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The Big Bang Theory Writes George Lucas

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

We all love The Big Bang Theory! Sheldon does a mean Ackbar impression. They protect themselves against burglars using lightsabers replicas. And well, they’re funny.

But lately, the show has featured a few jabs against The Clone Wars animated series. So the writers of the show issued this letter to George Lucas during the end credits of one of their episodes that aired in November 2008.

It reads:


Dear George Lucas,

May I call you Mr. Lucas? On behalf of the writers of The Big Bang Theory, I would like to thank you for your astounding body of work, which has awakened the child within us and unleashed our dreams. That being said, we hope you don’t take offense at our good-natured jest regarding your most recent ainmated efforts. Yes they were cheap shots, but we can’t help but hold you to a higher standard — a standard of your own making. In closing, we are looking forward to Indiana Jones 5 – The Curse of the Golden Catheter. Oops, sorry again.

Very truly yours,

The Writers

P.S. To William Shatner of Star Trek 5.
Go ahead, sue us.

Check out the letter here:
The Big Bang Theory Letter to George Lucas
(via Chuck Lorre Production Vanity Card Archives)

Starship Enterprise Destroyed by the Death Star Team | May 8, 2009

Just because the new Star Trek film (out this weekend) is becoming a blockbuster hit, doesn’t mean Star Wars fans can’t have a little fun. Filmmaker Michael Horn (who previously brought us Death Star over San Francisco, is at it again. But this time the Death Star has its sights on destroying Star Trek’s USS Enterprise as it hovers near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco!

WATCH VIDEO: Starship Enterprise Destroyed by the Death Star (via Current TV)

Someone to Walk in Artoo’s Shoes

Pete Vilmur | April 30, 2009


There’s something irresistibly quirky about the old Star Wars sneakers from the late ‘70s, manufactured by Clarks of England. Based on various characters from A New Hope, this “R2-D2” pair that recently sold on eBay for under $10 was a steal, given that silver Star Wars sneakers are a pretty cool obscurity from the space-crazed ‘70s. Complete with illustrated Star Wars box, bag, and a couple inches added to your height with those beefy rubber heals, it’s a wonder every kid from the decade of disco wasn’t strutting these bad boys.

Check out the original auction here.

Colbert Eats an Ewok!

Bonnie Burton | April 28, 2009

The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert is often giving shout outs to Star Wars. He’s had a lightsaber duel with George Lucas. He’s urged the Nation to buy lightsabers to help the economy. And now, after promising he wouldn’t — he’s eaten an Ewok.


Star Wars on SuperNews Team | April 21, 2009

Current TV’s web series SuperNews takes a funny look at trendy topics and news items, and then animates them into hilarious Web cartoons. Since Star Wars is ever-present in pop culture it makes sense that some characters show up in a few episodes.

Here’s a selection of SuperNews episodes with Boba Fett, Chewbacca, Rush Limbaugh as Jabba the Hutt and Ann Coulter as Salacious Crumb!

WARNING: Some of the videos have adult language, violence and themes.

In Rambo vs. Terror Pt. 1 Rambo is back and ready to help fight the War on Terror. With Osama Bin Laden still at large, Sly Stallone teams up with Blackwater USA which includes Predator and Boba Fett!

WATCH VIDEO: SuperNews: Rambo vs. Terror Pt. 1

Found on eBay: Yoda Flirt Poster

Pete Vilmur | April 20, 2009


Here’s one you didn’t see stateside — this cool transit poster from Japan recently went to a lucky bidder who obviously appreciates the whimsical side of Star Wars advertising. This rare (and large!) poster, which was printed up by a Japanese cellular company in 2005 and oddly features the Episode I version of Yoda, is actually one of a pair — the other featured Darth Vader on a park bench with a couple of Japanese school girls. It’s no wonder that Japanese Star Wars posters remain among the most sought after by collectors.

Check out the original Yoda poster auction here.

The Empire Strikes LOST Team | April 16, 2009


Fans of the show Lost got an earful of Star Wars references last night, courtesy of the character Hurley, whose trek back in time to 1977 has inspired him to write The Empire Strikes Back for George Lucas. The episode, called “Some Like it Hoth”, included at least two exchanges between characters on the subject of Empire.

Here’s some of the dialog exchanged between Hurley and Miles, who has snatched Hurley’s journal from him:

HURLEY: Give it back!

MILES: “Exterior–Hoth. A little spy robot thingy zips through the atmosphere and crashes into the snowy planet below. That’s when Chewbacca shows up and blasts it away with his crossbow laser. He shakes his fury fist in the sky in triumph. Chewbacca–Raaar.”

HURLEY: It’s “furry.” “Furry fist.” I need to spell-check it.

MILES: What the hell is this?

HURLEY: I’m writing Empire Strikes Back.

MILES: Uh… I’m sorry. What?

HURLEY: It’s 1977, right? So Star Wars just came out. And pretty soon, George Lucas is gonna be looking for a sequel. I’ve seen Empire, like, 200 times, so I figured I’d make life easier and send him the script… with a couple improvements.

MILES: That has gotta be the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

HURLEY: Oh, yeah? Well, at least I’m not scared to talk to my own dad.

And later, Empire comes up again, with Hurley describing the film’s father-son relationship to Miles:


Chad Vader and RiffTrax Mock Empire Team | April 14, 2009

RiffTrax (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett from Mystery Science Theater 3000) team up with none other than Chad Vader to mock the old-school fan fave The Empire Strikes Back.

Here’s a clip:
WATCH VIDEO: RiffTrax – Empire Strikes Back Sample


Lost on eBay: Leia’s Do

| April 9, 2009


The poor Princess. We scoured eBay looking for her lost hairdo but can’t seem to find it. It would seem that most of the original Kenner 12-inch Princess Leia dolls (which ironically came packaged with a comb) have endured a perpetual streak of bad hair days since December 26, 1978, when little girls (or little boys, and you know who you are) were motivated to loosen the buns and let her hair down. Unfortunately, few Leias have ever regained the difficult-to-restore hairmuffs, giving many-a-princess a forever frazzled look.


Found on eBay: Groovy Star Wars Motion Lamp

Pete Vilmur | April 3, 2009


Perusing eBay this week, we came across one of the ultra-rare vintage Star Wars motion lamps recently highlighted in our “Fad Wars” feature a few days ago. Good timing or savvy salesmanship? Either way, it’s a groovy piece that doesn’t come up too often, so better boogie on over if you want to bliss out with a cool piece of vintage Star Wars psychedelica.