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Star Wars Toys That Never Were

Bonnie Burton | December 10, 2007

You can’t have too many Star Wars collectibles. Right, Mr. Sansweet?
So when we came across this wishful thinking blog about Star Wars action figures that will probably never see the light of day — the smouldering remains of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, the dead Ewok, rocks from blown up Alderaan, etc., we couldn’t help but smile. The empty box containing the Force is a clear winner.

Read more about more nonexistent toys here:
Star Wars toys that never made it

“Robot Chicken: Star Wars” Nominated Team | December 6, 2007

This week ASIFA-Hollywood announced nominations today for the 35th Annual Annie Awards recognizing the year’s best animation across film, television, commercials, video games and short subjects. “Robot Chicken” and “Robot Chicken: Star Wars” were on the impressive list of talent.

“Robot Chicken: Star Wars” (ShadowMachine)

Seth Green (“Robot Chicken: Star Wars”) (ShadowMachine)

Eric Towner (“Robot Chicken”) (ShadowMachine)

Read the full list here:
Nominees for the 35th Annual Annie Awards

Winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on Friday, February 8, 2008 at UCLA’s Royce Hall, in Los Angeles, CA.

Stylin’ Chewie

Bonnie Burton | December 4, 2007

Found on Flickr: Street art sticker of Chewie getting a little taken off the top.

Celebrity Star Wars Photoshop Fun

Bonnie Burton | November 26, 2007

From the creative kids at Worth1000.

Imagine Tom Cruise as Chewbacca, David Letterman as C-3PO, or Gandhi as Yoda…

Check out the hilarious results here:
Celebrity Star Wars

SOURCES:, Worth1000

NY Magazine Ranks MAD About Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | November 20, 2007

Reading New York magazine’s weekly Approval Matrix is like reading a Who’s Who List of what’s hot and what’s completely lame both for cultural elitists and pop culture junkies.

Lucky for us, even though the editors weren’t too keen on the punishment for the man who stole items from the Indiana Jones movie set (which made the Highbrow/Despicable side of the Matrix), we were thrilled to see our favorite book MAD About Star Wars in the Brilliant/Lowbrow end of the Approval Matrix.

Check it out here:
The Approval Matrix for Nov. 19, 2007 (New York magazine)

Be sure to read our interviews on with the folks that make MAD About Star Wars so… MAD!

LOL Star Wars

Bonnie Burton | November 14, 2007

First there was LOLcat, so it only made sense that sooner or later, Star Wars fans would make their own LOL version with This LOL blog has plenty of fan-made images to keep you scratching your head or laughing in an instant — depending on how fast you can read L33t.

Be sure to also check out our LOL Wars in Star Wars MashUps here.

Barbie Trapped in Carbonite?

Bonnie Burton | November 9, 2007

BoingBoing reports about one mash-up of note — Barbie Trapped in Carbonite!

Etsy seller Stray’s “Barbie Trapped in Carbonite” sculpture is perfectly demented and just the thing for transitioning the kids from unrealistic Dream House play to unrealistic space-empire play.

More here.

Star Wars Pinball at MAD Offices

Bonnie Burton | November 6, 2007

When MAD magazine’s “Maddest Writer” Dick Debartolo gave Part 5 of his multi-part video tour of the MAD offices in New York, we could help but notice their vintage Star Wars pinball machine. Here’s what Dick had to say about the artifact in the MAD magazine conference room:

Another piece of very important office equipment is the pinball machine. We come in here and we do lunch. What we do is actually gamble to see who’s going to eat. Each day only one employee is allowed to leave the building for lunch. So you have to win that game in order to leave the building.

Watch the video here:
VIDEO: Mad Office Tour — Part 5
(Watch ALL the tour video clips here.)

Be sure to read our interviews with the MAD staffers responsible for the new MAD magazine tribute book to Star Wars
The Usual Gang of Jediots: MAD About Star Wars

Princess Leia on “Chuck” Team | November 6, 2007

(image from

Missed the Halloween episode of the new NBC show “Chuck” where one of the characters dresses up as the bikini Slave Leia? If you want to see her chat about the episode behind-the-scenes IN COSTUME, here’s your chance:

VIDEO: It’s a Chuck Halloween
Get the scoop on the Halloween episode with Zachary Levi and the cast!

Carrie Fisher’s “30 Rock” online Team | November 5, 2007

The “30 Rock” with Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher is now online on Here’s a synopsis:

“Rosemary’s Baby”…

When Liz (Tina Fey) meets her idol, Rosemary Howard (Guest Star Carrie Fisher), she invites her to be a guest writer on the show. However, Rosemary’s radical ideas that Liz grew up admiring are now too controversial for Liz’s NBC show. When Liz refuses to fire Rosemary, Jack (Alec Baldwin) pressures Liz, who promptly quits. Jack brings Tracy (Tracy Morgan) to a therapist to figure out why he must do the opposite that he is told. Meanwhile, after Jenna (Jane Krakowski) ruins Kenneth’s (Jack McBrayer) page jacket, Kenneth must compete in a page-off in order to keep his job. Carrie Fisher guest stars; Scott Adsit, Judah Friedlander, Lonny Ross, Katrina Bowden, John Lutz, Maulik Pancholy, Kevin Brown and Grizz Chapman also star.

To watch the full episode go to the official “30 Rock” site here.