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Zillo Beast Haiku Roundup Team | April 20, 2010

Last week, in celebration of the mega-monster mayhem unleashed by the Zillo Beast, we borrowed a page from Godzilla fandom and began celebrating the reptilian titan seventeen syllables at a time. Readers responded, and here is a sampling of some of the many we received.


zillo_haiku9 (more…)

The Best of #StarWarsBandNames Team | December 1, 2009

Last week on Twitter, Star Wars fans participated in a fun meme — #StarWarsBandNames — that mashed up their favorite band names with Star Wars characters and themes!

Here’s some of our favorites and Twitter fans who submitted them:

Elvis PresLeia — via @trentvanegas
Chewie Lewis and the News — via @wk_marshall
Mös Eisley Crüe — via @ellingson
Tom Petty and The Hothbreakers — via @OneDeadPixel
The Doormés — via @lostmindgrapes
Foo TIE Fighters — via @Kalethan
AT/ST — via @AxeFaktor
Leia in Chains — via @AxeFaktor
30 seconds to Yavin 4 — via @AxeFaktor
Nat King Clone — via @darthvader
Modest Mouse Droid — via @TotalHell
Ace of Rebel Base — via @saperle
The Mighty Mighty Hothtones — via @lizperle
Jedi Temple Pilots — via @IanDavidB
They Might Be Banthas — via @IanDavidB
Bespin Doctors — via @HackeMate
Boomtown Womp Rats — via @MBRigney
Bachman Turner Hyperdrive — via @lizperle
Wedge Zepplin — via @thatsmynewband
Alderaan Duran — via @lizperle
The Beta Bantha — via @HackeMate
Chaka Han — via @lostmindgrapes
All Imperial Rejects — via @awesumness16
Panic at the Death — via @awesumness16
Megadeath-star — via @tvjoel
Jar Jar Binks 182 — via @markhoppus
ELO: Ewok Lightsaber Orchestra — via @Aaronstengel
Aerobith — via @IamWritersblock
Aerosith — via @BaconFortress
Pink Droyd — via @12parsecs
Darth Punk — via @desechable
Soft Cell Block 1138 — via @desechable
Massive At-At-Tack — via @Pwosion
Mos Isley Brothers — via @benmalone1908
Gungan Roses — via @pablofigueroa
Greedo Day — via @desechable
The Rancorteurs — via @stockboybrent
ABBA the Hutt — via @JKLMM
My Chemical Rodian — via @rachel_renegade
REO Landspeederwagon — via @marklisanti
The Wampas and the Papas — via @secondperiod
Boba Fett and The Blackhearts — via @kentology
The Clone Roses — via @theRealBeal
Admiral Ozzel Osbourne — via @theRealBeal
IG-88 degrees — via @DarthMater
U2-D2 — via @GirlDetective & @12parsecs
Death Star for Cutie — via @anthonycid1
Nien Inch Nunbs — via @niennunb
Siouxsie and the Banthas — via @DarthMater
X-Pistols — via @DarthMater
They Might Be Ugnaughts — via @TB5918
Wide Spread Panaka — via @Zeblue_Prime
Goo Goo Talz — via @marc7071
Nine Inch Neimoidians — via @bonniegrrl
The Smashing Porkins — via @danielhaymes
Faith No Maul — via @patomarron
Clan of Mynox — via @desechable
Pearl Zam — via @LukesFather
Earth, Windu & Fire — via @stephencooney
Jefferson Star Destroyer — via @BaconFortress
Johnny Kashyyyk — via @lostmindgrapes
X-Winger — via @lostmindgrapes
Bacta Street Boys — via @stockboybrent
Snowtrooper Patrol — via @sean_pierceCEO
Echo Base & The Bunnymen — via @starwars
The Rolling Clones — via @SueEllenGordon
Jar Jar Binks of Clay — via @trentvanegas
The Alan Parsecs Project — via @reinsmapanna11
A Flock of Mynocks — via @adam807

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Best of #StarWarsThanksgiving Twitter Meme Team | November 27, 2009

This Thanksgiving holiday, Star Wars fans on Twitter decided to celebrate by posting their favorite movie quotes with a festive food twist in the #StarWarsThanksgiving meme.

Here’s some of our favorites:

What is thy basting, my Master? – via @dracoboy

Let the turkey win. – via @gskull

Laugh it up, Butterball. – via @goodhands

May the fork be with you. – via @adventureran

I’d just as soon kiss a turkey. – @adventureran

Stuffing leads to Mashed Potatoes. Mashed Potatoes leads to Gravy. Gravy leads to Turkey. – via @H_Factor73

It’s as if millions of green beans cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. – via @cstephens2

I can’t see him! I can’t Shake ‘n Bake him! – via @ellingson

Flying through hyperspace ain’t like stuffing turkeys, kid. – via @TJ_Will

I recognized your fowl stench when I was brought in board. – via @chadhunter

Uncle Bob doesn’t like you. I don’t like you either. – via @CatRey

Away put your congealed cranberry sauce shaped like a can, I mean you no harm. – via @apelad

Many turkeys died to bring us this meal. – via @rachel_renegade

These aren’t the mashed potaoes you’re looking for. – via @jennsaysmeow

Great pie, kid! That was one in a million! – via @weaselbacon

Judge this turkey by its size, would you? – via @weaselbacon

I find your lack of faith in cranberry sauce disturbing. – via @ohbjuan

If you only knew the power of the Dark Meat! – via ObiWanKenoclue

These are not the yams you are looking for. – @rockandrollgary

I find your lack of pie disturbing. – via @welshmnky

Han Solo: “Great, always thinking with your stomach!” – via @StJoeFreePress

Nice turkey. Either I’m beginning to like it, or I’m going to kill it! – via @TheHalcyon

Hmpf. Turkey. Heh. Stuffing. A Jedi craves not these things. – via @Liinuh

Myself, the boy, 2 droids and do you want us to bring anything? Some wine, maybe? – via @odin42

I am altering the meal. Pray I don’t alter it further. – via darthvader