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Black Milk Star Wars: Fan Fashion

James Lillis | December 11, 2012

Han Solo Dress 2I grew up in the ’80s. I’ll never forget when I was a kid, going down to the store with my loose change to get the latest bubble gum cards from my favorite movie — Return of the Jedi. I would spend hours pouring over all the classic cards in my collection, looking at all my favorite characters. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said “Han Solo.”

As it turned out, when I grew up I didn’t become a galactic smuggler — I became a fashion designer.


Fly Casual: Star Wars Polo Shirts Are Here! Team | December 10, 2012


You can now show off your allegiance to the Empire or the Rebellion at work, on the golf course, or anywhere else a collared shirt is required. The first official Star Wars polos have arrived.

WeLoveFine! has released its debut line of Star Wars polo shirts, featuring both Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire logos, as well as Darth Vader and Stormtrooper character icons. Each shirt is 100 percent cotton, and every logo is embroidered on the left front chest of the shirt.

Check out the rest of the shirts after the jump, and be happy knowing that you can now dress up for slightly-fancy occasions and still show off your Star Wars love.


Project Runway: Star Wars Style at the SDCC Masquerade

Matt Martin | July 17, 2012


Hi all. I’m Matt and I’m a part of the team here at Lucasfilm. This past Saturday I had the honor and privilege to act as Lucasfilm’s official judge for the “Best Costume(s) from the Star Wars Galaxy” award at San Diego Comic-Con’s annual Masquerade – presented by HBO (I remember this because the whole shebang started with a long True Blood commercial).


Are You A Geek Girl Trendsetter? Her Universe SDCC Panel

Ashley Eckstein | July 17, 2012

Whew! San Diego Comic Con is over and it was SO much fun! It was great to see all of my old friends and meet some new ones! One of the highlights of my Con experience was the third annual Her Universe panel. I was inspired by the NBC show Fashion Star, where up and coming fashion designers have the opportunity to show their designs to the experts and retail buyers.


Course of the Force: Will You Be My C3PO?

Katie Linendoll | July 3, 2012

Hi hi! Katie Linendoll here from Spike TV’s “All Access Weekly.”  I am super pumped to be running in Course of the Force!  As many of you know Course of the Force is an Olympic-style lightsaber torch run from Santa Monica to San Diego in preparation for Comic-Con.  Naturally, I asked my mom to design a one-of-a-kind light-up R2 costume for me. Why?  Because I’m obsessed with R2!! From R2 ice cube trays, an R2 robot that patrols my home and my R2 Xbox, he is the one and only man for me. Anyhow, mom delivered a custom R2 costume with an English twist (including fascinator) -formally dubbing it “R2-D2 Across the Pond” – nerd amazingness!!  She also hand-painted R2 shoes!  What do you think??


Fashion Inspired by The Clone Wars Team | February 3, 2010

photos: Morgan O’Donovan via Dazed Digital

We already know that Star Wars has made its mark on cool urban street wear from the likes of Marc Ecko to adidas, but this may be the first time we’ve heard of The Clone Wars being a direct inspiration for runway fashions.

Swedish fashion label Acne’s Jonny Johansson told the press that his recent show in London took direct inspiration from The Clone Wars, which he watches with his sons.

Vogue UK reports:

Acne’s Jonny Johansson cites Star Wars: The Clone Wars as the starting point for his autumn/winter 2010 collection, which showed last night in east London. That’s not to say we should all start packing a lightsaber, but rather we should be channeling the intergalactic colour palette, shape and feel of Luke Skywalker’s get-up.

“The collection was actually inspired by a cartoon my two eldest sons are obsessed with; Star Wars: Clone Wars,” Acne creative director Jonny Johansson revealed with a smile. “It’s not literal, of course, just a feeling, an inspiration — and many of the silhouettes continue from last season. But I liked the idea that movies with spacey subjects are supposed to look futuristic.”

Futuristic or not, the collection has all of Acne’s signature wearability. Shaped, buckled bondage pieces and space age styling; gold cuffs, collars and models’ metallic foreheads, were balanced by the soft draped shapes of dresses, over-sized boxy styles of suede and leather jackets and the brand’s signature fur and shearling collars.

Check out photos in the Acne Gallery


C-3PO On The Catwalk Team | January 3, 2008

This story made a splash online over our Holiday break. although this dateline places it in October, 2006. Fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière’s collection looks to science fiction for inspiration, with sources such as Tron, The Matrix and Terminator serving as inspiration. Star Wars fans may have noted these leggings that resemble C-3PO’s gams.


Check out the collection here. This report comes from SuperPunch, who also provides some additional links and video.

While several blogs ran with this story, we gotta say, Huffington Post surprised us with the most geeky commentary:

Ah, Nicolas Ghesquiere’s Balenciaga “C-3P0″ leggings. The perfect example of fashion being WAY too expensive: they sold for around $159,000. We love Star Wars, but not even Luminara Unduli could rock these.

Name-dropping Luminara? HuffPo, we never knew you had it in you.

Jedi Fashion on “Project Runway: Canada” Team | December 7, 2007

As the founder of NIKOLAKI women’s wear clothing line and an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, designer Nick Verreos is most-recently recognized as one of the contestants on Season Two of the hit Bravo reality TV show “Project Runway.”

He’s also one of our favorite celebrity Star Wars fans. So we couldn’t help but smile when he made a Star Wars reference in a recent episode of “Project Runway Canada.” Appearing as a guest mentor for the designers as they visited Los Angeles from Canada, Verreos offered suggestions on their designs, with one notable comment for designer Evan Biddell’s punk-rock inspired creation: “That’s very Jedi resort!”

Watch the video clip here. (appears around 3:52)

Read more about Verreos and his appreciation for Star Wars fashion here: Nick Verreos: Force of Fashion

Catch up with Verreos on his blog here.

And check out what other “Project Runway” designers think of Star Wars here: Project Runway: Style Wars