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MacFarlane’s Family Guy: Star Wars Party Team | December 14, 2009

If you were on Twitter this weekend, you might have noticed a few of your favorite celebrities tweeting about Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s holiday party complete with a Darth Stewie ice sculpture, Chewbacca Claus, a full orchestra playing show tunes — ya know, the typical holiday party at a friend’s house.

Actors Seth Green, Katee Sackhoff, Alyssa Milano, Wil Wheaton, among others were in attendance at MacFarlane’s holiday party which also doubled as the DVD release party for the latest Star Wars homage — Family Guy: Something Something Something Dark Side.

To celebrate the DVD’s December 22 release, MacFarlane hosted a star (wars) studded Christmas party at his estate in the upper reaches of Beverly Hills.

Reporters were rounded up, blind-folded and transported via unmarked black helicopters to MacFarlane’s home to talk to the DVD’s cast and to rub elbow’s with Mos Eisley Cantina’s worth of celebrities.

MacFarlane was the first to greet press row as he exited his home dressed like a 1960s James Bond in a white tuxedo coat. He said his entire cast and crew love taking on Star Wars.

“As long as there are Star Wars movies left, we’ll keep doing these episodes,” MacFarlane said. “In fact, we have a Return of the Jedi episode scheduled to come out next year.”

The barrel-chested, Barry White-voiced Kevin Michael Richardson (a Family Guy voice cast regular and star of countless animated shows including The Cleveland Show and The Clone Wars) said he’d love to take part in Family Guy‘s takedown of the George Lucas empire.

“I’d love to be Jabba The Hutt in the Return of the Jedi episode,” Richardson added. “I play him on The Clone Wars, so I’d like to see him on Family Guy — only with an Afro.”

Seth Green (Robot Chicken co-creator, Family Guy regular and Dark Side’s heroic lead) said it was a special treat to utter the lines of Luke Skywalker — even while making fun of them.

“For a geek like me, it’s really cool to be Luke, to say those lines and to see them on screen,” Green said. “It’s a no-pressure gig because I’m not involved in conceiving the show. I’m a contract player. I just show up and have fun.”

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Darth Stewie Invades FOX Lot Team | December 14, 2009

Creator of TV series Bones, Hart Hanson tweets today that his co-worker Dean Lopata just spotted none other than a gigantic Darth Stewie on the FOX Lot.

Darth Stewie Float & 501st at San Jose Parade Team | December 7, 2009

Our friends in the 501st Legion Golden Gate Garrison marched in the 2009 San Jose Holiday Parade. Not only did fans get to see stormtroopers and Darth Vader, but they were followed by gigantic Darth Stewie float!

WATCH VIDEO: 501st in 2009 San Jose Holiday Parade

Thanks Elton!

Comic-Con 2009: Family Guy Spoof Empire Team | August 3, 2009

Always putting on a show wherever they go, the cast, creator, and writers of Family Guy invaded San Diego Comic-Con with a lot of laughs and some exclusive sneak peeks at their next Star Wars special — this time spoofing The Empire Strikes Back — called Something, Something, Something Darkside.

Here are some of the highlights from the panel.


(Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane answers fan questions)

  • The original title of the upcoming Return of the Jedi spoof that they are already working on was originally titled Episode VI: The Great Muppet Caper, but they thought it might be too confusing for people who might be trying to buy the actual Great Muppet Caper. So the title is now We Have a Bad Feeling About This.
  • Something, Something, Something Darkside comes out in Christmas 2009, if they get it done in time.
  • Dominic Polcino is the director, who also directed the Star Wars spoof Blue Harvest.
  • Fan-favorite actor James Woods is returning to Family Guy in an hour-long whodunit Clue episode coming up, and he also has a cameo role in Something, Something, Something Darkside.
  • During Q&A a fan asked if they all enjoy working together. Show creator Seth MacFarlane answered, “We actually do enjoy working with each other. This is a really closely-knit group and we all socialize at lot more than most would on a TV show.” Then the voice actors Seth Green, Mila Kunis, and Alex Borstein agree with MacFarlane by tackling each other with hugs and kisses for the crowd’s enjoyment.

(The voice actors show that they really enjoy working with each other.)

(Family Guy cast members Mila Kunis and Seth Green have some fun.)

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Family GuyEmpire Spoof Update Team | March 24, 2009

Family Guy Executive producer David Goodman talks to about the upcoming Star Trek-centric episode, but he also gave a hint about the next Star Wars spoof episode.

What’s the update on Star Wars?

I think, but I’m not 100% positive, that Empire Strikes Back – that episode will air at the end of next season, and may be released before then. That movie was a very different movie from the original Star Wars, so our sequel will be a lot different and have of new characters, and a lot of great jokes that we threw in. We’re very happy with how the first one turned out, so we had to set the bar was very high for the sequel… We’re a little bit early to start on the third one, but the bar is set that much higher.

But you’ll have Ewoks for the third.

There are Ewoks to mock. And when we get to the third one and there may be characters from other shows that show up since we were sort of running out of the original show. So characters from American Dad and maybe the Cleveland Show will show up in the first one.

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“Family Guy” Spoofs Empire Team | September 11, 2008

Fans of the “Family Guy: Blue Harvest” special are in for a treat with the next Star Wars inspired “Family Guy” as the show spoofs Empire Strikes Back next!

Sci-Fi Wire interviewed “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane about the next installment, due to air sometime in the next season on FOX.

“It will be called Something Something Something Dark Side,” MacFarlane teased.

“Lando is played by Mort Goldman, who is the Jewish guy who lives up the street,” Seth MacFarlane said in an interview at Fox’s fall-season premiere party in Beverly Hills, Calif., this week. “We figured, black guy, Jewish guy, why not?”

In the sequel, “Boba Fett is played by the giant chicken,” Peter’s nemesis, MacFarlane said.

As in “Blue Harvest,” Stewie plays Darth Vader, and Chris plays Luke–leading to the awkward moment when Stewie tells Chris that he is his father. “Yeah, basically,” MacFarlane said. “He will have to tell Chris that he’s his father.”

“Family Guy” airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with new episodes beginning Sept. 28.

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“Family Guy” Sketches Now Available Team | January 28, 2008


Fox is offering up some original sketches from the recent “Family Guy” Star Wars special “Blue Harvest” over at Since traditional cels were not actually created for this special (coloring, etc was done in the computer), these are the closest you’re going to get to hand-drawn artwork. Looks like prices start at about $140, and that new art is replacing those that get sold.

Check it out at

“Family Guy: Blue Harvest” Content Round Up Team | September 25, 2007

Here’s a compendium of all the videos, images, audio, articles and interviews on about “Family Guy: Blue Harvest.” Enjoy!

“Family Guy: Blue Harvest” Content:




20 Things Star Wars Fans Have to Look Forward To Team | September 24, 2007

3-yoda recently posted a list of 20 things Star Wars fans have to look forward to in the future, including the CG animated Clone Wars series, the live-action TV series, The Force Unleashed video game, Fanboys, Hasbro’s Star Wars Mighty Muggs, and a whole bunch more to keep your Force-sense tingling. Head on over to to check it out.

MacFarlane: He’s the real “Family Guy” Team | September 17, 2007

“Family Guy” creator and executive producer Seth MacFarlane talks with Chicago Tribune about his upcoming projects and the new season of his hit animated show including the upcoming Star Wars tribute — “Family Guy: Blue Harvest.”

Q. Why a Star Wars spoof for the season opener?
We’d done a lot of Star Wars” gags in the past — so many that we eventually had to start getting the approval of Lucasfilm. And they were so generous and so willing to let us play around with those characters that we approached them last year and asked if they’d ever be open to us doing a full episode … And they said yes. So it’s essentially the original Star Wars movie, from start to finish, with the “Family Guy” characters playing the parts.

And it really ended up becoming not only a very funny episode, but a visually impressive episode — we have a lot of computer-generated imagery and a lot of very complex camera work to really capture the flavor of the movie itself. If it looks good and is visually impressive, the jokes are going to be that much funnier.

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MacFarlane: He’s the ‘real’ ‘Family Guy’

Don’t forget to tune into FOX on Sept. 23 for the one-hour special.

Stay tuned to for more “Family Guy: Blue Harvest” coverage.