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Yoda Valentine Coloring Contest

Bonnie Burton | February 9, 2009

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Star Wars artist Cynthia Cummens-Narcisi is holding a coloring contest! Here’s how it works.

Download and print out this coloring page.

Color it however you want! With markers, with crayons, with paint, or anything! But please keep it limited to traditional media only. No digital art please! Scan your art, or have your parents scan it, and send your entry to:

Get all the rules and stuff here on Cynthia’s official site:
Valentine’s Day Coloring Contest! (via

Force-Cast Holiday Special Team | December 19, 2008

Just in time for the holidays, the awesome folks at Force-Cast have a treat for fans!

The Star Wars Encyclopedia is a big gift item this year and joining Force-Cast hosts Jason and Jimmy are its authors — Steve Sansweet, Pablo Hidalgo, Josh Kushins, and Mary Franklin (Hey Mary…Who spiked the egg nog?!?!?!?) And who is that poking around the tree? Why its OUR Santa, Derryl Depriest from Hasbro Lucasfilm brands to tell us what we can expect to find in our stockings this year. Plus listener birthdays and more as we celebrate the season with The Force-Cast Holiday Special!

LISTEN HERE: The Force-Cast Holiday Special (via

LEGO Star Wars Nativity Team | December 16, 2008

(photo by Larry Lars)

This holiday season show off your creativity and the Christmas spirit by making your own Star Wars-themed nativity scene. Check out this LEGO Star Wars Nativity made by fan Larry Lars who has a few tips of his own for others who want to make one as well.

What made you decide to make a nativity scene from LEGO Star Wars figures?
I made the scene to be my entry in a contest held by a SW LEGO fan site Limited to only a baseplate with 12×12 studs you’re supposed to combine Christmas and Star Wars and hopefully show your creativity and building skills. This idea came to me when trying to think up a reason, for the amount of different characters I wanted to have, to actually have a meeting on such a small space.

What is your favorite part of the nativity scene?
The twins of course. I also really like how the stable and the star tricks you into thinking it is the traditional setup before you take a closer look.

Any inside jokes in it that fans will appreciate?
The characters, besides the main family, are chosen for the most variety and Star Wars feel. But with this combination of characters from different movies and with the weight of the nativity story there’s going to be some interesting details to think about. Why so many evil ones? Who is the trooper on the roof? and so on. I think the biggest appeal for fans is going to be the depiction of the Skywalker family together in a moment they were bound to never have.

Any advice for fans who want to make their own Star Wars nativity scene?
Try to find a balance in the scene. I think you need to have a few things that really connects to the traditional scene. You have to know when to stop adding clever Star Wars references. And that can actually be kind of difficult.

Get a closer look here:
LEGO Star Wars Nativity (Flickr)

Give Thanks You’re Not a Skywalker

Bonnie Burton | November 25, 2008

As Thanksgiving Day approaches and you shudder to think about what family debate topic will inevitably bubble up as you stuff yourself with mashed potatoes and pie, at least you can feel comforted to know your dad won’t blow up your home planet or chop off your hand. takes a look at the worst dysfunctional families in science fiction, with of course the Skywalkers making the list.

The Skywalkers (Star Wars): The Skywalkers are more or less the gold standard for family dysfunction. Putting aside that twins Luke and Leia have the hots for one another, Papa Vader chopped off Luke’s hand, nearly killed him, and annihilated Leia’s entire home planet. Makes those family dinners pretty awkward.

Adding Han Solo’s DNA to the family tree doesn’t improve matters, as his Force-sensitive offspring Jaina and Jacen just end up battling to the death.

Read the full article here:
Science Fiction’s Most Dysfunctional Families (

Chicken Walker Kid Costume

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2008

While some kids dressed up as Darth Vader, Princess Leia or Yoda this Halloween, this youngster went trick or treating as a Chicken Walker! If it was gray instead yellow, he could easily double as an AT-ST — a two-legged walker from Return of the Jedi. All he needs now are some Ewoks to shoot at!

WATCH VIDEO: See the Chicken Walker Costume in action

SOURCE: BoingBoing Gadgets

Beware of Star Wars Creepy Links!

Bonnie Burton | October 30, 2008

In honor of Halloween, here’s a round up of spooky, scary Star Wars crafts, costumes, drawing tutorials, stories, blog entries and even a ghoulishly-frightening creature MP3 for your haunted house!






Sculpt a Halloween Yoda Pumpkin

Bonnie Burton | October 29, 2008

Sculptor/illustrator Lawrence Noble gives step-by-step tips on how to make your very own festive Yoda creation from a pumpkin, a gourd and some oranges just in time for Halloween!

Get all the instructions here:
Sculpt a Halloween Yoda Pumpkin (

DIY Star Wars Costumes for Dogs

Bonnie Burton | October 24, 2008

(Photo by Natalie Zee Drieu)

Craft magazine Senior Editor Natalie Zee Drieu is not only a crafting genius, but a bit of a Star Wars fan. Thanks to her, I’ve been able to do Star Wars craft tutorials at the Bay Area Maker Faire for two years in a row, teaching kids how to make Yoda Dolls and Star Wars Marble Magnets. So when she told me about the Star Wars costumes she made for her adorable little dog and her furry friends, I had to know how. Thankfully, she blogs about the costumes and how you can make them easily from felt, cotton fabric, yarn, and ribbon.

Natalie says:

Ever since last Halloween, I’ve wanted to make Lulu an Ewok costume for Halloween. Last year I just didn’t have the time so I knew I had to get this going this year. It turned out her two best friends Gello (Darth Vader) and Lucy (Princess Leia), wanted costumes too for the upcoming neighborhood Halloween pet party this Sunday. Needless to say, these three are inseparable and known around our neighborhood together so we had to bring the Star Wars theme to all three dogs.

Check out how to make awesome dog costumes of an Ewok, Darth Vader and Princess Leia (with hairbuns!) here:
HOW TO – Make Star Wars Halloween Costumes for Dogs (

DIY Yoda Pumpkin

Bonnie Burton | October 17, 2008

words: Bonnie Burton

Star Wars fan and mother Mindy Scott got into the Halloween spirit and made this festive pumpkin to surprise her kids with a one-of-a-kind tribute. chats with her to find out how she made this awesome Yoda Holiday Pumpkin.

Why did you decide to make a Yoda Holiday Pumpkin?

I decided to do Yoda because my boys, Benjamin (5) and Matthew (3), are extreme fans of Star Wars. My son, Matthew, hums the theme to Star Wars at least three times a day. They are dressing up like Obi-Wan and the orange clone trooper for our Fall Festival. I wanted to surprise them with a pumpkin that stayed in theme with their costumes. They were so excited when they woke up and saw Yoda, they wanted to fight him with their lightsabers.


Gingerbread TIE Fighter

Bonnie Burton | December 3, 2007

For those of you holiday chefs out there, instead of making the traditional house, how about a Gingerbread TIE Fighter?

A fan made one and put all his photos on how to do it up on Flickr here: Gingerbread TIE Fighter