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Timeline: Ventress Collectibles

Pete Vilmur | February 24, 2012

With Asajj Ventress returning to The Clone Wars tonight, we thought we’d dust off and update this collectibles story from last year about the galaxy’s deadliest (and sultriest) Sith assassin…

With Ventress’s first televised appearance taking place on November 14, 2003 during an episode of the original Clone Wars animated micro-series, the character’s look and story have evolved considerably, culminating in some shocking events we’ll witness in tonight’s episode, “Massacre.”

Since her debut over eight years ago, there’s been quite the coven of Ventress collectibles produced, from her early appearance on the 2003 series posters to the many turns she’s had as a Hasbro action figure. For the intrepid Asajj aficionado, we’ve compiled a year-by-year list of all the Ventress collectibles our dark side sources could uncover:


Late 2003 saw images of Clone Wars villainess Asajj Ventress used on the promotional poster and brochure for the series, as well as two action figures: one based on her animated appearance, and the other interpreted by Hasbro sculptors in a more “real-world” guise.


For the original series’ second season debut in April, 2004, Ventress again appeared on the promotional poster, sold exclusively at StarWarsShop along with a postcard and pin set offered there as well. Acme Archives offered a limited sericel of Asajj vs. Anakin, while Wizards of the Coast served up the first gaming miniature of Dooku’s assassin. Gentle Giant’s stunning maquette of the animated Asajj is highly coveted by collectors of the original series.


Free Digital Sampler: Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine Team | October 26, 2011

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Vote for the Next Star Wars Action Figure Team | October 21, 2011

Take part in the official Hasbro Fans’ Choice poll to decide which Star Wars character will go into production next!

Star Wars Insider magazine and Hasbro have joined forces to give Star Wars fans the chance to vote for a Star Wars character to be made into an action figure! The figure will be included in Hasbro’s Star Wars action figure line in 2013, in time for the 30th anniversary of Return of the Jedi.

There are twenty Star Wars characters in the running. The winning character will be announced at Hasbro’s 2012 Collector-Fan Media Day event at Toy Fair in New York in February 2012.

“Everybody loves collecting Star Wars and this is a rare chance to vote for a character to be made into an action figure, says Jonathan Wilkins, Star Wars Insider editor. “There are some really diverse characters to choose from; from the movies to the Expanded Universe; from the dreaded Emperor Palpatine to the cute Princess Kneesa. We want as many fans as possible to get involved! Who will you choose? You can read more about the history of the fan poll in the latest issue of Star Wars Insider, out now! Get voting!”

The toy that makes it into production will be decided by this poll alone, so this really is your chance to stake a claim for the toy you’d like to own most.

To place your vote, visit the Star Wars Insider magazine website.

Toy Break Reviews Rocket Firing Boba Fett! Team | October 21, 2010

If you want to learn more about urban vinyl and art toys as well as get fun reviews of some Star Wars collectibles thrown in for good measure, tune into Toy Break! This weekly internet show features reviews and news about designer vinyl, plush, action figures, collectibles, events, and more!

Hosts Ayleen and George Gaspar review the new Rocket Firing Boba Fett Star Wars mail away action figure from Hasbro (Kenner) in their Toy Briefs video series on Youtube.

WATCH VIDEO: Toy Brief 51 : Rocket Firing Boba Fett

See the regular 2010 Vintage Boba Fett with mail in details at

Toy Break reviews many kinds of art toys and urban vinyl along with other Star Wars toys including this awesome review of the Wampa Mimobot!

Watch more Toy Brief review videos on Youtube, as well as their full-length show on

Hasbro Discusses New Vintage Line Action Figures Team | August 30, 2010

IGN Comics ran an in-depth interview today with Hasbro’s Vice President of Marketing, Derryl Depriest, about Hasbro’s new vintage line figures, which will include prequel characters packaged on the classic-style cardbacks familiar to collectors of the ‘70s and ‘80s line. Here’s an excerpt:

Depriest: “What makes the new series different is that this time, it is not limited. The series is open-ended and is planned to run for at least two years, pending fan acceptance. In addition, rather than staying true to updates of the original Kenner series, we are introducing figures from the Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I-III) just as if the original Kenner line had never stopped. Once folks see characters like Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous and Commander Cody they will truly understand the nostalgic power that this black and silver line really has; it’s as if Kenner has been making Star Wars figures continuously for the past 32 years!”

Check out the full interview at IGN Comics!

Hasbro Star Wars Comic-Con Exclusive Team | July 13, 2010

Blair Butler from G4′s Attack of the Show visits Hasbro’s headquarters in Rhode Island to check out some of the new exclusive toys they’ll be revealing at San Diego Comic-Con 2010. And of course, that means Star Wars exclusives!

WATCH VIDEO: Sneak Peek at Hasbro’s Comic-Con Toys

Blair Butler (G4 – Attack of the Show):
It would not be Comic-Con without a Star Wars exclusive!

Chad Donvito (Senior Brand Manager, Hasbro):
It’s another comic pack with two exclusive figures. The real kind of “ah ha” for me in this pack is Darth Maul with bionic legs. So Darth Maul comes back and what would he look like if he was put back together again?

It’s this crazy roided out Darth Maul after he got chopped in half by Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon, and he’s back and has little spider legs, right?

He does have spider legs. And the unexpected hero that comes along with him in this pack is Own Lars.

SOURCE: G4: Attack of the Show

Nathan Fillion Tweets His New AT-AT Team | July 9, 2010

As a special thanks to actor Nathan Fillion for being so vocal about his awesome lightsaber duel with his neighbor and his Jedi mind trick skills on his hit show Castle, not to mention his Force-tastic Christmas tree, we asked Hasbro to send him a new addition to his home — the new, gigantic AT-AT.

According to his tweets, it looks like he got it!

Remember to give him lots of love and take him on plenty of walks, Nathan!

Be sure to follow Nathan Fillion on Twitter.

Canadian Collectors — Give Feedback for Charity

Pete Vilmur | March 19, 2010

JediNews recently posted a survey for Canadian collectors to submit feedback on Hasbro’s Star Wars toy line in Canada . Each entry will benefit the Starlight Foundation in Canada — here’s the word from the site:

Participate in our STAR WARS Online Survey and share your feedback on the STAR WARS brand in Canada!

To thank you for your time, HASBRO CANADA and JEDINEWS.CA will donate 1 STAR WARS toy for every survey completed to the Starlight Foundation of Canada.

Only one survey per email address may be submitted.

This is exclusive to Canadian collectors so if you live outside Canada you will not be able to proceed with the survey. Canadian fans can head here for more details.

Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast Launches

Pete Vilmur | March 5, 2010

If you’ve got a bent for all-things-vintage Star Wars and want to drop in on some hardcore collector discussion of 12-backs, Brazilian Vlixes, and C-3PO Underoos (fear not — the hosts keep the discussion accessible for beginners — however, if Underoos need to be explained to you, better do some brushing up on your kid-skivvy history), check out the new Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast, or “Chive Cast” for short.

Hosted by Skye Paine and Stephen B. Danley, the first entry in this new series has a healthy dose of vintage discussion but also touches on Celebration V, Hasbro’s new Vintage Collection, focus collectors, and a new Jawa collector site.

Give it a listen and post your responses here! And don’t forget to check out the very cool ForceCast if you find collecting conversation to your liking.

Hasbro Comic Two-Packs for 2010 Team | February 16, 2010

Before heading back to the Toy Fair floor today, we wanted to share a couple upcoming releases that were attached to the tail-end of Hasbro’s Star Wars presentation last weekend, but weren’t on display in their showroom (at least we don’t think they were — we’ll have to check our photos).

As a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year, the Darth Maul and Owen Lars Comic 2-Pack will be available with a reprint of a Star Wars: Visionaries comic. These will also be available through Hasbro’s site and

For Celebration V in August, a second comic 2-pack including Camie and Fixer from the Star Wars: Empire comic (and the cut Tatooine scenes from A New Hope) will be available, also through Hasbro and StarWarsShop. Could a womp rat be far behind?