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A Home Theater Worthy of Hyperspace Team | March 9, 2011

Why watch Star Wars on your TV in a boring living room when you can pretend you’re hanging with R2-D2 and C-3PO in the cockpit of a Corellian Cruiser? writes:

The house has 6 flat panel HDTVs each with their own futuristic touchscreen remote from Creston (each with one button – “WATCH DVD” – that sets all the correct inputs and eliminates headaches). But I’m pretty sure I’d be spending all my time in the theater.

It has life-size R2-D2 and C-3PO replicas that talk to the audience (I assume 3PO stays quiet during the actual screenings), a ceiling featuring a three-dimensional fiber optic scarscape, and a motorized pocket door that serves as the entrance, just like you’d find on a Corellian Cruiser.

Read more about this awesome home theater here:
The Most Impressive Home Theater in the Entire Star System

R2-D2 Beeps The Best Dance Beats Team | May 21, 2010

Robots are built to beep, but who knew they could be remixed into one heck of a dance song? Thanks to the mixing Jedi known as Eclectic Method, we’ll never look at R2-D2 again without wishing he’d DJ our next party.

WATCH VIDEO: Eclectic Method – “Robots”

SOURCE: Gizmodo

Millennium Falcon Bed Team | December 14, 2009

Photos by Heather Leah Kennedy
Bed by Kayla Kromer

The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, is now the comfiest thanks to talented artist and Star Wars fan Kayla Kromer who made this awesome Millennium Falcon bed complete with lights.

Check out more photos here:
Millennium Falcon Bed
SOURCE: Gizmodo

LEGO Legion Team | May 4, 2009

sw-minifigs.jpg updates today with a fantastic gallery showcasing every LEGO Star Wars mini figure made since the line started 10 years ago. Can you believe there’s nearly 70 already?

Head on over for a hefty hunk-o-LEGO goodness!

Cloning Stormtroopers at LEGO Factory Team | June 19, 2008

There’s more than one way to build a clone army! The lucky kids at Gizmodo blog take a tour of the LEGO factory in Denmark.

Check out this video about how the iconic mini-figure gets its characteristic evil look after getting out of the mold machine. The printing of these mini-figs is one of the most expensive and delicate processes at the Lego factory. The rubber stamping has to be done in a very precise way – printing feature by feature in layers – until it’s done.

VIDEO: Galactic Empire Cloning Stormtroopers in Lego Factory
(via Gizmodo blog)