constructing martini-slinging C-3POs or wine-making R2-D2 units.

For more fun with Bender, check out these other “Futurama”-inspired craft projects:
* Bender PC Case Mod
* Bender Costume
* Homemade Zoidberg costume
* Homemade “Futurama” pinball machine

MAKE magazine

Star Wars Poster Parody on Simpsons DVD Set Team | August 7, 2007

The Official Star Wars site recently chronicled the love affair between the Simpsons and Star Wars by reprinting an ancient article and slapping a few updates on it. That love continues with today’s release of The Simpsons: The Complete Tenth Season on DVD. Movies, studio tours and all things Hollywood comprise the theme for this set’s art direction, and on the back cover is a familiar looking poster.


Best thing, collectors, is that this artwork isn’t printed on the box itself, but rather the paper sleeve that’s stuck on the back, so you can remove it and affix it to the major appliance of your choice. Star Wars fans should also take note that this set includes the episode “Mayored to the Mob,” guest starring Mark Hamill as himself and other voices. Hamill is one of the guests on that episode’s audio commentary.

  • Highlights include Matt Groening introducing himself as an “excited Star Wars nerd.”
  • Fun fact: Mark Hamill’s son, Nathan, works for Bongo Comics, who publishes Simpsons comics.

Dark Lord of the Twitter

Bonnie Burton | August 6, 2007

When you have an entire galaxy to torment, there’s just no time for full-on blogging. So whenever Darth Vader has a spare moment, he gets online and updates his Imperial minions one sentence at a time on the addictive social networking site

Read mini-entries from Vader as he chats about the latest upgrades to his suit, gripes about day-to-day workplace incompetence and laments over the Rebel scum that keep getting in his way.

Here’s a few of Vader’s more memorable Twitter ramblings:

Just discovered a side benefit to having robotic arms and hands. No need for pot holders when cooking my legendary BBQ Bantha burgers. about 3 hours ago from twitterrific

My iPhone chest unit upgrade is complete. Activation is delayed indefinitely however. Something tells me this isn’t going to be a good thing 10:58 PM June 29, 2007 from twitterrific

One of the new officers has a beard and mustache. Hum, he seems familiar but I just can’t place him. Probably nothing… 09:36 AM June 21, 2007 from twitterrific

Just upgraded my legs with a sweet new dancing program. Have plans to break into “So you think you can dance?” and show these losers up. 09:38 AM May 30, 2007 from twitterrific