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Star Wars Hologram on “Torchwood” Team | March 26, 2008

Star Wars fans who have been watching Season 2 of the “Doctor Who” spinoff TV series “Torchwood” may have noticed a special reference to an old Jedi Master slip by. In the first episode of the new seasn — “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” — James Marsters joins the “Torchwood” cast as Capt. John Hart. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel” fans will recognize Marsters from his role as the snarky Brit vampire Spike.

In this clip, Capt. Hart challenges “Torchwood” leader Capt. Jack Harkness in a Star Wars-like hologram message and adds a humorous “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope!” impression at the end.

VIDEO: Watch the clip here.

Learn more about the show on the official “Torchwood” BBC site here.

BigDog Robot Gets ‘Sweded’

Bonnie Burton | March 26, 2008

When we first reported about the creepy, headless, deer-like quadruped BigDog robot, we never imagined that someone would decide to give it the Sweded Be Kind Rewind treatment. But we are very glad they did! It duplicates the original video right down to the jerk trying to kick them over. Pure genius!

Check out this video and a mini-interview with its creators here:
Video of BigDog Beta Quadruped Robot Is So Stupid It’s Hilarious (via Gizmodo)

Diesel Sweeties 1977

Bonnie Burton | March 25, 2008

(C) 2008 R. Stevens — from

Artist R. Stevens dedicates his #1977 numbered strip of “Diesel Sweeties” to a Star Wars debate some of us hold near to our hearts — Why didn’t Chewie get a medal at the end of A New Hope?

Ironically, the girl who loves Wookiees just so happens to be my Diesel Sweeties Doppelgänger! No, really — see for yourself.

Check out the Star Wars debate on Diesel Sweeties.

OMG, Luke is Sooo Wrong!

Bonnie Burton | March 10, 2008

We never really noticed how often Luke is way off the mark on more than a few of his assumptions. But now that the crafty fans at YTMND have added big buzzer noises and “wrong!” screams into the dialog, it’s all the more obvious.

Watch for yourselves here:
YTMD – Can Luke get ANYTHING right?

Source: Club Jade

If Diablo Cody Wrote Star Wars

Pablo Hidalgo | February 27, 2008



C-3PO: Thank the Maker, this oil bath is going to feel so good! I have such a bad case of dust contamination I can barely move.

Luke: Don’t mind me harshing your Calgon moment, Goldleaf. I’ll a little too busy hating the universe.

“10 Items or Less” Channels its Inner Force Team | February 19, 2008

Our friends at Turner/TBS sent us this alert of interest to Star Wars fans looking for Star Wars references on television:

On the TBS series “10 Items or Less” the employees of the Greens & Grains are channeling their “inner Force” to get their beloved manager Leslie Pool (John Lehr) to come back from the dark side in an episode airing Tuesday, Feb. 19, at 11 p.m. (ET/PT).

When rival store manage Amy Anderson loses her job at the SuperValueMart, Leslie decides to hire her as Greens & Grains’ new assistant manager, to the horror of the rest of the staff. Amy’s influence is immediately felt as she forces Leslie to be stricter in his managerial style and tries to transform the Greens & Grains into an impersonal big box grocery store. It will take a maximum effort by the crew to snap Leslie out of Amy’s spell and rescue him from the dark side.

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Romantic Rebels Roundup! Team | February 14, 2008

(We really would rather kiss a Wookiee!)

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit with this list of fun Star Wars-related romantic sites.

Star Wars Paraphrase Theater

Bonnie Burton | February 11, 2008

Will Carlough presents Paraphrase Theater — a semi-weekly video series where he reenacts movies, give or take. His motto: “Close is enough is good enough.”

In Star Wars Paraphrase Theater Will shows Tarkin and Princess Leia as you’ve never seen him… er her… before! We asked Will a few questions about this episode so you understand the method behind his mustache.


Han Solo is Highly Effective Team | February 6, 2008 takes a look at their favorite spaceship captains from Serenity, “Battlestar Galactica,” “Star Trek,” “Futurama,” and Star Wars for leadership lessons worth following.

5. Just because you have a crappy ship doesn’t mean you’re a loser. Everyone knows that Han Solo, captain of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, is piloting a souped-up bucket. And yet his seemingly-crappy ship is probably the very best thing for helping out a group of covert resistance fighters like Obi-Wan and Luke. Plus, he knows his ship so well that he can totally slam those stormtroopers in their McFighters. Lesson learned? Every crappy PC is a lean, mean Linux box waiting to be born. Oh, and in case that didn’t make sense: It’s not the tools; it’s what you do with them.

Read the full list here:
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Spaceship Captains (

Jedi Ginsu Knife

Pete Vilmur | February 4, 2008


Here’s some fantasy tech that’s right up there with flying cars and Star Trek transporters to get your geek on – the Jedi Ginsu knife, which “will replace all of your knives because it cuts through anything with its amazing blade of light.” And it doesn’t even scorch the food – amazing!!!

Let’s hope technology gets us one of these before food pellets replace the need for knives altogether. Check out the fun ad over at

And for some lightsaber fun that’s actually within the realm of reality, check out the new lightsaber lamps from Japan reported over at