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Returning to Star Wars: A Convergence in the Force

Howard Roffman | November 19, 2012


Twenty-two years ago, in the breakfast room at the Main House at Skywalker Ranch, I sat down to lunch with George Lucas and Bob Iger. Bob was then head of ABC, and George was pitching him on a new TV series called The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. ”It’s an educational show, Bob,” I remember George saying. “Nobody will watch it.” I cringed. Not exactly the best way to sell a show. But Bob said, “I don’t care. I’ll take that chance.” True to his word, Bob Iger stuck with Young Indy for two seasons, through critical success and ratings failure. In the process he won George’s trust and forged a relationship that would pay huge dividends far in the future.


TEDxSoMa Talk: Interacting with Star Wars Team | February 3, 2010

Howard Roffman of Lucasfilm Licensing was recently a guest speaker for the TEDxSoMa program.

Roffman spoke about how licensing kept the sparks of Star Wars fandom before the prequels, and how comics, books, video games, toys, collectibles and other licensed products permeates pop culture.

WATCH VIDEO: TEDxSoMa: Howard Roffman:
“Interacting with Star Wars