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Milk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet Craft!

Bonnie Burton | October 4, 2010

Want a stormtrooper helmet but can’t afford it? Drink some milk and make your own! Here’s a super-easy & fun craft for fans of all ages. I’m filing it under the “Wish I Had Thought Of That” craft.

Milk Jug Stormtrooper Helmet Craft

Amazing Tauntaun Costume

Bonnie Burton | November 16, 2009

It seems like tauntauns are the new zombies. First we had the tauntaun sleeping bag, then the tauntaun groom’s cake, and now one of the coolest tauntaun costumes ever!

Crafty Star Wars fan Scott Holden blogs about this amazing costume and how he made it. After designing his costume on the computer in Solidworks, he went straight to work.

Using wood, expanded metal and Plaster of Paris I made a skull, then sculpted clay over the skull to add the detail.

Then came more foam, plaster, clay, silicone, plastic, PVC, a back pack, drywall stilts, snowboard bindings, felt, craft fur, steel concrete stakes, paint, and a saddle!

Getting into the costume is difficult, it requires the ‘rider’ to first put the stilts on. Then the ‘handler’ lifts the body up and over the rider where the rider then has to put the backpack straps on. Then the handler runs to both sides of the costume and snaps the fur onto the hips hiding the riders real legs and stilts.

I was just recovering from knee surgery, so my buddy Brian agreed to wear the costume for me. We arrived at the Zone Ball at 9:30, had a couple beers in the parking lot, then mounted up.

As Brian strolled through the massive crowds, we were constantly being stopped for pictures. Getting on stage was difficult. There was a handicap lift, but it ended up being broken. It took an additional two security guards and a Zone staffer to climb the stairs, but once on stage, it was all worth it.

Check out the costume in action here:
WATCH VIDEO: Tauntaun costume 2009

Read all about it here:
Scott Holden’s Tauntaun Costume

SOURCE: MAKE magazine

Adorkable AT-AT Dog Costume!

Bonnie Burton | November 6, 2009

This may just be the happiest little AT-AT ever. A crafty fan made this adorkable costume for his little dog and then shot a video of him wagging his tale to the Imperial theme. Cute overload!

I made this for my Mini-Pinscher for Halloween as he has about the same size and profile as an AT-AT. It is made out of picture backing board, hot glue, a sharpie, pillow stuffing, and my skin — I used a real scalpel to cut it out, plus the hot glue took a chunk of skin off as well.

(via Youtube)

(Thanks for the tip, spladow!)

Kid’s Stormtrooper Costume Craft

Bonnie Burton | November 5, 2009

Using foam sheets, glue, Velcro strips, spray paint and a few other inexpensive items you can make these impressive stormtrooper costumes for your little ones, just like this crafty fan did.

This is my cheap attempt at stormtrooper costumes for my 4 and 6 year -olds. It’s made to be lightweight and flexible for comfort but still hold true to the movie armor and look cooler than the store-bought stuff out there. Because of the materials used, these costumes won’t hold up to rough play or prolonged wear. Actually, they got pretty beat up after simply trick or treating.

Within the steps I’ll tell you how I did certain things and what I would do differently. My son’s costume was my first attempt and spent about 18 hours on it, not including drying time for paint and glue.

My daughter’s costume took less time because I based it on my son’s templates just smaller and I gave it a little less detail (and I was less careful with cutting and gluing). Anyway, hope you find the instructions helpful. The result was a ton of fun and the kids got a lot of attention. Cheers!

Read the full instructions here:
Kid’s Stormtrooper Costume

Let the Wookiee Pumpkin Win! Team | November 4, 2009

Photos by Raphael Isaacs

This Halloween fans everywhere carved and transformed ordinary pumpkins into their favorite Star Wars characters. But instead of cutting up the Great Pumpkin, crafty fans Raphael Isaacs and his wife Jennifer made this Wookiee-tastic pumpkin for a contest — which, of course, they won! chats with Raphael about his adorkable pumpkin tribute to Chewbacca with tips for you crafty fans.

Why did you decide to make this pumpkin in a non-traditional way?
We were determined to make the pumpkin look as Chewbacca-like as possible, which as everyone knows requires copious amounts of fur. Also, with the right tools, covering a pumpkin in fur is a lot easier than carving it.

What materials did you use?
Pumpkin, various types of faux fur, glue gun, Sculpey, aluminum foil, cardboard, satin ribbon, and googley eyes.

How did you and your wife make this Wookiee-tastic pumpkin?
We first created sectional templates of the pumpkin (approx. 5) with plastic wrap. We then used those templates to cut out corresponding sections of fur. This was tricky, since the templates had to be reversed in order for the fur sections to be placed back in their correct positions on the pumpkin. Using a hot glue gun, we applied the furry sections one at a time, making sure there were no orange spots poking out.


Star Wars Halloween at the White House Team | October 31, 2009

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

This Halloween, President Obama and the First Lady hung out with Chewbacca, Ahsoka Tano, and the 501st stormtroopers as they handed out candy to 2,000 trick-or-treaters and military families who were invited to the festive party.

An odd cast of figures wandered around the North Lawn, including skeletons playing musical instruments, walking trees and Star Wars characters.

The president, dressed in casual clothes, was one of the few not in costume. Even Obama’s press secretary, Robert Gibbs, was dressed as Darth Vader, the Star Wars villain.

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

Read more here:
No trick: 2,000 kids knock on White House door
(via Yahoo News)

Star Wars Halloween Round-Up

Bonnie Burton | October 31, 2009

In honor of Halloween, here’s a round up of spooky, scary Star Wars crafts, costumes, drawing tutorials, stories, blog entries and even a ghoulishly-frightening creature MP3 for your haunted house!






Snapshots from the Today Show’s Halloween Fun Team | October 30, 2009

Here are some cell phone snaps from this morning’s Star Wars invasion of the Today show.

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Today Show’s Star Wars Trick or Treat Team | October 30, 2009


Each year, the anchors of the TODAY Show have fun as Halloween approaches by dressing in costume. This morning, with the help of Lucasfilm, Matt Lauer, Al Roker, Meredith Viera, Hoda Kotb and company showed up decked out in classic Star Wars outfits. After conferring with Darth Vader via hologram, Roker showed up dressed as Han Solo with Chewbacca in tow. Matt arrived via X-wing as Luke Skywalker. Hoda, fittingly, arrived as Yoda. Kathie Lee Gifford had R2-D2 as her sidekick since she was dressed up as C-3PO. Ann Curry was revealed to be hidden beneath Darth Vader’s mask. Appearing as royalty were Natalie Morales as Queen Amidala and Meredith Vieira as Princess Leia. The hosts then competed in a game of “Jedi Jeopardy,” where the anchors tested their Star Wars trivia knowledge. See it online here. Read the Today Show’s story here.


Hipster Han & Leia Costumes Team | October 29, 2009

Still looking for a the perfect Star Wars costume for Halloween? Why not make your own using clothing best worn by hipsters and win some dough at the same time?

Between October 14, 2009 and November 6, 2009, American Apparel is asking their customers to submit photos of themselves in costume. The catch is this: the outfit should feature at least one American Apparel product, and it must be reasonably prominent. They have to be able to see it, so undies won’t count unless they’re worn on the outside, superhero-style.

Here’s an entry from Bert & Shelly from California.

Han is wearing an Interlock Running Short in navy/red and the sheer rib 3/4 sleeve v-neck in white.
Leia is wearing a modified Baby Rib Bikini Bra in brown.
Gun, vest and loincloth are homemade.

Read more about the contest and see more entries here:
Hallowe’en Costume Contest
(via American Apparel)