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New Hasbro Action Figure Cards Preview

Pete Vilmur | February 16, 2010

While we were able to showcase one of Hasbro’s new action figure cardback mock-ups last month in our “2010 Star Wars Packaging Revealed” story, Hasbro did share two new mock-ups for both their Clone Wars and Saga Legends series in their Toy Fair presentation. These don’t include the lower “footer” graphic that will include the figure’s name and other info, but they do give a sense of how uniform the two series will look.

Galactic Heroes for 2010

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

Galactic Heroes AT-AT

Before we move into other Star Wars licensees attending the 2010 Toy Fair, we couldn’t resist sharing Hasbro’s ever-popular line of Star Wars Galactic Heroes, which this year will include the AT-AT (which is already getting a lot of love from Hasbro) and several Clone Wars entries. See the full collection after the jump!


Hasbro’s 2010 Star Wars Battle Packs

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

Hasbro’s got at least seven new Battle Packs readying for release this year, including three sets from their new Vintage Collection (which include figures from Episodes I – VI). Check the images below for assortments and release dates:

Jedi Showdown (Available in March)

Holocron Heist (Available in March)

Tatooine Desert Ambush (Available in March)

Birth of Darth Vader (Available in March)

Droids and Clones (Available in August)

Anti-Hailfire Squad (Available in August)

Hoth Pack (Available in August)

Hasbro’s New RC Flying Millennium Falcon

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

Hasbro’s remote-controlled flying Millennium Falcon is one of those items that, if you didn’t see the photo, you’d have to ask, “What do they mean, flying? As you can see, however, Hasbro designers had the inspired idea to replace the saucer-shaped hull of the Falcon with a propeller to make it fly, although at a speed a few points behind lightspeed. Here’s Hasbro’s catalog copy for the RC Falcon, which will retail for about $49.99 this fall:

Han Solo once bragged that the Millennium Falcon made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs…and now fans can give it their best shot with the all-new Star Wars R/C MILLENNIUM FALCON! For the first time ever, the MILLENNIUM FALCON — the most beloved and iconic Star Wars ship of all-time — is available as an indoor flying remote control vehicle. Measuring an impressive 11 inches long and 8 inches wide, the largest flying Star Wars R/C to date is highly detailed, easy to fly and includes a charging controller and vehicle battery for up to five minutes of flying time.

2010 Star Wars Transformers

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

Hasbro’s got five new Clone Wars Transformers on deck for 2010, including Rex, Anakin, Cad Bane, Obi-Wan, and Yoda (check out those ab-guns!). Check the full set out at Flickr.

Hasbro Star Wars Showroom at 2010 Toy Fair

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

As we continue to post press kit images of Hasbro’s 2010 Star Wars line, we wanted to share how Hasbro is showcasing these new releases in New York to Toy Fair attendees. We’ve got some more images of the Super Deluxe AT-AT as well as the new Vintage Collection cardbacks, which really do resemble the originals from 30 years ago. Check out our full set of showroom images at Flickr, and stay tuned for more updates from Hasbro and other Star Wars merchandise represented at Toy Fair! You can also check our full collection of Toy Fair images here.

12 New Clone Wars Action Figures for 2010

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

Hasbro revealed their Clone Wars action figure collection this weekend at Toy Fair, which includes 12 figures from the first two seasons of the show in addition to the vehicle/figure packs reported earlier. Check out the full set of 12 at our Flickr series here, and stay tuned our unfolding image series of Toy Fair in the full collection here.

Hasbro’s New 2010 Vintage Collection Figures

Pete Vilmur | February 15, 2010

Revealed at Toy Fair this year, Hasbro will be releasing some old favorites with all new tooling but in packages resembling the original action figures from the ’70s and ’80s (see the Cloud Car Pilot package below). Check out the full line for 2010 at our Flickr series here!

Be sure to check out our full coverage of Toy Fair 2010 by checking back here at the blog, or by bookmarking our Toy Fair 2010 collection at Flickr.

Boba’s Back, and Hasbro’s Got Him

Pete Vilmur | February 14, 2010

Hasbro’s got at least three new entries for 2010 of the galaxy’s best bounty hunter, including the infamous rocket-firing Boba Fett figure that finally gets the spring-loaded missile that was promised in 1979 but not released!

Because of safety concerns in 1979, the spring-loaded missile that was to come with the mail-away Fett was permanently attached to the bounty-hunter’s backpack shortly before release, with the rocket-firing feature surviving on only a select few prototype examples that are now worth thousands of dollars.

This rocket-firing Fett, which appears almost identical to the 1979 vintage original, will be available as a mail-away with the purchase of five specially-marked Hasbro figures starting this fall. Also on deck is the Boba Fett role-play blaster and helmet (read more about the helmet here). Check out our Flickr series for more photos of the vintage-style Fett figure as well as larger pics of the blaster and helmet. Stay updated with the latest from Toy Fair with our full Flickr series here!

Hasbro Reveals Vehicles for 2010

Pete Vilmur | February 14, 2010

At this weekend’s Toy Fair in New York, Hasbro unveiled their 2010 line of Star Wars vehicles and figure/vehicle combos. Some great entries from the Clone Wars series here, such as Cad Bane with Pirate Bike and Mando with Speeder Bike, as well as some great classic vehicles like the Bespin Cloud Car. But that’s just for starters — follow this link to the full set of new Star Wars vehicles slated for 2010, including some bigger pics of the Super Deluxe AT-AT.