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Kyle Newman Inducted By 501st Legion Team | August 4, 2009

Photos: Lesley Farquhar

In addition to the 501st Legion uniting Star Wars fans worldwide, the group also recognizes those special people who contribute their time and talents to the Star Wars community. These people who support of the 501st and Star Wars fandom are called “Friends of the 501st Legion.”

During San Diego Comic-Con International 2009, the Southern California Garrison recognized Fanboys director Kyle Newman for his continual support of the 501st Legion as well as for his undying love for all things Star Wars.

Southern California Garrison XO Lesley Farquhar had this to say about their newest Friend of the 501st:

“We wanted Kyle Newman to be in the Legion for the simple fact that he’s as much of a fan as we are! His work on Fanboys shows his dedication to the Star Wars genre, and of course — by asking us to help out with various aspects of the film, he definitely made fans of us!”

Sponsored by garrison members Dan Wolsey and Kit Sovine, Kyle was presented a custom plaque, coin and custom name badge commemorating his “Friend of the 501st” relationship with the 501st Legion. The induction was a complete surprise to Kyle who was there just to take a fun photo with his favorite troopers. chats with Kyle about his induction and why he’s honored to be officially part of the 501st Legion.


Fanboys DVD Party at Golden Apple Comics

Bonnie Burton | May 21, 2009

(Photos by Amanda Jean Camarillo)

If you didn’t get a chance to see Fanboys in the theaters, you can now have your own copy with the release of the DVD. On May 19, Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles threw a Fanboys DVD Party.

In attendance were Fanboys director Kyle Newman as well as actors Dan Fogler and Jaime King, as well as fans and members of the 501st Legion.

Here are some of the photos of the event below:

Check out the rest of the photos here:
Fanboys DVD Event

Fanboys DVD Party at Golden Apple Comics

Bonnie Burton | May 18, 2009

Celebrate the DVD release of Fanboys at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles, May 19, 2009! The event is also sponsored by Force-Cast (the official podcast of the and

Some cast and crew will be in attendance along with the 501st, Rebel Forces and Mandalorians to help celebrate the release of Fanboys on DVD as well as and The Phantom Menace turning 10!

Fanboys DVD Event in San Diego

Bonnie Burton | May 14, 2009

Get more information on the Fanboys DVD Event in San Diego here.

Fanboys Premiere – San Francisco Team | February 5, 2009

(Fanboys director Kyle Newman, actress Jaime King, Clone Wars director Dave Filoni)

Celebrities, stormtroopers and even R2-D2, came out in full Force for the San Francisco screening of Fanboys, courtesy of GenArt, on Feb. 4. Director Kyle Newman, screenwriter Ernie Cline, along with Fanboys cast members Jaime King, Chris Marquette, and Dan Fogler answered questions at the screening from fans.


Chewbacca is Milo Ventimiglia’s Co-pilot Team | February 5, 2009

(Photo credit: Just Jared)

We already knew the Force was strong with Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia, but when we spotted photos of him in his personally-designed Yoda T-shirt and hanging out with Chewbacca at the GenArt Beverly Hills screening of Fanboys, that just drove the point home even further. Now if we could just get Milo suited up in stormtrooper armor, we’d be set! (I’m looking at you, 501st Legion! Hint Hint!)

Check out the rest of the photos here:
Milo Ventimiglia Meets Chewbacca (via Just Jared)

Be sure to read more about Milo’s love for Star Wars here:
Milo Ventimiglia: Lightsabers, Luke and Heroes (via

Check out this video of Milo wielding a lightsaber here:
Milo Ventimiglia’s Lightsaber Duels (via

And this video of Milo getting ready for New York Comic-Con:
Milo Ventimiglia’s Trooper Assistant

Fanboys Fess Up Team | February 4, 2009 talks to Fanboys actors Dan Fogler, Sam Huntington and Chris Marquette about their own Star Wars obsessions, working with Lando and Princess Leia, their feelings about The Phantom Menace, shooting at Skywalker Ranch, and more.

Out of all of the actors that do cameos in the movie, who was the one you were most excited about and enjoyed working with, Dan?
Dan: Billy Dee Williams was really cool, he was so cool, and I was just being like, ‘I was Lando Calrissian on my block when I was a child.’ And of course seeing Carrie Fisher, Princess Leia, who has this Hollywood history, and then seeing her on set joking around with us as a normal human being was amazing. That was the coolest part was to see that these legends are just people.

If you were speaking to a true Star Wars fan, why should they go see this movie?
Dan: I think, from the beginning to end, they will find numerous things that will warm their hearts. It’s so nostalgic, it pays homage to not just Star Wars but I guess all the movies that I watched growing up, and I also think they’ll identify with a lot of the characters and they’ll see themselves in it. There isn’t a movie out there that is for them, that reveres them.

Fanboys Fess Up: Sam Huntington, Chris Marquette and Dan Fogler

Catch Fanboys This February

Bonnie Burton | January 16, 2009

Grab your popcorn and lightsaber, and head out to see the long-anticipated Fanboys as it hits theaters on February 6 in select cities (see below). Check your local listings for participating theaters and showtimes.

Fanboys Opening Weekend Cities: Feb. 6, 2009

  • Austin TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Chicago, IL
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • New York, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA

See the trailer and get more info here:
Fanboys Official Movie Site

Jaime King Shows Off Her Clone Cred

Bonnie Burton | January 14, 2009

While promoting her new horror film My Bloody Valentine 3-D, actress Jaime King is quick to point out to the press that she’s not only a real geek, but she’s a big Star Wars fan as well. Here’s an excerpt from a recent interview she gave

I heard you are a Star Wars geek.
I am. I am actually doing the new Clone Wars animated series right now. I’m excited about that.

Which voice are you?
I can’t tell you yet, but I play a few voices. I harassed [Clone Wars director] Dave Filoni until he gave me a part. I sent him emails, and I followed him around Comic-Con saying “Hire me. Hire me. Hire me. Hire me.”

You have been to Skywalker Ranch, right?
Yes, I have. That was the best. I have gone a few times – every excuse I can find to go there, I use. And then I cry when I have to go. It’s utopia for me. The idea of being out in nature, then having all these guys there, doing what they do creatively… being in that environment…. I feel like George Lucas has created something so universal, that speaks everyone’s language, that transcends time and age. It’s something everyone can relate to. I just think George Lucas is awesome.


New Fanboys Poster and Trailer Team | November 3, 2008

With the new movie poster and trailer for hitting the web, fans are that much closer to seeing the final edit of the film everyone’s been talking about — Fanboys. Take a look at the trailer and get ready to laugh it up, fuzzball!

WATCH VIDEO: Fanboys trailer (via Trailer Addict )